Andre Ward ready for Kambosos Jr to choose between Haney & Lomachenko for next fight

by Alan Fox: Andre Ward says he has no preference between Devin Haney and Vasily Lomachenko for undisputed lightweight champion George Camposos Jr. to fight in Australia in the first of his four belts defense in April.

Ward feels that WBC Lightweight Champion Haney (27-0, 15 KOs) and former three-team world champion Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs) are equally great options for the undefeated Camposus (20-0, 10 KOs) for the next fight .

Kambosos is dragging it off seemingly forever, wanting the best offer and making sure he makes the right decision.

Given the chances of Kambosos losing any of these guys, it’s totally understandable why he and his promoter Lou DiBella make sure they get the best deal humanly possible.

This may be for Camposos as a hero. If he loses to Lomachenko or Haney, 15 minutes of his fame will end, and the odds of him winning another title will be slim.

Kambosos is a good fighter, but it’s fair to say that he stumbled into the perfect position in a wounded fight and a drained weightlifter Teofimo Lopez last November.

Had this been the same version of Theofemo who took down Lomachenko in 2020, Camposos would likely have finished in the first round.

Hani got his shot

Devin has had two good wins recently, defeating lackluster veterans Joseph Jogo Diaz Jr., Jorge Linares and Yoriworks Gamboa.

It would have been great if Ryan Garcia hadn’t walked away from Haney as that would have allowed boxing fans to see how Devin could do against a younger fighter still in his prime.

“George Camposus Jr. is the undisputed undefeated champion in my opinion,” Max Kellerman said on Max On Boxing. Devin Haney disputes Kambosos’ claim because Lomachenko never fought Haney when Haney was his [WBC] Is mandatory.

“So when Lomachenko was promoted to super hero [with the WBC] And Hani was the normal hero, wasn’t he? Then Lomachenko lost to Tiofemo and Camposos defeated Tiofemo.

“For me, that makes Camposos the champ, and Haney has a belt, but for me, that’s his No. 1 competitor. Haney gets his shot at at least at the highest level in the division,” Kellermann said.

To his credit, Haney says he’s being vaccinated to go fight in Australia. He’s agreed to all Kambosos’ terms, and he’s ready to fight. Kambosos seems to be waiting for the best offer, and Lomachenko, who has been impressive on the trail back, has been mentioned as a possibility for Camposos.

“How should this happen, and how will it be implemented?”

Ward wants either Hani or Lomachenko

Andre ‘SOG’ Ward is sitting on the fence with this person, choosing not to go out on his limbs and making his choice for who he wants to see Camposus fight.

Lomachenko lost his four titles to Teofimo Lopez in October 2020, so some believe Loma had his chance and now needs to come back to back.

If you look at this from a commercial perspective, it makes sense to take the Lomachenko fight if Kambosos wants to sell tickets to a stadium fight in Australia. This is assuming, of course, that Australia will allow fans in large numbers to gather for an important sporting event.

Devin Haney, George Camposos Jr., Vasily Lomachenko, boxing photo and news

COVID-19 restrictions may get in the way of a large crowd attending Campossos’ repatriation in April in Australia.

“I’m saying you can’t lose with any of those fights?” Andre Ward said about the clashes of Campossos, Hani, Camposos and Lomachenko. “Kambosos is fighting Lomachenko or Kambosos is fighting Haney.

“Either of those fights will be big in Australia. Both fights will be very difficult for Kambosos.

“Obviously, he has the toughness, the strength, the daring, all the things he showed against Teofemo Lopez to win those fights. You can’t lose with any of those fights.

Kambosos flexes his muscles in this 135-pound department as if he just beat Floyd Mayweather, but he’ll soon understand that if he succeeds in his next fight, no matter who’s against him, there’s something called mandaries.

“So, he’ll have to pump his brakes and start fighting whomever the Punishment Bodies tell him to fight. But I love those two fights.” [Haney and Lomachenko] for him. He should flex his muscles.

“He annoyed Theofemo. Nobody thought he would. Get the pitch fight you want. I don’t have a problem with either guy. [Haney or Lomachenko]Ward said.

Devin has been called the “email hero.”

Haney had a hard time with the questionable WBC decision to make him the WBC Lightweight Champion after giving Lomachenko his franchise mark at 135 in 2019.

While this move saved Hani the trouble of fighting for the belt as normal fighters do, it cost him because he didn’t see him win the title by defeating the higher-ranked contender.

As a result, Haney is referred to as the “email champion” or “paper champion” in the eyes of many boxing fans. Since being promoted to WBC Champion, Haney has tried to take the fights against top fighters that would help him be seen as a real champion rather than a fake champion, but his matchroom boxing promoter has failed time and time again.

If Haney manages to get the undisputed Kambosos contest, he’ll finally be in a position to show fans he’s the real deal.

“I know a lot of people pronounce Haney poorly, calling him the email hero, but that has nothing to do with Haney,” Ward said. This is a WBC problem. This is a political problem. This is a punitive physical problem.

“Hani does what he’s supposed to do. He stays in the spotlight, has a lot of buzz on social media, and he builds his name up with every fight. Some people love him, some people hate him, but they’ll pay to watch him fight.”

“Give me any of these men. I am ready to watch this fight as soon as possible,” said Ward, ordering either Hani or Lomachenko of Camposos.

If Matchroom Boxing and DAZN can put up a show big enough to satisfy Kambosos and his promoters Lou DiBella, they could be the ones who shared the ring with him in April.

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