‘Anthony Joshua didn’t say he’s fighting Usyk next’

by Hack Allen: Gareth Davies says he still doubts Anthony Joshua will no longer fight Oleksandr Usek despite his video message on Monday in which he said he did not agree to step aside £15m.

Gareth notes Joshua’s statement in the video that he didn’t come out and says he planned to fight Usek (19-0, 13 KOs) afterwards. It was easy for Joshua to do that.

If Joshua chooses to turn down a step-by-step deal so that IBF/WBA/WBO Heavyweight Champion Usyk and WBC Champion Tyson Fury can fight, he’ll likely do so to show fans he’s not afraid.

Joshua will not come to the match with Usyk with confidence, and it is clear that his chances of success will be limited.

AJ will fight the fight for the wrong reasons to show the fans that he is not afraid rather than believing he can win.

Three possible battles:

  • Tyson Fury vs Dillian White
  • Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk
  • Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua

Joshua fails to say he’s fighting Usyek next

“He didn’t say in his response that I would take Oleksandr Usek right after that,” Gareth Davis told iFL TV in reaction to Joshua’s video statement on Monday criticizing his report accepting 15 million steps aside.

“There are only three fights that are really talked about, And that’s Fury and Whyte if they can cross the line. Fury and Usyk, whom Alexander Krasyuk revealed they have been in talks with since November, and Usyk and Joshua.

These are the three fights that cause so much consternation in the heavyweight division, and they include the world’s biggest promoters and the four most prominent names in the heavyweight division right now. All three of those fights are in the works.

I won’t divulge my sources,” Gareth said when asked who told him that Joshua had agreed to 15 million pounds for the step-down deal.

“He just said he needed to see the contract and he didn’t sign anything,” Davies continued. “He didn’t say, ‘Sure, I’m going to fight Oleksandr Usyk next, and this fight is about to be announced,'” Davis said in decoding Joshua’s video statement.

“Here we are in the last week of January, and nothing has been signed, sealed and delivered,” Gareth continued on to Joshua, who has yet to reveal who he will fight next.

AJ’s coaching team hasn’t been revealed yet

Joshua clearly isn’t planning to fight soon, since he hasn’t named his coaching staff.

This is to say that Joshua is not mentally prepared to return to the front lines to continue the war. If AJ had been ready, he would have already announced his new team.

“Alexander Usek’s promoter Alexander Krasuk said there had been talks with Fury as well,” Davies said.

“Read between the lines; it is very clear that these three battles are all under discussion.

“I’d love to see Fury and Usick next because he’s giving up a path to the fight we all want to see in Britain between Fury and Joshua,” said Davies. “If Usyk beats Fury, we’ll face Joshua against Usyk anyway the second time around.

“The other thing we didn’t mention is that Anthony Joshua hasn’t announced his coaching staff.

This is another reason to be suspicious He may not have a fight anytime soon, And it might be summer when he’s fighting next. “I think we’ll find out a lot in the next 48 hours,” Davis said.

Anthony Joshua interrogates himself

Davis thinks Joshua has been questioning himself since losing to Usek last September, and doesn’t know what to do.

He has considered changing his coaching staff, and seems to be a lost person at the moment unsure of which direction he should go. If Joshua chooses to be brave and face Usyk in a rematch rather than taking the step aside, he could undo his career.

It looks like Usyk has Joshua’s number, and he can kick him out this time. You can only imagine Joshua’s reaction to being fired again. If he had already sacked his team from time to time, it would be pointless to change coaches again.

In other words, Joshua should take the blame for his loss rather than seeing it as a coach’s problem.

Alexander Usek, Anthony Joshua, boxing Tyson Fury photo and news photo

When he responded to the story I wrote on Monday, he said, ‘I didn’t see the contract.’ He said, ‘I didn’t sign it,’ but he didn’t say once in this video response, ‘I’m definitely fighting Oleksandr Usyk next, and I’m definitely practicing the rematch clause. ‘,” Davies told TalkSport on Joshua.

He did not announce his coaching team. We know a potential Usyk-Fury fight could be brought up by a group in the Middle East. Also, Alex Krassyuk revealed that they have been talking to Fury since last November to fight.

“I see the coaching staff’s lack of announcing a comeback fight against Oleksandr Usyk as a sign that they are really thinking about delaying his comeback and possibly stepping down, which is a big business move for him to properly regroup.

I think he’s questioning himself at the momentGareth said of Joshua losing his self-confidence, and he’s been questioning himself since September.

Joshua had been questioning himself for a long time before his fight with Usik last September.

You could argue that Joshua has been a fluke to himself since losing to Andy Ruiz Jr in 2019. Joshua has looked like a shell-shocked veteran since coming out of that fight.

What Joshua experienced under Ruiz’s fire had the effect of resonating, causing him to second-guess himself in every battle since. Against a fighter like Usik, you can’t be hesitant as Joshua has shown.

Joshua is haunted by what he went through against Ruiz, and he’s not going to get out of it. At this point, Joshua wasn’t mentally fit for the fight, whether it was against Usek or Tyson Fury.

Follow the Kizora scheme

Many believe that the way for Joshua to defeat Usik is to follow the scheme in which Derek Chisora ​​briefly succeeded in his fight against him in October 2020.

Chisora ​​Usik walked down and fired several twisting shots to the back of the head and body.

This was a different situation because Usyk hadn’t used his legs much early in that fight. When Usyk started using the movement in the second half of the competition, he took control of Chisora.

It took Usyk a while to learn Chisora’s style, but it was a one-sided affair once he did.

Joshua won’t have the luxury of Usyk struggling early on trying to figure out his technique because he already knows what potential game plan AJ will use.

“He was angry with his performance [against Usyk]Gareth said of Yeshua, angry at himself. “We saw that at some points when he did the interviews. He wanted to outsmart the boxer,” said George Foreman.

“Decide what you want to be and be it. It’s an aggressive heavyweight and big bruise, and that’s what it should be. People will love and respect it. If he goes out on his shield. That’s the way I think he should do it,” Gareth said.

Joshua doesn’t have the warrior mentally to fight hard and is willing to break out on his shield. He’s not that kind of fighter.

Yes, Joshua talks about being an old-school fighter, but those are hollow words he repeats.

The truth is that Joshua is very shy inside the ring, shows a lot of fear, and is afraid of throwing punches because of the possibility of him being confronted or shot.

“I think he let Oleksandr Usyek get past him, and he shouldn’t have cornered him,” Gareth said of Joshua using the wrong match plan against Usyk.

“He should have pushed him and knocked him down. He should have pushed him in corners and leaned on him. He should have tied him up and hit him hard.

I think he looked shy early on because he got shot and got hit with punches and angles he didn’t expect. Anthony Joshua looked into trouble on his end.

“Get in there new, go after him early and chase Usek. I think he can take a leaf from what Derek Chisora ​​did against Usek in the first rounds. You really bully him, make him move around the ring.

“Don’t stand behind a jab. He thought he could beat Usyk, and that was a mistake, and so did his team,” Joshua’s Davies said.

At this point, it’s ridiculous to talk about what Joshua will do in his rematch with Usek because he’ll likely accept a step aside for money to end the fight.

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