Devin Haney says Russell Jr lost to a BUM [Magsayo]

by Dan Ambrose: Devin Haney rejoiced last Saturday night after WBC Featherweight Champion Gary Russell Jr. lost to Mark Magcio (24-0, 16 KOs) by a 12-round majority at the Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Referring to the 26-year-old Magsayo as “tramp,” WBC Lightweight Champion Haney threw fuel on the fire in his contact with Russell Jr.’s loss to his mandatory challenger from the Philippines.

Haney and Russell Jr. had Unbeaten lyrics in the past, which led to this reaction from the WBC 135 lb champ.

Russell Jr. killed his injured shoulder

In fairness to 33-year-old Russell Jr., he was coming out of a two-year absence, and a right shoulder injury limited his effectiveness from the fourth round onwards.

Russell Jr. had to fight mainly using his left hand in his attack, and that wouldn’t be enough to push back the threat from the undefeated young Magsayo.

The scores were: 115-113, 115-113, 114-114.

You can bet that when Haney (27-0, 15 KOs) eventually loses at some point in his career, Russell Jr. might choose to shoot him as well.

In April, Haney could face undisputed lightweight champion George Camposos Jr. in a big fight at Australia Stadium.

Freddy Roach’s reaction to Magsayo’s win

I told him in the past three rounds“You have three rounds to fight this fight now. The fight is about even,” coach Freddy Roach told the media discussing what he told his fighter Magsayo in last Saturday night’s championship rounds against Russell: Let’s take those last three rounds and beat this guy and win this fight.

‘I said, ‘You know you’re better than him,’ and then he got out there and did it, Roach continued on Magsayo. ‘The chassis was really important. [for Magsayo]. Roach said.

The difference in the fight was Magsayo’s late increase in rounds 10, 11 and 12, where he managed to outsmart Russell Jr. at that crucial point of the competition. If not for Magsayo working on the championship rounds, he would have lost.

“I think it was more effective than headshots, but it’s hard to convince fighters to make adjustments sometimes [when they fail to follow instructions]Roach said.

We heard he was a little sick “Getting into a fight,” Roach said of Russell Jr. “I’ve never heard of a broken arm or anything like that. I heard he had diarrhoea. I said, ‘Let’s hit the body.’

“I thought it [Magsayo] I was getting a little tired by the end, but I told my fighters, ‘Let’s get out there and take care of those three rounds. We need these three rounds to win this fight. It was a close fight up to that point.

“it’s hard [to get a fighter to follow a game plan]Roach said of the problems he had in convincing Magsayo to follow the game plan.

In his last fight when he knocked out his opponent [Julio Ceja] In the first round, then lost nine consecutive rounds.

“I slapped him in the face and said, ‘Go out and show this guy that you’re a real fighter. “I was very close to doing it in this fight, but I told him to go out and win the last three rounds, take those points and take those three rounds, and we’re going to walk away from the winner.”

Roach didn’t think Russell Jr was injured

“I did not see him [Russell Jr] hurt his arm, Not seeing Russell injured, Roach said, “I didn’t see him stop throwing punches.

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“He was moving side to side a lot, and he wasn’t throwing a lot of punches throughout the fight. He was really lazy, and he didn’t act as aggressive as I saw him on tape before,” Roach said of Russell Jr.

“Usually he’s so mean, so naked and gets in there with both hands and keeps throwing until the fights are over. In this fight, he was starting to fade a little faster than usual, and in the end, that was when we took over.

“Our plan was to fight three fights together and win the world title in the last showdown, and we did,” said Magsayo’s Roach.

Surprisingly, Roach could not detect that Russell Jr. was fighting with his injured right arm because it was obvious to everyone watching the fight.

If Roach wasn’t being disingenuous about his comments about not seeing the injury, don’t worry. How could Roach not see that Russell was injured?

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