Hrgovic vs. Yoka – Can Tony beat the boogeyman?

by Jim Calva: 2016 Olympic heavyweight gold medalist Tony Yoka has agreed to face Bogeyman Filip Hergovic in the FIFA World Cup Championship elimination for the mandatory identification of Champion Oleksandr Usyk. Hopefully the Hrgovic promoters have their feet on the ground and made the right decision about letting their fighter do this fight with … Read more

5 Reasons You Are Incredibly Awesome

Photo by Matt Moloney on StockSnap Let’s face it. We all go through days when we don’t feel positive, when life takes a difficult direction, or when we don’t feel our best. Even the most positive people experience the daily difficulties and troubles of life. Sometimes it’s good to feel a little calm, or to … Read more

The Boxing Hall of Fame (Retired in 2021)

by dry dothy: Due to previous Covid restrictions, the 3-year Boxing Hall of Fame will draw recruits in June. There are some amazing fighters honored in June and some pretty legendary in their first year of eligibility. Also, 2020 was the first year for female boxers to be introduced, so it will feature some of … Read more