Bob Arum wants Deontay Wilder vs. Jared Anderson fight

by Alan Fox: Promoter Bob Arum says he wants to do battle between former WBC Heavyweight Champion and his 22-year-old student Jared Anderson by the end of 2022.

Top center boss Arum believes that Toledo, Ohio-born Anderson (11-0, 11 KOs) will be ready to defeat Wilder “The Bronze Bomber” by then to become America’s No. 1 heavyweight.

Unfortunately for Arum, it’s unclear if 36-year-old Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) will fight again after losing his last two fights by knockout against Tyson Fury.

Anderson is busy

Arum promotes Fury, and would like Jared Anderson to get in on the action to add Wilder’s name to his resume before he retires from the sport.

A knockout win over Wilder would give Jared’s burgeoning career a massive boost, putting him on the map all over the world.

Anderson would be lifted higher in the heavyweight rankings by defeating 6’7 Deontay and putting him in position for a quick world title.

Anderson recently scored a pair of second-round knockout wins over Eastern European fighters Oleksandr Teslenko And Vladimir Tereshkin in 2021.

Prior to that, Jared stopped Jeremiah Karpenisi in the second round and Kingsley Ibe in the sixth round. All four of those fights took place last year, which is how the fighters should be brought in.

Arum believes in keeping his fighters busy, and does an amazing job with 22-year-old Jared Anderson, who nicknames the “big kid.”

This is not the most unique nickname for Jared, given that he is already associated with the American heavyweight Jarrell Miller “Big Baby”, who has not fought since 2018 but is well known among hardcore boxing fans.

Arum Wilder was targeted against Anderson in late 2022

“Wilder is a fantastic talent. He hits like a mule, as Tyson attests,” Arum told Sky Sports. Pretty much anyone in the heavyweight division would lose to Wilder.

The only man who will be prepared to hit him By the end of this year Anderson.

“I would be willing to discuss a possible fight between Wilder vs. Anderson By the end of this year.

“We are preparing him to be the next heavyweight champion after Fury,” Arum said.

It’s unlikely Wilder would get into a fight with a potential guy like Jared Anderson because the money wouldn’t be there for that kind of fight, and it’s doubtful Deontay would want to put him in the position.

Arum wants Deontay to be a stepping stone Kind of an opponent for Anderson, and he didn’t go far to serve that purpose. Furthermore, Wilder is extremely wealthy and his net worth is estimated at 45 million dollars.

With that kind of money, Wilder wouldn’t be tempted for being the test horse that Arum uses to raise Jared Anderson’s image in the boxing world.

Of course, if Arum threw crazy money at Wilder by offering him $15 million, he’d probably agree if he wasn’t able to get a shot against Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, or Oleksander Usyk.

Jared Anderson as “Young Muhammad Ali”

“Mike Tyson was a formidable boxer who didn’t show much of his boxing ability,” Arum said.

“Jared has shown ability and strength in boxing. Reminds me more of a young Muhammad Ali From young Mike Tyson.”

This writer does not see the parallels between Jared Anderson and the young Muhammad Ali. For starters, Anderson was a lot heavier than Ali had been when he was in his early twenties, taking down fighters like Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson and Henry Cooper.

Ali weighed about 207 pounds in his early twenties, while Jared Anderson weighed 240 pounds more recently. Basically, Ali was a cruiser weight for his size, which allowed him to move well around the ring.

Jared Anderson fights as Shakur Stevenson

Anderson is the new generation of heavyweights that are similar in size to superweights. He is not like Ali. Anderson’s regressive fighting style makes him more like a bigger version of Shakur Stevenson than Ali.

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