AEW Dynamite Preview (Jan 19, 2022): The couple that slays together

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Entertainment & Sports Arena in Washington, D.C. Last week, The Best Friends Time Story was interrupted with Adam Cole BayBay and they took a ranked defeat due to their troubles. CM Punk Wardlow folded after a series of brutal MJFs ordered a powerbomb. Dante Martin defeated the Powerhouse Hobbs with a little help from Jay Lethal. Eddie Kingston and Chris Jericho continued to get on each other’s nerves. Lance Archer declared his desires for the championship when he laid down executioner Adam Page. FTR challenged Brock and Lee to a match, and they accepted. Serene Deep completely lost her power over Hikaru Shida. Brody King of the House of Black first appeared to help Malakai direct Penta El Zero Miedo and The Varsity Blondes. Sting and Darby spoiled the acclaimed victory celebration. The blindfolded PAC had an ominous message for Malakai Black. Andrade El Idolo had a trade show that Matt Hardy couldn’t refuse, and finally, interim TNT champ, Sami Guevara, defeated Daniel Garcia despite constant 2.0 interference.

This week’s headline:

Women’s World Champion Brett Baker teams up with her boyfriend and undefeated singles wrestler Adam Cole to face Orange Cassidy and Chris Statlander.

On the one hand, this is very cool. AEW could do more mixed action, especially since they reject gender wrestling. We all know Brett and Adam are an IRL couple, and ever since he joined AEW, they’ve been hinting at it. It’s great that they finally approved – it’s canon now, bye bye! Having the team together to take on OC and Statlander makes sense. Cole and OC have been hanging around each other for weeks and have been in some great matches. They have good chemistry within the episode, and the differences between the group The Best Friends and The Elite ReDRagon create fun pairings and good storytelling. No wonder they want to continue to take advantage of it. Bringing Brett to take on the only female member of The Best Friends is the right move. To balance the playing field and potentially create a future title opportunity for Statlander now that Brett has finished with Riho. Good things!

On the other hand, it totally leads me that Brett doesn’t get around with her stardom in these sectors. She’s the damned women’s champion. Whether or not the initial wording is used as an insult is a pillar of that company. She is coming to help With them Not the other way around (although Cole should 100% show and help her during matches too). It’s doing them a favor! She’s the only one to hold gold, and she should be swinging about that flaunting of heroism in every bit. This is a lot like the “we don’t want her to seem more important than Cole and the boys” movement, but the thing is, she totally is. Put some respect on her name.

Title scene:

the World Champion, Executioner Adam Page, he has a lot on his plate now. He may have said he’s ready for his next challenger position, Brian Danielson, but I don’t think he expected to be completely shocked by The Muderhawk Monster. Lance Archer has been MIA for a minute, but it looks like he might have teamed up with Dan Lambert to take on the champ and take them out. To say Archer’s style is different from Danielson’s would be an understatement. We’ve seen the champ defeat artistic geniuses to get his title, but he’s never faced an archer like him. Seems like another test of strength (literally) for everyone’s favorite cowboy!

Not to mention the fact that former champ Jon Moxley will be back tonight! He was in the middle of the First Contender’s Tournament when he left to take care of his personal needs. Now that he’s back, you can bet the former champ will have his eyes set on the title sooner rather than later!

I don’t know about you, but I used to see TBS Championship At work for the past two weeks. It would be great if they still considered the women’s minor title important and worth screen time!

Real TNT Champion Cody Rhodes is back tonight. It would be really embarrassing when the interim TNT champ hears about this…

Tag Team Champions He had an absolute barn burner for a match with The Dark Order on frenzy. In the words of Taz, “Both teams are kicking his ass tonight on RAMPAGE!” They have made it clear that they are fighting champions and the entire tag team has informed them that they are accepting the offer (the pool of teams on the arena wasn’t very accurate). So the question now is, who’s next?

Other things to watch:

– All CM Punk wants is to destroy MJF. It’s a simple request for a simple man. Unfortunately for Punk, MJF has a cache of “friends” that Punk has to work through first. CM Punk barely succeeded during his match with Wardlow – and he honestly won only because of MJF’s incompetence. But tonight? Somehow I don’t think the “President” can stand up to the best in the world.

Serena Depp has been feuding with Hikaru Shida for months. Last week she lost her damn mind and badly attacked Shida’s injured knee. Shida had to go back to Japan to recover from this madman! This feud is certainly not over, but in the meantime, Depp will continue to destroy the women’s division tonight when she faces off against Sky Blue. Thoughts and invitations to the blue family.

Singh and Darby Allen took a baseball bat to The Acclaimed. The acclaimed baseball bat was verbally taken as a snappy “music” video to Sting & Darby Allin. Tonight they finally got their hands on each other in a punishing match.

– The Brody King makes his ring debut alongside his fearsome King Malakai Black while the Varsity Blonds continue to delude themselves. It’s like watching cows walk to the slaughterhouse. It turns out that blondes don’t have more fun in AEW. Now the real question here is will the PAC appear and if it does will it help or harm The House of Black?

Join AEW on TBS at 8PM ET for the last time to see how it all works.

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