Amir Khan says Kell Brook is “Half-broken,” and he’ll send him into retirement

by Max Schramm: Amir Khan says Kell Brook is “half-broken” at this point in his career, and says he will send him into retirement on February 19 when they meet in a grudge match on the Sky Box Office at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Khan (34-5, 21 KOs) admits that former welterweight champion ‘Special One’ Brook (39-3, 27 KOs) would have been an even more challenging fight for him if he had fought it out years ago when He was still in his prime, but he says he doesn’t care.

Khan doesn’t care that Brooke got shot

What’s key for Khan is the presence of Brook’s name on his resume, and he feels future fans won’t look at his record and think he got Kell when he was very old.

All they would care about was that he beat Brock, period, and that would be good enough for them.

This means boxing fans of future generations will not make an effort to look closely at Brock’s age and the activity of the last episode when Khan fought.

As you can see, Khan is only concerned about the bottom line he gets from Brock in his resume without overthinking it being slightly or totally over the top, as many boxing fans see it. Of course, fans also think that Khan got over it well, so they’re in the same boat in that regard.

Khan says Brooke is jealous of his success

“More than anything, I think it’s pure jealousy of what I’ve done in my career, and he thinks it should have been where I was,” Amir Khan said in an attempt to understand why Brooke hated him so much.

“What got me to where I am is hard work, dedication and discipline,” Khan continued. “We all know with Kell; he gets off the wheel after a fight. He’s going to be gone for a couple of weeks and he’s going to gain a lot of weight.

“You see the difference between us. It’s so funny. Amir doesn’t train,” said his coach Dominic Engel. agent has.

“I didn’t even have to ask about it or give an answer to that because when you look at the two of us, there’s a huge, big difference in who has been training and who hasn’t.

“He looked sick, overweight, and unhealthy as if he had just gotten out of a fighter at night. With me, I’ve been training for the past two months, and I’ve been keeping up my performance.

“When you look at two fighters, you look at the skin tone, you look at the eyes, you look at the body shape, you look at the frame, you see who is the real fighter and who is not the real fighter,” Khan said.

If you get the fighters’ net worth, you can understand why Brock is so bitter about Khan’s success.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Khan’s net worth is estimated at $40 million, while Brooke’s is $3 million. That’s a huge difference for the two British fighters, who in their day were considered the best in the UK with an average of 147.

Brooke will need to retire

“So all Cale is saying now is try to get under my skin or maybe somehow put them back in a situation where people start to think they have a chance of winning this fight,” Khan said.

“Kil has no chance of winning this battle. I can honestly say that on the 19th of February, I will destroy him, and that will be an elaborate lesson,” Khan said.

“The way you destroyed him, he would need to retire then. That would be his last fight. When Brock fought against Porter and took his victory over Porter, which was an amazing win. It was a very close fight, but he took the win to become the world champion.”

“Back then, I knew the name was out there, Amir should fight Cal now, he’s the world champion.” But I was already campaigning and on a different path. I was fighting, and I had world titles too.

“I was fighting the big names in America. I was fighting and campaigning in America. I always knew the Kell Brook fight would always be there for me.

“This is the season I didn’t think should happen at the time. Not because I was scared. If you look at my opposition and the people, I’ve faced.

“I encountered some strong fighters. A fighter like Devon Alexander, who Cale didn’t want to fight when so many battles were supposed to be fought, Cale didn’t want to fight Devon Alexander.

“That’s what Devon Alexander’s team also said in the press conference when I was fighting him. There are other fighters I’ve fought against, like Canelo, for example. The way I’ve planned my career has been absolutely perfect the way I’ve been doing things.

“The main thing is to fight now [Brook] here. Not because I’m in a fight [because Brook is coming off a loss to Terence Crawford]. You always look at your opponent and think, “How good was he in his last fight?”

Brook would probably retire if he lost the fight because he wouldn’t have any options that would pay him enough money to get back in the ring.

Khan: Brooke looked terrible in his last fight

He looked terrible. If the same Kell Brook appeared against me, Khan said of Brook’s fight with Terence Crawford on a serious note, “I don’t see the fight beyond three or four rounds.”

Amir Khan, Kell Brook boxing photo and news photo

In fairness to Brock, he took a heavyweight down to 147 to challenge WBO welterweight champ Terrence Crawford in November 2020.

Brook had no business fighting in the 147th at that late stage of his career, so it was no surprise that he was eliminated in four rounds.

He fought well through the first three rounds, but Brock hit a tricked-out right hook from Crawford after the Nebraska native turned south in the fourth round.

“I mean, it’s a business, but at the same time, hitting Kill Brook now or hitting him five years ago, I don’t think it makes a difference,” Khan said. “When people read on my resume, ‘Oh, I fought Kell Brook,’ they wouldn’t look at when I fought Kell Brook or what year that was.

“So, really, I don’t think it matters now. To me, it doesn’t really matter. For me, it’s better to fight him now than to fight him then because he’s already half broken.

“It’s work. He’s still Kell Brook, right? He’s a guy who still talks the same way, still feels the same way about fighting me and still feels like he can defeat me. But maybe, I don’t think he has it. It’s the same Keel Brook who was from Before.

“So, I’ll be honest there. Two years ago, I would have definitely had a stronger fight,” Khan said of Brock.

At this point, Khan Brook’s fight seems to be more about money than anything else. It’s a fight that will provide more retirement money for the fighters, as neither is expected to last. Brock might still fight, but only if he offered a match against Conor Bean.

If that fight does happen, it will likely be in 2023 because the Benn promoter will want to wait until Brook is a little older. He wouldn’t put Ben with Brock if he destroyed Khan because it would be too risky.

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