David “El General” Cuellar Stays Unbeaten with KO over Ricardo “Big Bam” Blandon Sunday!

By Ken Hissner: At Cancun, Mexico, Sunday over ESPN+ Bob Arum (Top Rank) and Cancun Boxing presented in the Main Event unbeaten David “El General” Cuellar of Queretaro, Mexico fifth knocked out game Ricardo “Big Bam” Blandon of Managua, Nicaragua in the round for the WBC International Super Flyweight title.

In the Main Event, WBC Youth Silver champion David “El General” Cuellar, 21-0 (14), of Queretaro, Mexico, knocked out Ricardo “Big Bam” Blandon, 15-5 (9), of Managua, Nicaragua, in the fifth round of a scheduled ten rounds.

In the second round, Blandon landed five unanswered punches on the chin of Cuellar, taking the round. In the third, both mixed it up well, with Blandon taking another round.

In the fourth round, Cuellar went to the body with uppercuts to take the round.

In the fifth round, after near a minute, a flurry of punches from Cuellar dropped Blandon to a knee for an 8-count.

Blandon went after Cuellar, fighting him punch for punch the rest of the round. In the sixth round, a left hook from Cuellar to the mid-section and down went Blandon to his knees for the count.

In the co-feature, Junior Featherweight Christopher Lopez, 15-0-1 (10), of Guadalajara, MEX, easily defeated Dixon Flores, 17-9-3 (6), of Juigalpa, Nicaragua, over ten rounds.

In the first two rounds, after a slow start in the second and third rounds, Lopez is throwing wide punches as Flores plays the role of the imported opponent.

In the fourth round Flores finally made it competitive though losing the round. In the fifth round Flores finally got an edge, landing half a dozen unanswered punches until the final seconds, getting hit with a solid left on the chin from Lopez but winning the round.

In the sixth round, Lopez landed a dozen unanswered punches having Flores on the ropes but couldn’t put him away. In the seventh and eighth rounds, Lopez continued the better of the two. In the ninth and final tenth round, Lopez went all out in the final minute for the knockout, having Flores against the ropes, but his arm punches just couldn’t do it.

The score by this writer was 99-91.

Junior Lightweight Rosario “Pinocho” Sanchez, 17-0 (10), of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, MEX, defeated Francisco Lucero, 10-4-4 (7), of Hermosillo, MEX, over eight rounds.

In the first two rounds, Sanchez got Lucero against the ropes scoring well with Sanchez better in the middle of the ring. In the third round with Sanchez against the ropes, he fights his way off, backing up Lucero. In the fourth rounds, final minute Sanchez landed a pair of right uppercuts to the chin of Lucero, hurting him momentarily with Lucero fighting back.

In the fifth round Sanchez in a close round, landed the final punch, a left hook on the chin of Lucero continuing pitching a shutout. In the sixth round, it was Lucero’s best but still falling short as Sanchez was able to make him miss a right and countered with a left on the chin of Lucero.

In the seventh round, it was all Lucero bloodying the mouth of Sanchez, who was starting to fade but landed the final punch of the round, a left hook to the chin of Lucero.

In the eighth and final round, it was Sanchez holding on trying to get to the final bell while Lucero just didn’t have enough to finish him off but took the round on aggression alone.

Scores in Spanish not known with this writer 78-74 Sanchez.
Junior Middleweight Oziel Santoyo, 13-2-1 (8), of Monterrey, MEX, lost to Brandon “Turbo” Perez, 7-1-1 (2), of Alcolman, MEX, over eight rounds.

In the first round, Santoyo used an effective lead right on the chin of Perez, who much taller returns too little to win the round.

In the second round, while taking rights to the chin, Perez countered with a right on the chin of Santoyo, driving him into the ropes that he grabbed onto with both ruling gloves as a knockdown. He came back, taking it to Perez with even a punch after the bell.

In the third round, it was Perez landing the final punch just as the bell sounded while Santoyo missed in return, getting his second warning from the referee. In the fourth round, Santoyo lost a point hitting after the bell after a good round of bodywork by both fighters, with Perez also landing right uppercuts to the chin of Santoyo.

In the fifth and sixth rounds, it was close, with Santoyo having an edge with his bodywork. In the seventh round, Perez had an edge. In the eighth and final round, Perez started using a jab setting up the oncoming Santoyo, who outworked Perez.

Scores were announced in Spanish, with English-speaking commentators clueless giving it to Perez. This writer had it 75-75.

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