Bob Arum says Lomachenko bigger fight for Kambosos than Haney, “nobody knows who Devin is”

by Jim Calva: Bob Arum is optimistic about his chances of battling Vasily Lomachenko and undisputed lightweight champion George Camposos Jr. for the month of April at a stadium in Australia.

Arum thinks two-time Olympic gold medalist and former three-team world champion (16-2, 11 KOs) has a better chance of fighting a Kambosos than WBC 135-pound champion Devin Haney.

According to Arum, Haney (27-0, 15 KOs) isn’t as well known in Australia compared to 33-year-old Lomachenko, which makes sense given he’s much older and has done a lot more than the 23-year-old Rogé MatchroomBoxing fighter.

What also hurts Haney is the fact that he was promoted to the WBC Lightweight Champion outside the ring in October 2019 instead of winning it.

Eddie Hearn, Haney’s promoter, thinks he has an excellent chance of taking a fight with Kambosos since it’s a match that would settle the undisputed lightweight situation.

Hearn would be very upset if Arum could set up a fight between Lomachenko and Kambosos because the British promoter needs Haney to beat Kambosos to help him become a superstar quickly.

Currently, Kambosos holds IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO lightweight titles. Hearn maintains that the franchise’s title isn’t real, nor does it count for the undisputed championship.

However, the World Boxing Council points to Kambosos as their undisputed champion at 135, which is good enough for most boxing fans.

Arum: Nobody knows Hani in Australia

“We’re talking to Lu [DiBella] and Peter [Kahn] “We’re optimistic because we have really good contacts within Australia,” Bob Arum told Fighthype when asked about the possibility of Top Rank preparing a fight between Lomachenko and Kambosos for April.

“COVID is on the way, but I think it will be fine and ESPN is ready to rise to the occasion to get that fight done.

“Truthfully, Nobody knows who Devin Haney is in AustraliaFollow Arum. “Really, he was not exposed to anything. Everyone who follows boxing around the world, including Australia, knows Lomachenko.

“So, Lomachenko’s match will be much bigger In Australia what Devin Haney would be like [for Kambosos].

It is almost impossible for the average boxing fan to know who Haney is as he has never faced any talented person during his career. Hani’s best victories were against these fighters:

  • Euryrokis Gamboa
  • Joseph Jojo Diaz Jr.
  • Jorge Linares
  • Juan Carlos Burgos
  • Alfred Santiago

Haney is definitely not a popular fighter in Australia because he hasn’t been around long enough for fans to recognize him.

Arum was surprised by Lumchenko’s loss

“I was shocked when I saw Lumchenko against [Teofimo] Lopez,” Arum said in his reflection on the injured Loma’s loss to Tiofemo in October 2020.

“But after two days of fighting, Lomachenko was in the doctor’s office and had an operation on his shoulder.

“So, that wasn’t any nonsense. Why didn’t he tell us so we could postpone the fight is a far cry from me, but it is what it is,” Arum said.

It was obvious that Lomachenko had suffered a shoulder injury due to the fight with Teofimo because he had not used his right arm for anything. All shots were left handed by Lomachenko.

Teofimo returns 140 times in good health

First we want to keep him healthyArum said when asked what he plans to do with Tiofemo after losing to Camposos last November. “He should never have fought in 135 against Camposos.

“He almost died. He also died because of the way he weighed. It’s no joke. I think he’ll be fine at 140. He has some other physical issues that we are working on right now and taking care of him.

Once these problems are resolved [for Teofimo]”We’ll look for an opponent and get him back in the ring,” Arum said.

It’s possible that Teoifmo might need to go up to 147 if he’s underweight at 140. As big as Teofimo is, he’ll struggle to get at 140.

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