AEW Rampage Results (3/4) – TNT Championship Match, Final Revolution Qualifier, Keith Lee Dominates

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Here is what’s in store for tonight’s final AEW Rampage before Revolution:

  • TNT Championship 3-Way Sammy Guervara vs Andrade El Idolo vs Darby Allin
  • Face Of The Revolution Qualifer Ethan Page vs Christian Cage
  • Keith Lee in action
  • The Professor Serena Deeb’s 5 Minute Challenge

TNT Championship 3-Way Sammy Guervara vs Andrade El Idolo vs Darby Allin

The final AEW Rampage before Revolution is kicking off with a huge contest. The men try to get a feel for each other before Andrade rolls out of the ring. Darby and Sammy try to surround him, but he rolls back in. Darby hits an arm drag to Andrade from the top rope. Sammy follows that up with a kick to Andrade’s head.

Darby hits his destroyer move onto Andrade, but Sammy rolls him up instead for the attempted pin. Sammy takes control of the match and chops Darby in the corner. He positions Darby on the top turnbuckle, but Darby fights out. Sammy recovers and nails a rising knee strike to Darby’s face.

Sammy delivers another knee strike to Darby’s face, but Andrade returns to the ring. Andrade sets up a powerbomb which is simultaneously a supplex from Sammy to Darby. He attempts to make the cover, but Sammy kicks out. Andrade turns his attention to Darby and launches him into the ropes. He removes his belt and smashes Darby in the back with it. Andrade then shifts to Sammy and hits him with the belt.

Throughout the commercial, Andrade dominates both men. Andrade delivers kicks to Sammy’s midsection, keeping the champion down on the mat. Andrade hits Sammy with two out of three amigos. Sammy tries to escape the third, so Andrade drives him into the corner instead.

Darby slaps Andrade and sends him into the corner. Andrade catches Darby and drops him with a uranagi backbreaker. Andre climbs to the top and attempts a moonsault onto Darby, but he moves. Instead, Andrade hits Sammy instead. Andrade follows it up with knees to Darby’s face in the corner. The double knees aren’t enough for the victory because Darby kicks out.

All three men make it to their feet and trade chops and various other strikes. Neither of the other two men can match Andrade’s power game, so they team up to take him down. Darby springboards off the ropes and gets caught by Andrade. Sammy makes the save, but he doesn’t stay in control for long before being thrown out of the ring. Darby attempts another Coffin Splash, but Andrade’s knees save him.

Andrade climbs to the top rope, but Darby pushes him. With Andrade stuck in the tree of woe, Sammy hits a coast to coast to Andrade’s face. All three men are down, and nobody is currently in control of the bout. Sammy and Darby work together to take out Andrade on the outside. Darby stands on the apron, but Sammy quickly grabs him and attempts a roll-up. Darby kicks out and the two men trade pinfall attempts.

Andrade returns to the ring and drives Sammy into the mat. Darby breaks up the pin to keep his hopes at regaining the championship alive. Sammy knocks Andrade down with knees to the face, and Darby takes advantage. Darby runs to the top rope and hits the confine drop. Sammy out of nowhere breaks it up with a senton off the top rope. That’s all it takes to pin Andrade to retain his title.

Winner (and STILL champion): Sammy Guevara

Pac and Penta Oscuro are in the ring following the commercial break. A match for this Sunday is discussed, and it looks like Erick Redbeard has aligned with Pac and Penta against House of Black. Redbeard levels all of the security forces trying to keep them from House of Black. Penta snaps the security arm to send a message to Black. This Sunday at AEW Revolution it’ll be a trio’s match between these six.

Keith Lee vs JD Drake

The crowd basks in the glory of Keith Lee at the start of the match. Drake tries to rake Lee in the chest at the beginning of the match, but he’s quickly overpowered. Lee hits a shoulder tackle sending Drake flying across the ring. All of Drake’s offense is easily ended off by Lee.

Lee chops Drake outside the ring and hits a headbutt sending him crashing to the floor. Lee urges the crowd to go quiet, so he can hit the double slap to Drake’s chest. After the commercial, Drake’s chopping Lee in the corner. Drake hits a running dropkick to Lee’s head, followed by a cannonball.

Drake climbs to the top and successfully lands a moonsault to Lee. He’s only able to get a one count as the Limitless One easily powers out on this edition of AEW Rampage. Drake goes back to the top rope, but Lee catches him. Keith Lee lands his finishing move and easily picks up the victory over drake.

Winner: Keith Lee

The Professor Serena Deeb’s 5 Minute Challenge

Leila Gray answers the five-minute challenge. It’s a tough task since Deeb’s winning all of these in less than three minutes. Gray leaves the ring to avoid Deeb. If she can outrun the clock, she can still secure the victory. Deeb catches her and slams her onto the floor outside of the ring.

Deeb hits a backstabber onto Gray and locks her in a chokehold maneuver to win the match. Quick victory for The Professor. After the match Deeb attacks Gray, but Hikaru Shida makes the save. Shida races to the ring with a kendo stick and hits nearly a dozen of strikes onto Deeb. Deeb escapes through the crowd to avoid more of Shida’s attacks.

Winner: Serena Deeb

Face of the Revolution Qualifying Match Christian Cage vs Ethan Page

It’s time to determine who is taking the FINAL spot in the ladder match at AEW Revolution this Sunday. Page attacks Christian early on in the match, but Christian hits a flying uppercut off the middle rope. It’s only a one count. Christian tosses Page out of the ring and follows it up with a running dropkick to Page on the outside.

During the commercial, Page brutalizes Christian with strikes. Page sends Christian into the mat after a delayed vertical suplex. Page locks Christian into a bear hug of sorts, but Christian gets out with a back elbow. Christian slams Page’s face off the steel steps and hits a tornado DDT to the outside floor.

Back in the ring, Christian punches Page and lands a springboard sunset flip. Christian drops Page with an inverted DDT, but he only gets a two count. Christian climbs to the top rope, but Page rolls out of the ring. Page leaps through the ropes to nail Christian with a beautiful cutter. Christian takes control shortly after and hits a diving headbutt to Page.

Christian attempts a spear and gets a shoulder tackle from Page instead. Page sets up for a powerbomb, but Christian slithers out and lands a spear. He’s only able to get a two-count, so this match continues on. Page sends Christian shoulder first into the unforgiving steel post. Page sets up for Ego’s Edge, but Christian escapes and hits the Killswitch. That’s it. On the final Rampage before AEW Revolution, Cage walks away the winner.

Winner: Christian Cage

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