AEW Dark Elevation recap (Jan. 17, 2022): Private Party up! Up in here

Episode 46 of AEW Dark: Rising in the Books! If you missed the live broadcast, click here for the Cageside Seating broadcast. The announced team was Mark Henry and Excalibur. Let’s talk about what happened (low or high) at Elevation this week!

Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty vs. J.R. Miller and Marcus Cross

Cross should already know if you’re a regular viewer of dark shows, but this was his first time collaborating with Mr. Miller. He and Sydal exchanged kicks at the start, which Henry quipped as “not very smart” for Cross. Moriarty came in and immediately put Cross in a tummy tuck, but he got hit in the head and marked Miller. Miller ate a double step and Sydal went back inside. Sydal gave him a double dab as well for a good measure. Cross ran and kicked Sydal’s knee from behind to boos from the audience, and kept shouting “I’ve been waiting for this” loud enough to be heard over the announcers. Miller put a mark on Cross. Sydal hit a step up enzuigiri and gave Moriarty the hot tag. Sydal forbade running in and Moriarty applied the Border City extension to the faucet.

Tai Conti vs. Princess

Conte brought a singles record 51-9. A princess was waiting for her in the ring, scoring AEW 0-0. Henry told us this would be a “really good test of probate” while Excalibur promoted its new Upper Deck trading cards. She actually got somewhere my first year of baseball cards from the Upper Deck when she was new to the game. Kunti hit a princess with her version of the Bossman Slam and then was dumped with the right forearm. This was followed by three consecutive kicks of the pump. Tae Kai Oh finished this fast squash. Henry: “It wasn’t easy.” really? This is not what I saw.

The Gunn Club (Austin & Colten Gunn) w/ Billy Gun vs JP Cole and Tim

39-3 singles record for Austin and 40-1 for Colton as they made their way into the ring. Poppa Billy stepped out from behind and unzipped his jacket to reveal his “A** Boys” shirt. Cole and Tim were making their AEW debut, and like Wednesday nights, you know what that means. TIM and Cole both relied on arm muscles and double-coopers early on, the latter of which Aubrey Edwards wasn’t happy with, and verbally reprimanded for not following the rules. Colton fired a loud cannonball and shouted “I’m the best!” Austin flagged Cole and hit Cole broke his jaw before tagging TIM He was caught with a correct hook to end his teams’ momentum. A Colt 45 earned the pin moments later. This was acceptable. Not great, but good.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Labron Cozzoni

Kazarian set a record in 2021 of 32-7. Kozoni was waiting for him in the ring with an AEW total of 0-1. Honestly now if you look at both men without knowing anything about either of them, you’d think Cozon was the star and Kazarian was the attacking factor. Kozone had a great physique and seemed odd for a bigger, stronger man who would sell him to Kaz. He hit a jump header at one point but Kaz kicked it at one point. Henry was also a fan of Kozone’s purple and gold ring outfit – and I agree with him. Kozone mistook a right hook and ate a back elbow and a kick scoop before the middle rope leg went down. Double the knees on the chest and a hen’s cross wing finished Kozuni. I know it’s 0-2 but now he’s the guy I’d like to see more of, and again this has no respect for a longtime wrestling legend like Kaz. I just call it the way I see it. If his promotional skills are good and he can work a longer match while calling her in the ring, Kozone is on his way.

Ruby Soho vs Kenzi Paige

“Destination unknown!” Suho brought a record 11-3 overall to the ring. Paige set a 0-1 record in AEW. The crowd was firmly behind Suho, so she made the decision to let Paige hit her to shoot them even more. Clothesline for a close fall. Paige kept kicking her in the back to show even more disrespect. Soho responded by pushing it into peg clips and unloading it with a right forearm and heel kick. Paige grabbed the ropes to avoid the whip and hit a push kick. Suho hit her head kick “No Future” in response and kicked Paige out to get the pin. A short game, but a fun one.

Private party vs Chase Emory and Patrick Scott

I wouldn’t mind Isiah Kassidy wrestling alone or in tag team matches with the Hardy Family Office, but the chemistry between Quen and Kassidy was what got this team started, so I was glad they were both here. Private Party brought in a 2021 record of 11-2 and their security guard opened the velvet rope for their entry. Emory and Scott were waiting in the ring to make their tag team debut. Quen took a whole mount but then brushed his opponent instead of laying in the ground and pound, then tagged him in Kassidy so they could make splashes in the stereo. Quinn applied kidney punches to Emory while the reference was distracted. Emory broke his jaw to release him but Quinn cut Scott when he got the card with a bike kick. You know what’s next, right? Gin & Juice, 1-2-3, it’s over. Henry: “Bottle service at the club!”

Jay Lethal vs. Alexander Moss

Main event time! Lethal’s record in 2022 was 2-0 and soon 3-0, as his opponent Moss was waiting for him in the ring with a 0-2 number. Henry: “It’s like a deer in the headlights.” precise! String of clotheslines, calf lariat, set of rear brake, upper rope, jumper elbow stringy, two count.

Moss went to pick up a firefighter but Lethal ran away and got to fall back for two before he was given a three-person lethal injection. As Excalibur said it was “just…like…this!” This was a great way to end Elevation.

What to watch/skip

In honor of Marq Quen’s return to the team with Isiah Kassidy, “What to Watch/Skip” is shown this week with “Party Up (Up In Here)” at DMX. Rest in Power X. I’m torn as to how to rate this episode. I didn’t hate anything, but almost nothing was a remote contender, and I’d like at least one match where the underdog has little chance. Only Paige vs. Soho and Lethal vs.Moss came close from a distance. I can’t say anything was bad, it was only 38 minutes of almost one-sided dominant wins.

Cageside commentary crew! Share your comments and thoughts about the show in the comments section below. You can reach me Social media very. See you tomorrow night on another episode of AEW Dark!

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