Caleb Plant NOT interested in David Benavidez fight

by Jim Calva: Caleb Plant says he’s not interested in fighting David Benavides, the undefeated and highly ranked competitor who weighs in at 168 pounds at the moment. The former IBF Plant middleweight champion (21-1, 12 KOs) stated that he tried to set up fights with Benavidez, and got brushed by his promoter.

Although he has not been successful in a fight against WBC’s #1 ranked Benavidez in the past, Blunt insists he is still interested in facing him in the future. In fact, Blunt thinks he’ll run into him sometimes.

“I don’t know. I’ll let them find out. For now, I’m just focusing on me,” Caleb Plant told EsNews when asked about his thoughts on a possible fight between Canelo Alvarez and Germal Charlo.

“I’m in the gym, work, and I focus on continuing my legacy, I fell to the ground and scraped my knees [knocked out by Canelo in the 11th round]but I’m back at it,” Blunt continued.

The plant still looks shaken by its loss

It is important for Blunt to regain his confidence because He looked shocked Since losing to Canelo. Since that loss, Blunt has lost his natural vanity. In the past two months, Blunt has looked shaky and dizzy during interviews, as if he’s lost faith in himself.

The only way Blunt could ever get his faith back is by getting back in the ring and racking up some victories under his belt, ideally against a credible opposition.

It might be a bad idea for Blunt to fight scrubs in hopes of another fight against Canelo because that wouldn’t help build his shattered self-confidence.

With Benavides steadily growing in popularity with each victory, he could soon become the star at 168lbs, especially if he manages to beat superstar Canelo Alvarez.

Benavidez would probably be very popular now if Canelo had agreed to fight him a year or two ago because a victory over him would have made him a household name.

Unfortunately, Canelo has shown no desire to give Benavidez the fight he needs to become a superstar, a clever move for 5’8 Alvarez.

If what boxing fans are saying is true about Benavides being wrong for Canelo, he will hurt his career by fighting the former two-time WBC middleweight champion.

Blunt makes sure he doesn’t reach out to Benavides because the last thing he needs is to get on the wrong side of the future weight class star.

In his last fight, Blanc lost his FIFA title to Canelo Alvarez in November in an undisputed showdown in Las Vegas. Plant gave Canelo a good scrap in the first eight rounds but then he was shot and stalled in the eleventh round.

“It seems like every time I try to make that fight happen, his Sampson promoter says, ‘Not now. Blunt said when asked if he was interested in fighting David Benavidez, he tested positive for cocaine.

Blunt says Benavidez fight will ‘happen’

“He lost his belt on the scale.” This fight will happen. I know the fight is going to happen.” The plant said about the Benavids. Now, like I said, I’m in gym training, and I’ll be back in the ring soon.”

Blunt will get a chance to fight Benavidez at some point, as long as he rebuilds his career properly after losing to Canelo. The PBC would need to move the Plant carefully due to its lack of punching power and tendency to gas after eight rounds of being compromised.

At Blunt’s age, his stamina and punching ability are not likely to improve. Either you have the strength and stamina by the age of 29, or you don’t.

The best thing Premier Boxing Champions can do is skillfully maneuver the plant as they have done in the past to claim a world title if they see a champion or fighter they trust in their ability to beat him.

As of now, there are no chances to fight for a world title. Canelo holds all belts at 168, and Caleb won’t give a rematch because it would be pointless.

“this happens?” Blunt said when he was told that Benavidez might fight Demetrius Andrade at the WBC & WBO middleweight division. “No, I haven’t heard any news from her. I’ll let them find out.

by summer,When asked when he’ll be back in the ring for his next fight, Blunt said. “We’ll see — boxing changes every day. By the time we get there, we’ll see where the cards fall.

“We’ve got some things on the table, some things I’m working on. Until then, as I’ve been saying, I’ll keep training and working in the gym, I’ll stay focused, and I’ll be back,” Blunt said.

It will be interesting to see who is fighting Blunt for the rebuilding match in the summer. He would likely be placed with a lower-ranked opponent, but more than a non-threatening type fighter without strength.

Good options to fight the following Plant:

  • Gabriel Rosado
  • Rocky Fielding
  • fox antites
  • Billy Joe Saunders

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