Conor Benn opponent being finalized for April says Eddie Hearn

by Scott Gilfoyd: Eddie Hearn has stated that he is finalizing the opponent for the next fight for welterweight competitor/nominee Conor Bean in April.

It’s unclear why Hearn isn’t interested in matching Benn with the right contenders who can set him up in a real way to challenge for a world title. Instead of Hearn breaking into the ranks of the ancient warrior, these fighters should match:

  • Danny Garcia
  • Keith Thurman
  • David Avancesian
  • Program logs
  • Matthias Subreal
  • Jose Ramirez
  • Jose Zepeda
  • Shakhram Gyasov

The opponents Hearn wants for his hugely popular Conor are the older former world champions and have outgrown their primary tournaments, unfortunately.

Penn’s recent victories over the war veterans have been troubling. The kind of modest opposition fueled by Hearn Bean won’t prepare him for a win over the 147-pound champ, Errol Spence Jr., Terrence Crawford, or Jordenis Ojas.

On top of that, the horrific poor fighters fueled by Hearn Bean wouldn’t even prepare him to beat David Avanisian, Jaron Potts, Ennis, or Virgil Ortiz Jr.

Is Benn positioned to grab cash?

They were basically gimme fights against older fighters, who had lost the edge they once had due to their age, ring wear, and inactivity.

In the view of many boxing fans, Hearn’s methods of building Conor Bean to prepare him for a world title are unsound. It looks like Ben isn’t ready to win a world title.

What it looks like Benn is built to grab coins The type of fight in which he gets huge payoff against a famous welterweight champ like Errol Spence Jr., making millions from that fight, then back to facing less opposition in the crowded homes of England.

From there, we are expected to see a rinse and repeat of the process with Hearn to rebuild Benn with veterans exclusively until It was put into another cash outlet He fought against the 147-pound world champion, exploded a second time but earned millions in the process.

Fans criticize Hearn for choosing his opponent

Despite the criticism he received from fans, Hearn insists he raises Ben the right way By pitting him against famous fighters, but none of the fighters Connor has recently defeated will help him prepare for the welterweight champions.

Ben’s last five opponents:

  • Chris Algerie
  • Adrian Granados
  • Samuel Vargas
  • Sebastian Formula
  • Steve Jamoy

Hearn says the guy he’s trying to get is Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner, but if he’s unable to sign him, his next options are Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero and Maurice Hooker.

the man who Hearn seems to be the least exciting Benn matched against Hooker, who recently lost the 140-pound WBO title to Jose Ramirez in July 2019.

Hooker, 32, can still fight, but he’s not a middleweight and was recently discontinued by Vergil Ortiz Jr. In a seventh-round knockout loss last March.

If Hooker was a normal middleweight, he probably wouldn’t be considered for a fight with Ben. In other words, he’d be in the same class as David Avanisian, Jaron Potts Ennis, and Virgil Ortiz Jr., the guys Hearn wouldn’t think of fighting Ben.

Hearn makes clear that former Serie B champion Guerrero (37-6-1, 20 KOs) is his backup option if he can’t get former Serie A champion Brunner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) to take the fight.

From the votes, Hearn has trouble convincing Brunner, 32, to agree to a fight with Ben because he has been out of the ring since February 2021, and wants to make a tuning first at the age of 140.

Brunner clearly knows how hard it can be to fight with Ben, 25, and is uncomfortable getting straight into the match after 14 months out of the ring and tepid against recent opponent Giovanni Santiago.

The once popular Brunner looked well against the little-known Santiago, and he was lucky to win that fight.

The battle is completed between April

“He’s coming out in April, and we’re just ending his fight now,” Hearn told DAZN in Conor’s fight between the following. “we love [Adrien] Brunner fights, but we have to see.

Adrian Brunner, Conor Bean, Robert Guerrero Boxing photo and news photo

“I love Robert Guerrero; I love Maurice Hooker. I love all these kinds of fights because they give us names with profiles, which are the right tests.

“It’s exciting,” Hearn of Benn said. “I really think he’s a superstar in the making, which is why I’m so determined to get it right. 2022 is the year I think he should compete for a world title. Two more fights, and I think he’ll be ready.”

Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero has gone beyond fame since 2012, and he will turn 39 on March 27. What can Connor Benn learn from fighting an older fighter like Guerrero?

Also, Guerrero’s best years in his career were 126 and 130. He was never a good weight, and once he hit the 147 lbs class in 2012, he quickly suffered five defeats.

Guerrero wasn’t losing when he was fighting at featherweight, but when he jumped to 147 for what many boxing fans believe was for the money, he suffered loss after loss.

In order for Hearn to get his first choice, Broner, he would need to put up a huge show, and he might do so if he wanted to fight bad enough. But let’s be real. Broner is not going to improve Benn in a real way.

It’s more about creating more hype for Benn by having a guy who is well known to both UK and US boxing fans, who can spark interest in the fight with his trash talk.

Hearn says Ben is already a “star”

“It depends on what she looks like,” Hearn told Gareth A. Davies of the chance to face Amir Khan against Kell Brook to Conor Penn in April, both men said this was their last fight.

“Connor would definitely be willing [to fight the Khan – Brook winner]. That fight in February. I think the winner of that fight won’t fight again until the end of summer or September.

“Connor needs to fight in April. We love the Robert Guerrero fight, we love the Adrian Brunner fight, and we love the Maurice Hooker fight. We got to the point where he’s actually saying I’m ready for a world title. I want to see Conor Penn fight Adrian Brunner.

“There is still a fight or two for me, but you still have to raise the levels each time to keep passing the exams.

“What he does is pass exams with flying colors every time, he’s exciting, he hits the numbers, and he is a starHearn said of Conor Bean, who remains unproven.

Gilfoyd doesn’t agree that Connor Ben is a “star” as Hearn refers to, but he’s a money-maker thanks to his famous father, Nigel Bean. Without a famous death, Connor wouldn’t be as famous as he is now.

Conor Penn = England’s version of Julio Chavez Jr.

The way Hearn Connor brings in pins and sells yards is very similar to the way Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. grew up a decade ago.

Like Conor Bean, Chavez Jr. has taken advantage of Julio Cesar Chavez’s famous father, making a lot of money fighting less opposition. When Chavez Jr. finally faced off against middleweight Sergio Martinez in 2012, he was battered and his career began a rapid decline.

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