AEW Rampage recap & reactions (Jan. 14, 2022): A champion & his dinosaur

AEW frenzy (January 14, 2022) Popped up from the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. The show featured Jurassic Express defending tag titles against the Dark Order, Shawn Spears with a message for CM Punk, and Adam Cole beating Best Friends once again.

Let’s go straight with a summary of the presentation followed by the feedback.

Excalibur, Taz, Ricky Starks, and Chris Jericho commented. Justin Roberts took over the duties of the ring announcer.

Adam Cole vs. Trent

Ringside attendees were frequent with Dr. Brett Baker DMD, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Brandon Cutler, Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Chris Statlander and Utah Wheeler.

Trent muscled Cole early until Cole seized control by attacking Trent’s recently repaired neck. Cole went for a Panama sunrise to land, but Trent held off a back-body drop. Trent advanced forward with a spear. He hit the barrier when Cole got out of the way.

Trent gained momentum after scoring in German suplex, tornado DDT, and Super brainbuster. The game has moved to countering the big moves with big moves. Trent tried to finish the match with Strong Zero, but Cole was blocked by a Canadian Terminator.

When Cole tried to get the Panama Sunrise, Trent blocked Strong Zero. Cole was able to reach the rope with his foot to break the count of three. Nick Jackson distracted the referee, so fights broke out in all directions with several wrestlers in the ring.

Cole took advantage of a low kick and ran into the knee for the win.

Adam defeated Cole Trent.

Hype video of Rosa Thunder against Mercedes Martinez. Thunder was rightly annoyed that Martinez was costing her a chance to advance to the TBS Championship. Martinez vowed to make it a war the next time they saw each other.

Shawn Spears vs. Andrew Everett

Spears quickly grabbed Everett from a springboard to answer the DVD for a squash victory.

Shawn Spears defeated Andrew Everett.

Spears proceeded to cut a promo about his upcoming match against CM Punk. The Chairman does not play within the lines. The villain will hurt. Spears isn’t a one-step wonder like Wardlow. He has 20 years of experience to become the hottest wrestler today. Spears will reveal the notion that Punk can’t hold on to his best after seven years away from the ring.

The acclaim came strong with this music video for Sting and Darby Allin. The subject was two adult men going through a gothic phase.

Chris Statlander, Red Velvet, and Lily Hirsch vs. Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford, and Rabbit

Statlander was in the ring to start, but Hirsch set herself in. Soon, Statlander returned the favor for referring to herself. When it was controlled by Hirsch, she refused to mention the Statlander.

The match progressed with the spider crabs space cleaning house on Ford. Vicki Guerrero distracted referee Rick Knox so Rabbit could kick the Statlander to break control. Statlander regained momentum for a spinning blue thunder bomb. As she crouched waiting to pounce, Hirsch put herself in place. While his teammates argued, the rabbit pushed Hirsch to the Statlander and then folded Hirsch for the win.

She defeated Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford, Bunny Chris Statlander, Red Velvet, and Lily Hirsch.

Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page and Dan Lambert mocked Sami Guevara for winning the Interim TNT Championship. Paige took credit for Cody Rhodes’ absence due to his massive strength in their last match. Skye claimed the unification title winner.

Ricky Starks wanted answers as to why Jay Lethal put his nose up in the Team Taz business. Mortal came to explain his actions. He was sick to his stomach how Taze treated Dante Martin. Then Deathly Stark was mocked for the FTW title. Since the Starks highly appreciate this belt, Lethal wants to take it from him.

Mark Henry interviewed the main event participants. John Silver and Alex Reynolds showed that they were ready for the huge opportunity by playing the song “Dark Order” on Kazuo. Christian Cage flipped this idea on to himself. If Christian was able to turn something ordinary into a creative element, imagine what he could do with the talent of Jurassic Express as tag champions. Jurassic Express for Dark Order will show that there are levels to the game. Enough talking. Henry concluded, “It’s time for the main event!”

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Jurassic Express (c) vs John Silver & Alex Reynolds

Christian Cage and Evil Ono were ringside for support.

Silver went into the wild early for a cannonball off the yard on Luchasaurus. Jungle boy attempted suicide by diving, but Silver responded by raising the suplex too late. Reynolds came in hot for a Suplex Diving Suicide Action Set.

As the match went on, the Dark Order was in control of the setup of the Doomsday maneuver. The Jungle Boy escaped from Silver’s shoulders and knocked Reynolds off balance on his tie clips. They fought each other for the position as Luchasaurus came below to get a super train from the Tower of Doom.

The competition split into an amazing free exchange for all. The Dark Order had a silver advantage over German suplex JB. Reynolds came over to get a knife pin. Jungle boy kicked on the cover.

The Forest Boy rallied with lariat and struck a hurricane to send silver to Ono. JB is back for a graded destroyer using Luchasaurus’ back to blast through the air. Reynolds demonstrated intestinal excretory stability. Jurassic Express finished Reynolds by cutting off teamwork. The jungle boy pinned the silver with a suicide plunge to make sure the pin was secure.

The Jurassic Express defeated John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

The main event team title match was a show. Both Jurassic Express and Dark Order ignited the episode at a frantic pace of excitement. I never believed the Dark Order would win, but that turns out to be the kind of good performance that helps them consider them serious threats in the future. Excellent for Luchasaurus who took home the winning pin. This appears equally important in the partnership with Jungle Boy. He’s always ripping home in hot moments, and this match was no different. It’s good to see Luchasaurus rewarded for the effort.

Adam Cole and Trent provided a solid opener. It caught my eye throughout the massive moves and challenging counters. After putting in so much effort to put together an intriguing chess match, the ending was rather boring with Cole bending the rules to win. The contest was expected to split into a brawl. AEW should have booked a lumberjack match with a lot of people in the ring anyway.

Shawn Spears took a quick win. His dance entry was longer than the match. Spears’ interactions with Wardlow made it all worthwhile. Handing the chair over to Wardlow for safekeeping led to a chuckle. Insulting Wardlow’s talent is fuel for the fire when it finally explodes. MJF and Spears obviously respect Wardlow’s strength, but they definitely don’t respect the guy.

The women’s triathlon competition was all about bolstering the tension between Lila Hirsch and Chris Statlander. It was fun how they bickered but worked so seamlessly with Red Velvet for teamwork. One of the missing components in this story is the cause of the interest aroused by friends. The caption tells us that Hirsch and Statlander are friends, but this hasn’t been proven well enough on screen to create an emotional investment for viewers. One of the cool parts of the match was the stylish Statlander’s transition to the spider crab. Statlander hooked up the Ford in Gory Special and then lowered as Ford demonstrated its resilience by bending in half.

B degree

solid outing for frenzy. Work was fun. The promotions were rude. The bottom end wasn’t all that install.

Share your thoughts about frenzy. How do you rate that? Who stole the show?

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