Dereck Chisora pressing Deontay Wilder to fight him next

By Charles Brun: Dereck ‘War’ Chisora ​​is pushing former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay ‘The Bronze Bomber’ Wilder to let him have an opportunity to face him in the US in Las Vegas before he retires from the sport. Chisora ​​almost sounds like he’s BEGGING Wilder to fight him, and it’s so, so sad.

The chances of Wilder accepting Chisora’s challenge are nil.

There’s no gain in Wilder fighting an old guy that has lost his last three fights like Chisora.

As most would agree, Chisora ​​brings very little to the table for Wilder, aside from his British fans that would be eager to see them battle it out.

US boxing fans don’t view the journeyman Chisora ​​with his 12-career defeats as a relevant fighter and someone that they would be eager to see as an opponent for Deontay or any of the high-level heavyweights in the division.

It’s unclear what happened with Eddie Hen’s plans to match Chisora ​​against Luis Ortiz or Chris Arreola next.

Hearn said those were the guys he was looking to match against Chisora ​​next, but even those fighters are arguably a step too far for him.

Chisora ​​wants to “Taste” Deontay’s “Power”

Chisora ​​would be better off fighting British domestic level heavyweight Johnny Fisher or Alen Babic. Those are entertainer-type heavyweights in the same mold as Chisora, but not world-class. Right now, Chisora ​​is sounding needy calling out Wilder, and it’s troubling to see him stoop to this level.

“I’m a big fan of the Bronze Bomber, but before you hang them up, man, let me taste that power, baby,Dereck ‘War’ Chisora ​​said to Secondsout in urging Deontay Wilder to give him a fight before he retires.

“I want to come to America and have a war with you, brother,” Chisora ​​continued about his desire to share the ring with the 6’7″ Deontay.

Wilder, 36, revealed recently in an interview that he will take a mental trip to decide whether to continue his 14-year professional career. After three controversial fights with Tyson Fury, which Wilder could have won all of them, he’s understandably bitter.

Deontay sees a lot of cheating in boxing, which has taken away much of the joy that he once had for the sport.

He had Fury knocked out in the first fight in the 12th round, only to watch the referee give a count while Tyson was unconscious on the canvas.

In the rematch in 2020, Fury got away with many rabbit shots that could have resulted in a disqualification if the had decided to enforce the rule.

Finally, in the Fury-Wilder trilogy match last October, Wilder dropped Fury in the fourth round, and some fans saw it as a long count.

The 38-year-old Chisora ​​(32-12, 23 KOs) has lost his last three fights and looked terrible in his one-sided loss to Joseph Parker on December 18th in Manchester, England. Chisora ​​was dropped three times by the former WBO heavyweight champion Parker.

Perhaps the only reason Dereck wasn’t knocked out was because of how timid Parker was each time he had him hurt.

Still, promoter Eddie Hearn believes a match with Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) is possible.

Let’s rock and roll, baby. You know, I want to taste that power. People always say he’s [Wilder] got power,” said Chisora. “But you know what I don’t think so. If you get this message, let me know.”

It doesn’t seem realistic for Wilder to choose to fight a ham-and-egger like Chisora ​​rather than someone talented, relevant, and in-demand by the boxing public.

Chisora’s career is on the ropes at this point after three consecutive defeats. I mean, the last time he won a fight was three years ago against the washed David Price in 2019.

It’s looking pretty bad for Chisora, so he needs to stay in his lane and pick journeyman-level opposition instead of choosing opposition that he has no hopes of beating.

“Vegas or you come to Wembley, baby. I bring it to him. War. That’s it,” said a desperate-sounding 38-year-old Chisora.

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