Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol = Eddie Hearn’s dream fight for May 7th

by Sean Jones: Canelo Alvarez and his coach/manager Eddie Renoso would make Eddie Hearn very happy if they choose his fighter Dimitri Bevol as their next opponent on May 7.

Hearn is promoting WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Bivol (19-0, 11 KOs), and believes he will be DANDY’s pick for Canelo (57-1-2, 39 KOs) to face Cinco de Mayo this weekend.

Bivol is an unlikely option for Canelo as he will have an excellent chance of defeating him. That’s right there he rules out any possibility of Pevol fighting Alvarez.

Since 2018, Canelo has been fighting the Stones rigorously, and it would be natural for him to fight a live dog in Bevol.

Canelo hasn’t let the cat out of the bag yet on his next pick, but there is a strong belief he will disappoint the boxing crowd.

The name that keeps popping up with Canelo’s next opponent is WBC cruiserweight champion Makabu member, the holder of a shaky belt, is not known to ordinary boxing fans, but he is well remembered by enthusiastic fans for his third-round knockout loss to Tony Bellew in 2016.

If Canelo wanted to turn himself into a villain in the eyes of fans, he would pick Jake Paul and keep fighting on the PPV.

You can only imagine commotion That would happen if Canelo chose Jake as his next opponent. Shawn Jones doesn’t put it past Canelo. I mean, Alvarez has been constantly disappointing the fans since 2018 after his bad experience against Gennady Golovkin.

The second showdown against GGG caught something of Canelo regarding his willingness to return to the ring with opposition from the highest levels.

Since Golovkin’s rematch, Canelo has focused on grabbing belts against the paper champions at 168 and defeating older fighters like Sergei Kovalev and Daniel Jacobs.

Since that fight, each has weaker opposition to Canelo. Heck, Canelo even bowed to the level of fighting him Old sparring partner Avni Yildirim In 2021, a fighter who had not fought in two years and was losing to Anthony Dirrell.

Yildirim can be said to be on the same level as the talented Jake Paul, and Canelo had no problems battling him.

That’s why you can’t rule out Canelo choosing to fight Jake as he seems to be aiming for the lowest common denominator at this point in his career.

Hearn wants to be Canelo vs. Bevol next

Canelo is in trouble here because he can’t fall back into the 168-pound section and use it as a hatchet to hide from opposition to quality.

Canelo no longer had more paper champions in the super middleweight to fight because he cleaned up the three British fighters and the American factory Caleb.

If Canelo stays at 168, boxing fans expect him to defend against David Benavides, and it will be a very tough fight for him.

Canelo’s time with Benavidez back in 2018 when he was still at the top of his game, after a controversial win over Golovkin in one form or another.

But now, after three straight years of battling weak opposition in the form of Yildirim, Kovalev, Jacobs, Billy Joe Saunders, Blunt, Rocky Fielding, and Callum Smith, Canelo’s skills have eroded to the point where he’s likely too much against Benavides or David Morrell Jr.

“It depends on what Canelo wants to do and which division he wants to fight in,” Eddie Hearn said on the DAZN Boxing Show when asked if Alvarez will face the next WBO Heavyweight Champion Joe Smith Jr. on May 7.

“I have been very candid I would like to see him [Canelo] Fight Dmitri Bevol next, and then maybe Joe Smith and then [Artur] Beterbiev, then clean 175,” Hearn said of his desire for Alvarez to fight one of his Matchroom Boxing fighters he promoted at Bevol.

“I think with Canelo, anything is possible. I think he’ll talk to Eddie Reynoso and come up with a plan, and we’ll look at the options. He’s really going to come down to what he’s up to. [Canelo].

“Is Joe Smith teasing him? Maybe, but Dmitriy Bevol might tease him more because Dmitriy Bevol comfortably beat Joe Smith when they surrounded [in March 2019].

“That was two years ago [three years], but he’s still undefeated, Bevol, and he’s already defeated Joe Smith. “It’s a battle that can be fought quite easily,” Hearn said.

There isn’t a lot of science behind Canelo and Renoso’s choices

Like I said, this is a really unique setup with Eddy [Reynoso] And Saul, Hearn said. “It almost got to the point where Eddie would just walk around there and call the phone and literally go through all the options, and they would go, ‘He’.

There is not a lot of science that goes into this field. It’s about feeling, emotion, legacy and leadership. It’s something they want to do. I don’t think they’re interested in fighting a fight that doesn’t really do anything for them.

“I think he would choose Bivol over Smith,” Hearn said predicting that Canelo would prefer to take on WBA 175-pound champion Bivol rather than WBO champion Joe Smith Jr. On the seventh of May. “It is an achievement.

But then, of course, Joe Smith’s fight could follow. Everyone puts forward their options saying, ‘Would you like to do this?’

“I think this thing is [Canelo] will pass. I expect him to make a decision soon.

“I know Eddie responded to Mike Coppinger’s stuff, saying they don’t negotiate, but we had conversations over the weekend that weren’t very deep.

“I know they are now considering making a move in terms of their next fight, and it will be fun for two weeks,” Hearn said.

Yes, Canelo will decide soon because he has no choice, but his choice would be disappointing. If nothing else, Canelo has come to be expected in his career, and his choices will continue to annoy fans.

Sean Jones believes that Canelo’s opposition will get worse rather than improve. I would expect Canelo to choose Jake Paul or Makabu next because it fits the style he showed with his opponent’s choice. If not, Canelo would pick the winner in Jacobs’ fight against John Ryder.

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