AEW Rampage recap & reactions (Jan. 21, 2022): Moxley brings the pain

AEW frenzy (January 21, 2022) sprang from the Entertainment & Sports Arena in Washington, DC. The show featured Jon Moxley returning to the ring with succulent seeds for his upcoming feud, the final chapter of Best Friends versus the crew of BTE vlog and Hook and Jade Cargill defending the TBS Championship.

Let’s go straight with a summary of the presentation followed by the feedback.

Excalibur, Taz, Ricky Starks, and Chris Jericho commented. Justin Roberts took over the duties of the ring announcer.

Jon Moxley vs. Ethan Page

Moxley was ornate, but Paige was actually the older man due to Mox’s more slender appearance. However, Moxley’s muscle page around the ring never counts Moxley’s desire to inflict pain. Mox bumped a page into the barrier. Page took advantage of his shoulder targeting advantage when he caused Mox to hit the carousel.

After escaping from the brink of ego, Moxley’s intensity blew the sky high for three German suplexes. He shot for fists and was aiming to close with the typical shift. Page survived to gather with minds. Moxley made a low bridge between the ropes for Big to collapse outside. Mox followed him with a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Moxley’s knee was bothering him. He was slow to climb up the turnbuckles, and this allowed Page time to retrieve to execute a supernatural powers declaration.

Paige got dizzy and failed to get cover in time. As he crawled for the pin, Moxley responded with a cross pin. The page rolled upright, so Moxley unleashed a barrage of sinister elbows into his jaw. Mox switched positions to knock the knees into the head. Established bulldog choke. The page was lost, and Moxley got the win on his return to the ring.

Jon Moxley defeated Ethan Page.

After the match, Page appeared with confusion over the blackout. You invaded Moxley’s space. Mox responded with double middle fingers and a typical change. Moxley walked out through the crowd. Brian Danielson was waiting in the back with a smirk and a mocking applause.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus had words for Billy Gunn and Ass Boys. Billy has been a crusty old man since the day he met JB. They crossed the line attacking Christian Cage. When Christian returns, the Jurassic Express will crush heads.

Nick Jackson vs. Trent

Rocky Romero has tested positive for COVID, so the previously announced tag match has been turned into a singles match. Matt Jackson and Brandon Cutler joined Nick at the ringside. Trent was backed by best friends with Orange Cassidy as the ringside supervisor. Notably, Wheeler Utah offered to fist, but Trent patted him on the shoulder instead. The commentary noted that, so maybe Utah’s will finally get impatient with this rickety treat from Trent.

Nick worked with speed and swings, while Trent answered aggressively and superflexibly. Nick focused on weakening Trent’s recently repaired neck. Trent rebounded with momentum after raising his knees on Nick’s flying guard. Trent hit a German suplex, knee run, pike to the ground, rear driver, and a DDT Hurricane. While Trent was running the ropes, Nick pulled referee Rick Knox out front to block the track. Nick was controlling the pull of a slingshot destroyer.

The competition continued with work back and forth. Trent hit a river, but Nick shrugged his shoulders at the cover. The fight spread outward. Nick fends off a mound of river in order to land a rear object on the entrance ramp. He followed with a flying guard on stage. In the ring, Nick scored 450 points. Trent still had enough energy to kick him out. Nick hit a super kick. On the second try, Trent blasted off to defend hard with the Zero piledriver for victory.

Trent defeated Nick Jackson.

Mercedes Martinez said in a promo that no one needs to know why she’s in AEW. All they need to know is that her number one priority is getting Thunder Rosa out. How did you feel when the dreams of the championship are lost? Thunder Rosa is ready to take the fight to OG Badass.

Hook vs Serpentico

Hook ambushed Serpentico while presenting confetti. Hawk knocked out his opponent through tossing, tripping, takedowns, and suplexes. The cold-hearted handsome devil chokes on the Redrum Tazmission for victory.

Hook defeated Serpentico.

Hawke refused to release him after the bell. QT Marshall appeared on stage with a microphone in hand to indicate Hooke’s deviant behavior. Qt was prepared with lollipop punch expectations. Instead, Hook bumped him onto the stage.

Mark Henry interviewed the main event participants. Jade Cargill confidently entered her unbeaten record 24-0 in AEW. Anna Jay warns that street fighting has unleashed her dark side. You’ll make TBS stand for That Bitch Slayer. Enough talking. Henry concluded, “It’s time for the main event!”

TBS Starring: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Anna Jay

Anna started on fire, but Jade was too strong. The champ controlled speed using slams and clotheslines. Mark Sterling and John Silver were arguing over the floor. Jade pushed her manager out of the way to bend Silver’s face. Anna used this distraction to strike Jade.

Anna stepped up the corner to throw punches, but Jade threw the attack on the spine. Anna landed with a kick in the heel and the Queen Killer choked over the ropes. Jade descended to escape. Anna kept kicking and hit the flat line. Sterling jumped on the apron to get Anna’s head. Silver took care of the lawyer cleverly down to earth.

Jade attempted a physical pounce, but Anna responded by breaking down. Jade escaped and then broke out to kick a devastating pump. Anna showed her fighting spirit to face the Queen’s killer suffocation. Jade slipped into the corner by force. Anna used the turnbuckles as lever to lock the Queen Slayer again. Jade used her strength to peel Anna’s fingers to break the fist.

Anna charges her with one hit, but Jade catches her with a powerful one-armed grenade. The champion finished with a chicken wing, Gad, to retain the title.

Jade Cargill defeated Anna Jay.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The feud between Jon Moxley and Brian Danielson would be a fire. I have no idea who will win, and that’s part of what will make the match so much fun. It’s hard to believe Moxley would lose his first big fight on his comeback. It’s also hard to believe that Danielson would lose two major disputes in a row. With Danielson’s renewed aggressiveness since his debut in AEW, the intensity will be off the charts. I want it now! Excuse me.

Moxley looked good on his comeback. The caption was based on Moxley’s story adjusting to a leaner frame after losing weight during his absence. Even though Mox is on the skinnier side at the moment, it still looks like a curse. He’s definitely still fighting like one too. The way Moxley ended up with Ethan Page was brutal. He hit that top gear to punish the guy. Paige added a nice touch after the match by lacking an overall sense of mental clarity after being choked. It made the fight look more real, like when MMA fighters get kicked out and have no clue what just happened or try to overturn judgment out of instinct.

In terms of star power, Jade Cargill is the real deal. It makes the TBS tournament seem important. Her squash matches were boring, but she sparked excitement with longer competitions. Jade’s personality is also starting to shine through. Cocky jerks like flexors, pushups, and basketball dribbling add whirl to the steak.

Trent and Nick Jackson engaged in a chess match of strength and athleticism while providing good drama at near meltdowns. There have been a few times a match has felt like it could end and feel just fine. Trent scored a big win. Nick has no career in singles, so Trent’s smart choice was to win. He helped prove his worth after returning from injury. He also made best friends stronger in this fight with the Super Elite Kliq Paragon. AEW could even use it as a story tool by booking Trent against Bobby Fish or Kyle O’Reilly in a way to show the Young Bucks.

Do hook things hook. It’s still in the construction phase, so there’s not much to take away from its performance. To his credit, Hook has maintained his popularity with fans. He arrives, kicks ass, leaves, and the crowd pops up all the time all at once.


Recreational work in all areas. The matches were a little cold, so there was no urge to wait. frenzy It was a decent show to fill time on a Friday night.

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