Canelo Alvarez to decide May 7th opponent next week

by Sean Jones: Eddie Hearn says Canelo Alvarez will meet with coach Eddie Renoso next week to decide his next opponent on May 7. Hearn isn’t sure who Canelo will face (57-1-2, 39 KOs), but he mentions Makabu member as a possible option.

Makabu (28-2, 25 KOs) fighting Jan 29 that he needs to beat Thabiso Mchunu first to have a chance to win the Canelo lottery on May 7.

Aside from Makabu, Hearn would like to see Canelo tackle the 175-pound division in 2022 to try to become the undisputed champion in two weight classes.

The 31-year-old Mexican star Canelo recently became the undisputed champion of the tournament Wasteland Section 168lbs Last November, he finished the journey he started in 2018 by defeating Caleb Plant by knockout in Round 11.

If Canelo follows Hearn’s wishes by climbing to 175, he will be Crawl up to the mouth of the cannon in 2022 to face deadly artillery fire from Artur Petterbiev, Dmitriy Bevol and Joe Smith Jr.

Benavidez, Golovkin & Charlo’s options for Canelo at 168

Hearn says Canelo still has many attractive fights if he chooses to return to the 168-pound division in May. If Canelo returns to the super-middleweight category, Hearn would like to see him compete with David Benavidez, Gennady Golovkin or Jermal Charlow.

Hearn might be asking a lot of Canelo, especially with the former two-time WBC middleweight champion Benavides mentioning him (25-0, 22 KOs).

It’s common knowledge at this point with boxing fans that Canelo avoids Benavidez like the plague.

Hearn may also ask Canelo to jump into a sea full of hungry sharks as he has no interest in running a challenge in 2022 against Benavides, Charlo and JJJ.

At this point in Canelo’s career, we’ll likely see him take on these three fighters in 2022: Ilunga Macapu, John Ryder and possibly Ryota Morata.

“I’ve spoken to Eddie Reynoso a few times over the past week or so, and I’ve seen his tweet where he basically says, ‘We haven’t started any negotiations yet, but it will happen in time,'” said Eddie Hearn, to the DAZN Boxing show at Canelo Alvarez’s next fight. .

“Saul was enjoying himself in Miami,” Hearn continued. I watched a couple of videos play — well deserved break. Next week, they’ll sit down and start talking about what’s next and who’s next.

“There are many options [for Canelo]There are many options from Matchroom and DAZN. There are many options from PBC. Obviously, there is a cruiser weight option [against Ilunga Makabu] like that.

“Yes, that’s definitely an option for him,” Hearn said when asked about Canelo, who could potentially face Germal Charlo on May 7. “Sure, if you’re a PBC and make options for Canelo, Charlo, [David] Benavids are two of those options, Hearn said.

“You also have great options in 168. You have Gennadiy Golovkin, the triple. You have [Jermall] Charlo if you come forward, and you have Benavides. “You have the option of cruiser weight as well,” Hearn said.

If Hearn is lucky, Canelo will fight WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Dmitri Bevol, as he promotes it. Hearn’s dream come true is to face Canelo Bevol and Demetrius Andrade in 2022.

Hearn wants to unite Canelo at 175 in 2022

We’ll soon see how much attraction Eddie Hearn has with Canelo Alvarez and his coach/manager Eddie Reynoso when it comes to picking his next opponent on May 7th for the Cinco de Mayo holiday.

If Hearn is in Canelo & Reynoso’s good graces, he will bow to his wishes and move to 175 to face Artur Beterbiev or Joe Smith Jr. Or preferably Dmitry Bivol.

With Hearn declaring over the past two months that he wants Canelo to fight at 175 for the entirety of 2022, if he chooses to climb to cruiserweight on May 7th to pick the weakest link at Ilunga Macapo, he’ll show you where the British promoter stands with them.

It’s possible Canelo and Reynoso have already decided they want the next 34-year-old Macapu because overcoming him is like falling from tree trunks.

There is no danger to Canelo. He shows up, hits Macabo, and then takes another DAZN paycheck. But as for what Hearn wants Canelo to do, by climbing to 175 to take some real risks against Beterbiev, Bivol and Joe Smith Jr, there is a risk to the Mexican star.

Beterbiev is a body puncher, and he won’t be bothered by every Mayweather-esque head movement that Canelo uses.

The twice-winning Russian Olympian Petrbiev was punching in the center of Canelo and driving him to the heel. Because of this, Canelo will ignore what Hearn wants and choose to go in the direction he set Rinoso coach Nisr El Elainin / Manager, who chooses to oppose the Mexican Superstar.

Canelo could lose and possibly suffer losses by one or all of them, especially if the 175-pound IBF/WBC champ faces Beterbiev (17-0, 17 KOs) next.

I love the possibility of him moving to 175 And trying to become the undisputed champion there,” Hearn continued. Hearn said of his desire to fight Alvarez in the light heavyweight division in 2022 to try to become the undisputed light heavyweight champion: “You have three massive fights against Dmitri Bevol, Joe Smith and Artur Petterbiev.” .

If Canelo wants to make a legacy that doesn’t depend on cheap victories over the paper champions and select opponents then, it would be in his best interest to follow Hearn’s advice and rise to 175.

Even if Canelo fails to become the undisputed light heavyweight champion, boxing fans will at least respect him for trying.

“It’s just going to come down to Eddie Renoso and Saul and what they like and what they get,” Hearn said. “It’s the motive. They’ve done a lot in this sport. They don’t need [money]. It’s not about money for them.

“It’s about what excites them, and it’s about a plan. I feel like they took care of the business in the 168, but there are still some good fights for them out there,” Hearn said.

Hearn was very wrong about Canelo “taking care of the business on the 168.” The truth is, Canelo got past the most challenging part of the job in the 168 by deflecting the #1 and #2 fighters in the division at David Benavidez and David Morrell Jr.

These two are by far the best fighters in the super middleweight division. Canelo did not easily fight either of them when he pursued the four paper champions in his quest to become the undisputed champion.

The men Canelo beat in 168 to take his four titles were this flawed group of belt holders:

  • Caleb Factory
  • Rocky Fielding
  • Billy Joe Saunders
  • Callum Smith

“I think the idea of ​​being unchallenged in two weight classes, knowing Eddie and Saul, is something they might like,” Hearn said.

“But in the end, they’re going to sit down and look at all of their options on paper and say, ‘Yeah, that choice. ” Hopefully this guy and DAZN will get us involved,” Hearn said of Canelo.

Sean Jones feels that Reynoso and Canelo hate risk, and aren’t trying to fight anyone who could defeat them at this point. Canello and Reynoso’s Eagle Eye dodge a bullet With their two fights against Golovkin, they completely stopped taking risks since the second fight, which many boxing fans believe that they should have lost.

That second fight with GGG captured the best part of Canelo, leaving only shell unchanged The fighter it was. At this point, Canelo lacks the ambition he had in the early days of his career.

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