Does anyone want to watch this on May 7th?

WBC cruiserweight champion Ilunga Makabu and his promoters Don King are now waiting to see if Canelo Alvarez picks them up for his next fight on May 7.

Canelo, 31, and his coach Eddie Rinoso have yet to reveal whether they will take up the challenge to move to cruiserweight for a chance to fight for the Fifth Division title.

Reynoso previously attended the WBC conference and asked the sanctioning body for permission for Canelo to move to cruiserweight to challenge the 34-year-old Makabu next.

What we don’t know at this time is if Reynoso and Canelo are still focused on fighting Makabu or if they have their sights set on a fight against the well-known Jermall Charlo.

If Canelo chooses to face Makabu on May 7, will boxing fans be interested in watching this fight? While it’s great that Canelo would like to cement his legacy by capturing division titles, he’s doing so against opposition that fans don’t care about seeing him fight.

For example, when Canelo took his world title in the fourth division in 2019, he chose Sergey Kovalev.

There was no demand for this fight from boxing fans, since Kovalev at that time was 36 years old and in recent years was beaten by Elder Alvarez and Andre Ward.

Makabu (29-2, 25 KOs) overcame an obstacle on his way to the Battle of Canillo last Saturday night with a 12-round victory over rival Thabeso Mchono at Packard Music Hall, Warren.

Should Canelo Makabu Fight?

On Saturday, Junior Makabu defeated Thabeso Mchono to retain it [WBC] cruiserweight title. Why is this important? Because now Makabu can enter his name in the Canelo Alvarez sweepstakes [for May 7th]Chris Mannix told JABS on the DAZN Boxing Show.

In November, Canelo coach Eddie Rinoso petitioned the WBC to make Canelo mandatory for the Makabu belt. [Mchunu] Fighting, Macapo said he was ready to fight Canelo next. Interested in Canelo vs. Makabu? “

In the case of Canelo, he can fight literally anyone and boxing fans will be interested to watch. We saw it when Canelo fought Avni Yildirim last year in a busy fight.

No one has asked Canelo to fight inactive rival Yildirim, the Turkish fighter has been out of office for two years and Anthony Dirrell lost, yet boxing fans still watch the fight with interest.

It makes sense that Canelo would get away with fighting Makabu next if he so chooses, and his loyal fans will still watch the Mexican star fight in droves no matter how mysterious his opponent is.

“I’m not interested in this name or that fight, Junior Macabo per se, but I’m interested in the history he’s going to make,” Sergio Moura said in expressing his approval for Canelo to take on the next WBC champ.

“Canelo will be the five-team world champion, and the first Mexican to do so. He cleaned 168 to become the first 168-pound champion to collect all belts in the four belt era, which is Canelo Alvarez.

“He’s hunting down the greatest Mexican fighter ever, Julio Cesar Chavez, who 15 years ago you couldn’t even name anyone besides Chavez.

“Now, I think it [Canelo] You can outrun it. So all of these things, and it will be the greatest who connect them. For this reason, I am interested in Macabo, simply because of the history and the fact that it is mentioned in the history books,” Mora said.

I don’t think for a moment that Canelo can get past Julio Cesar Chavez by beating Macabo. In order for Canelo to outperform Chavez, he must beat David Benavidez, Germal Charlo, Artur Petterbiev and Dmitri Bevol.

What Canelo fails to realize is that in order to make a lasting legacy, he must face an opposition that has a chance to strike him. In the past four years, Canelo fought many fights that his opponents had no chance of winning.

Makabu’s chance of beating Canelo is slim

“I messed up watching that whole card, and not only had to sit across from Trevor Bryan, but I also had to watch Michono and Macapu,” Mannix said.

“Setting aside the fact that I don’t think Macabo won, I didn’t see anything in that fight that made me think Macabo would have any chance against Canelo Alvarez.

“he [Makabu] It would naturally be the biggest fight. I guess you could call him the bigger racket, but he looked out of shape, looked slow and didn’t seem to have anything near the skill to beat Canelo Alvarez,” Mannix said.

Makabu seemed too slow to beat Mchunu, and was beaten all night long by the challenger. After that, many boxing fans felt that Makabu had lost the fight, making him a poor choice for Canelo to face in his next fight.

However, it didn’t deter Canelo from battling Callum Smith, Yildirim, Billy Joe Saunders or Caleb Plant despite these fighters’ poor performance as well. Maybe Canelo doesn’t care that Macapo looked horrible against Mashuno?

If the idea was for Canelo to fill his resume with a Fifth Division title, he wouldn’t care that Macapu’s win last Saturday night was so controversial.

“So after watching that, any plot I had in watching Canelo move into cruiser weight, disappeared. I don’t want to see Canelo against Macabo. I don’t think it’s going to be a competitive fight.”

“If it’s your Canelo and you want to get into this new weight class, I get that, but I don’t see the challenge in a fight like this against an opponent like that,” Mannix said.

Should he fight Canelo Bevol or Charlo next?

“I think Canelo should take part in the fight against him [WBA light heavyweight champion] Dmitri Bevol for the 175-pound title or defending his 168-pound four belts against Germal Charlo,” continued Mannix.

“It looks like these are the first in the Battle of Canillo. I’d like to see him fight these two and not Junior Macapo,” Mannix said.

“Everyone is with you, Mannix, regarding the level of fighting interest and the opponent’s popularity,” said Mora.

“Of course, we want to see him against [Jermall] Charlo and [David] Benavids, Bevol, and maybe even Joe Smith because they’re champions. They are undefeated, and they are the ones who need attention.

“But in terms of history, that’s the only way, and the only reason I bring up this topic. History, man. Five weight world champion. The first person to do that was Thomas Hearns.

“You’re going to be in a small group of people and history. That’s all I want for him. I mean, Makabu, he’s forgotten, but there are a lot of champions who have fought for multi-divisional world championships.

“You don’t remember the opponents. You just remember what they did, and they carried that belt. That’s it,” Mora said in approving Canelo’s selection of weak champions to add to his résumé superficially.

“Okay, but we still have to watch it [Canelo] Mannix said, “Fighting Makabu when there are battles is much better for him to fight.”

“I understand but look at Avni Yildirim. It was a busy fight. People don’t mind it. Quick knockdown, move on to the next one,” said Mora.

“Mosley-Mora,” Mannix said in a reminder to the former WBA Middleweight Champion of his 2010 fight against Shane Mosley.

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