David Benavidez wants Caleb Plant after Lemieux fight if no Canelo

by Dan Ambrose: David Benavidez says he wants to fight former IBF middleweight champion Caleb ‘Sweethands’ Factory after facing David Lemieux in the spring for the 168-pound WBC title.

Ideally, Benavidez (25-0, 22 KOs) would want to challenge Canelo Alvarez for the WBC middleweight title, but if he’s unable to fight that fight after beating Lemieux (43-4, 36 KOs), he wants Blunt. .

There’s bad blood between Benavidez, the 168-pound, 25-pound former WBC champion, and Blunt from their recent back-and-forth trash talk.

Unfortunately, Plant is in no hurry to get back into the ring after his recent 11th-round knockout loss to Canelo on November 6th in Las Vegas. Blunt recently called up Germal Charlo, telling him he’d like to fight him at the end of 2022.

Some believe the main reason the 29-year-old was in no hurry to return to the ring was the massive $10 million payout he received in his unification battle with Canelo.

With that kind of money, there’s no need for Blunt to be back in action anytime soon, especially not against the dangerous ex-world champion Benavidez.

Benavidez tells Blunt ‘All talk no bite’

“I know I’ll get Caleb Plant eventually. David Benavidez told Fighthype, remembering how Plant ‘beaten up’ his brother Jose Benavidez Jr during a discussion.

“We all had Caleb factory f****,” Benavidez continued. “Just like his coach got beaten up, you all watched the video.

“But after the fact that he got hit, Caleb Blunt was covering my brother up completely. ‘Oh yeah, I got a lot of respect for you’ and this and that. The next day, that’s what happened.

“Then the next day he took to Instagram talking all sorts of words. That’s Caleb Plante’s kind of person, bro. He talks without a bite. That’s why he got knocked out and made to look like a f*** dad against Canelo Alvarez,” Benavidez said.

The plant made a mark on Benavidez’s brother Jose Benavidez Jr with a lollipop punch at the gym a while ago. David’s desire to fight Blunt likely had something to do with his brother’s naming.

Canelo Factory Ninth Round Conversation with Canelo

The Benavides were put off by Blunt’s conversation with Canelo during their ninth round fight last November. He saw it as a case of the plant not only looking for verification and reassurance from Canelo but also to take it easy.

Canelo did not rest on Blunt after their conversation, knocking him down after two runs in the eleventh round. After the fight, Blunt told Canelo that he didn’t want to stop the fight.

However, he was brought down by the Mexican star twice, leaving the referee with no choice but to stop the competition because Blunt could not stand on his own two feet.

“I knew he was going to be fired. The thing about Caleb Factory is he doesn’t have the power,” Benavidez said in Plante’s 11th-round loss to Canelo last November.

“He’s got good little bob shots, but that’s only going to take you too far. I mean Canelo has been controlling him every round.

“It was only a matter of time before he got fired and did that. Asked his reaction to Blunt telling Canelo during the ninth round, let me tell you what you think about it, Benavidez said when asked about his reaction to Blunt telling Canelo during the ninth round, “Do you think I’m very good?”

“I felt it [Plant] He said that and after that round and I watched the video, I was like, “Maybe this guy thinks they’re friends in the ring and he’s not going to kick him out,” Benavidez said of Blunt’s conversation with Canelo during Round 9 last November.

“Sometimes, I feel like that’s kind of going on. Who had a conversation and said, ‘You know what? You think I’m pretty good, right? I’m pretty good for 21-0, right?’ I already felt that [Plant] was already mentally beaten.

“Maybe he thought they were really cool and he wouldn’t try to kick me out. Then in the eleventh round, Canelo came out and hit him with a f***.

“I mean, I just thought that was kind of funny. It was kind of silly, but that’s my opinion of it. It is [Plant] You might be surprised [that he had lasted that long in the fight].

“That’s what I’m saying. Asking another fighter if you think you’re good during a world title fight like this is kind of silly to me,” Benavidez said.

Many boxing fans saw it as a sign of weakness on Blunt’s part as he chose to have a running conversation with Canelo during the ninth round in an important unification fight.

Benavidez wants Blunt after Lemio

“He has an eye injury? Benavidez said when asked how he sees Blunt coming back from losing to Canelo.

“I didn’t know anything about an eye injury, but I’m sure he’ll come back. He’s got to bring ** back so I can beat **.” Benavidez said he still wanted to face Blunt despite losing by knockout to Canelo.

“Like I said, people don’t want my warriors for a reason. I’ve been here for a very long time already. I’m still in the top three, first two. I’m fighting for another temporary belt. So I feel like that puts me in a better position as well.”

“I feel like for some reason, I didn’t fight with Canelo after this fight, I’m going to get the temporary belt and I love to fight. Well, I need to win the temporary belt first, and Then I’d like to fight Caleb Blunt afterwards“If we can’t get Canelo,” Benavidez said.

It’s a waste of time for Benavidez to rely on Canelo for his fight after he faces Lemio in the spring. Canelo Benavidez will not fight, and will likely relinquish his WBC title once the WBC orders him to defend against him.

If not, Canelo could ask WBC to make him the franchise champion, so he would never have to fight Benavidez.

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