Bob Arum negotiating Kambosos Jr vs. Lomachenko for fight in Australia

by Jim Calva: Promoter Bob Arum is in talks to put together a fight between Vasily Lomachenko and the upcoming George Camposus Jr. in April in Australia. The fight against the undisputed lightweight champion Kambosos Jr. (20-0, 10 KOs) is Arum’s first choice for former three-team world champion Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs).

One can see how essential it would be to Arum for Lomachenko to get the fight against Camposos, as the Australian had just beaten his famous fighter Teofimo Lopez last November.

If Lomachenko can defeat Camposos and reclaim the three titles that Teofemo lost last year, Arum will regain those belts.

It would be better if Teofemo would be the one to avenge his loss to Camposos, but he has given up the 135-pound division and plans to compete in the 140 for his next fight.

In order for Lomachenko to get into the fight against 28-year-old trumpeter Kambosos Jr, Arum will need to bid on the bid from Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, who is speaking with Australian promoters to start a fight with the WBC 135-pound champion. Devin Hani.

Arum should bid on Hearn

It is very easy to determine which direction Camposus Junior will go. Whoever makes their biggest financial bid, this is the fighter who will get the golden ticket to face them in April in a massive on-court battle.

Given Lomachenko’s 33-year-old age, it would be in the best interest of the top-tier promoter Arum to pay whatever it takes to get a Kambosos fight as he can’t afford to miss out on this fighting opportunity.

It’s not a problem for 23-year-old Haney if he fails to fight Kambosos this time, because he’s young enough to wait until he does.

Haney has the WBC Lightweight title that he can use as bait to lure Kambosos Jr. And his promoter Lou DiBella to do battle with him.

Of course, if Lomachenko beat Camposos, it does not matter. Hearn could then negotiate a fight with Loma if Haney was up to the task.

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This fight, against George Campos Jr. in Australia, is my first choice Loma. “Luma is very willing to do that,” Bob Arum told Sky Sports.

“We are talking with the Kambosos Jr about Loma going to Australia, which is what Loma is preparing to do,” said Top Rank’s Arum, who promotes Lomachenko.

“It will be a huge battle in Australia. But we have a COVID-19 problem that needs to be removed, and I think we can do it,” Arum said.

Kambosos won’t be cheap

As long as Arum is willing to bring in the money to get him to fight for Lomachenko against Kambosos, it might be possible. There appears to be a real role on Hearn’s part in the fight for Haney.

This is not the time for Arum to be tight-lipped when it comes to money. He will need to open his wallet and surrender until it hurts if he wants to fight for Lomachenko. Being miserly won’t get the job done.

Hearn wants to turn Haney into a star, and it is critical that he successfully negotiate the fight with Camposus. This is a fight that Haney will have an excellent chance of winning, which is why Hearn needs to bid on Arum.

It’s an easy way for Hearn to turn Haney into a temporary star. For Haney to have any lasting power as a star, he would need to defeat Tank and Lomachenko, which doesn’t seem likely considering what we’ve seen of him lately.


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