Canelo must VACATE his 168-lb titles if he’s not going to fight at super middleweight

by Jeff Arono: WBC’s 168-pound contender David Benavidez says undisputed middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez will need to vacate his titles if he’s not going back to the division to defend them.

Benavides (25-0, 22 KOs) will take on WBC #2 David Lemieux for the provisional WBC 168-lb title. If Canelo is going to move to cruiserweight or light heavyweight in pursuit of the old fights, he will need to clear the super middleweight title with the World Boxing Council.

Benavidez, 25, has no intention of sitting down as the interim WBC champ, years waiting for Canelo to eventually return to the 168-pound division after completing the title-collecting voyage at 175 or cruiserweight.

Ideally, Benavidez would like Canelo to return to the super middleweight division to defend against in 2022 after his first defeat to Lemieux (43-4, 36 KOs) to claim the 168-pound interim WBC title.

Alvarez does whatever he wants

Canelo (57-1-2, 39 KOs) didn’t tell anyone about his concrete plans for his next fight. All we know is that he previously revealed at the WBC convention that he will be moving to cruiserweight to challenge WBC Champion Ilunga Makabu.

But as of this past weekend, we’re hearing from Mike Coppinger that Canelo is now considering battling middleweight Germal Charlo at 168 on May 7. Nothing has been announced in this regard, and Canelo may choose not to face Jermall.

Canelo does what he likes at this point and often seems to go against what fans want him to do.

For example, instead of battling Canelo Benavidz or Gennady Golovkin, he’s spent the past two years uniting the 168-pound division against super-marginal-ability British weightlifters and the weak American champ.

Boxing fans in the US didn’t want any of those fights, but Canelo picked them anyway as if he was planning To choose just the opposite for what people want.

Canelo obviously doesn’t like being told what to do, but being united It won’t help him build his legacy. Children do what they like, and their parents punish them.

The only way fans can punish Canelo for giving them the opposite of what they ask for is to stop watching his fights.

If Canelo wants to impress future generations of ultra-hardcore boxing fans, he’ll need to start listening to this generation’s fans and giving them the fights they want to see. So far, he’s been getting a file The degree of repetition in that area Since 2018.

David warns Canelo: ‘I’m not going anywhere’

“I’m really excited because at the time, I was a David Lemieux fan. Like I said, I’ve been watching boxing my whole life,” David Benavidez told the Ross Anbar podcast.

“I feel like it’s going to be a great fight for the fans and for boxing,” Benavidez said of his fight with Canelo.

“They can say whatever they want to say, but I’m still winning my fights, and I’m still No. 1 in the super middleweight division. People will continue to claim that fight. [Benavidez vs. Canelo].

“They can say this or that, but I’m here to stay. So if they don’t fight me now, they’ll have to fight me in the future because I’m not going anywhere.

“To be 100% honest, I don’t like getting into politics or none of that,” Benavidez said when asked if he thought Canelo picks opponents and avoids him and Artur Petterbiev.

Without WBC’s help, Benavidez would have been able to sit back and wait for Canelo for a year or two. Knowing how much WBC respects Canelo, they likely won’t pay for him to face Benavidez in 2022 or 2023.

It would be unfortunate if Benavides would have to wait until 2024 before he finally gets a crack at the WBC title or if he gets promoted without getting a chance to fight Canelo.

Benavides: Canelo needs to clear 168 pounds of titles

if He’ll stay at 168, he should fight #1 at 168,” Benavidez said of Canelo needing to fight it if he’s going to stay at the super middleweight.

He fought the #1 contender when WBC [168-lb] The title was vacant. [Avni] Yildirim and Yildirim did not fight anyone, and it was clear that he was taking care of him.

“if it was [Canelo] He’ll be at 168, he’ll have to fight me. If not in 168, revoke all titles,Said Benavides telling Canelo the cold, harsh truth.

“He can pick and choose whether he’s going to weigh 175 or 200 pounds or whatever he wants to do. He can do whatever he wants. If people are going today, he’s [Canelo] Pick and choose, that’s for others to say.

“I stay in my lane. I have tunnel vision. My main focus is the titles. If he doesn’t fight me, he has to vacate the titles, and I will fight for the titles,” Benavidez said.

Canelo is unlikely to give up his WBC title unless he orders a fight against Benavidez, and that probably won’t happen soon.

An insignificant battle against Lemieux

So, when David Lemieux came in, he ran where he was knocking everyone out,” Benavidez said of his next opponent. “I think it started with [Gabe] Rosado, after which he kept coming.

I love the way he fights,” Benavides said of Lemieux. “I only took two weeks off from fighting and started training. It’s going to be a great fight, and I feel like this is a fight people want to see.”

“Two former world champions, both want to get to the next level. We both need this fight for the provisional WBC title, so we’re both going to starve, but the winners are the fans.

“Since my comeback, I’ve had five knockout matches, and I’m looking forward to continuing. Like I said, I want to make a statement. It’s going to be a great fight, but it won’t go far,” Benavidez said.

Benavidez’s fight against Lemieux may be significant, but it depends on how quickly the WBC orders to fight Canelo.

In some ways, Benavidez would be better off pulling out of the 168-pound division. At the same time, Canelo holds four titles because sanctioning bodies may be reluctant to seek assignment to the famous Mexican star.

Benavides: I will beat Canelo 100%

“I don’t take anything away from Canelo. I feel like he’s better pound for pound right now,” Benavidez said. “But like I said, I still want my bullet on him. I feel like he has yet to face someone like me in the super middleweight division.

“Fast, strong, young blows, body throws, punches in groups. I feel like I’m going to do my best for Canelo, and I feel like I can beat Canelo 100%.. I just need my chance.

“It kind of frustrates me when everyone comes out and says I never fought for no one, I never fought for pay-per-view, I’m no one, this and that. You can say all of that, but I am facing the ranks in the super middleweight.

“I’ve been #1 in three fights already. I’ve been hitting people I have to beat, and I’m right there. People love seeing me fight, so why don’t they want my warrior?” Benavidez said.

You’ll have to give Benavidez a chance to beat Canelo the way the superstar looked last year. Canelo’s work rate is very low now, and his reflexes are slowing down, which makes him get more than ever.

He was losing to Caleb Plant and Billy Joe Saunders in the first half of those fights, and those talents weren’t great.

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