Eddie Hearn believes Tyson Fury could vacate his WBC title

by Barry Holbrook: Eddie Hearn believes there is a chance Tyson Fury will relinquish his WBC heavyweight title instead of defending it against the mandatory Dillian White.

Hearn says he’s noticed Fury and the promoter don’t talk about Whyte at all, and feels they might consider vacating the WBC belt.

With the money Fury could make fighting winner Anthony Joshua against Oleksandr Usyk, there is very little incentive for him to take on Whyte. This is an unnecessary obstacle.

While this would make Hearn happy that Whyte would be in a position to fight for an abandoned WBC belt if he wasn’t promoted to full champ, he didn’t like the idea.

He wants Whyte to fight Fury, because he feels it will be a huge, massive fight in the UK. Whyte must fight anger.

If Whyte is promoted to a WBC champ outside of the ring, he will be considered an email champ, never to be respected.

Fury and his Top Rank promoters haven’t said they plan to vacate the WBC title, but it looks like they’re headed in that direction.

Bob Arum said that Fury will fight on March 26 meaning he will likely do so without the WBC title.

Hearn points out that champions are supposed to defend against their compulsive rivals, and he doesn’t understand why Fury didn’t.

Hearn says Fury can’t fight on March 26

“As far as I know, I don’t think that’s possible in the current legal situation with the Dillian Whyte case,” Eddie Hearn told iFL TV on Tyson Fury’s WBC No-title fight on March 26.

“I don’t know. Tyson Fury can do whatever he wants. If he wants to vacate the belt, I think he can fight on March 26. I don’t know why he wants to release his belt.

“The value has always been to own the belts and become unchallenged,” Hearn said.

“I don’t know why the Whyte fight takes so long to get it done because it is a normal fight and such a great fight for British boxing,” Hearn said.

It will be the WBC to decide if Fury can fight on March 26th without defending his title with their organization. Given that the WBC ordered him to fight Fury, they might insist on doing so.

Fury’s team doesn’t talk about Wyatt

“It’s the one fight no one on their side is talking about. Fury doesn’t really talk about fighting Dillian Whyte. Frank and Bob talked briefly about it. Bob brushed that aside, “Hu [Whyte] He wanted a lot of money.

“But when we have mandatory, Pulev, Usyk or Povetkin and it was difficult to negotiate with them because they are in a great position because they are mandatory.

“he [Joshua] Not only did the belt vacate. Difficult to negotiate with USIC. We don’t fight it. We will fight someone else. “You’re supposed to take care of your obligatory things as a hero,” Hearn said.

It’s not a good sign that Team Fury isn’t mentioning Whyte’s name because it suggests they might be considering vacating the WBC title.

Getting into a fight with Whyte can be risky, and Team Fury seems to prefer avoiding it because there’s a lot of money to lose if they get defeated.

When you can make untold millions, you don’t take any chances. The Joshua-Usyk 2 winner would rather have the WBC title, but that wouldn’t stop them from fighting it next.

Most importantly, boxing fans won’t care if Fury gives up the WBC title, as they’ll still want to see him fight Joshua or Usyk.

Whyte has a plan B if there’s no fury fight

“It just feels like a great fight. Tyson Fury would think he could beat Dillian White, but it’s a really good fight.

“I’m thinking in terms of the value of the fight and what we feel is fair, I think that’s dollars, pounds, whatever you want,” Hearn said when asked if what Bob Arum said about Wyatt wanting $10 million to fight anger.

Dillian White, boxing Tyson Fury's photo and news photo

“I have a plan- A, B, C, E, F, G for everyone. Yes, there is a plan B for Dillian White, but for now, it’s about getting what’s fair,” Hearn said.

Whyte’s Plan-B will depend on the WBC if Fury relinquishes his WBC title. If Fury gives up, the WBC will undoubtedly ask Whyte to take on the highest-ranked contender in their rankings for the vacant title.

White will face one of these contenders:

1. Deontay Wilder
2. Andy Ruiz Jr.
3. Joe Joyce
4. Luis Ortiz
5. Joseph Parker
6. Frank Sanchez
7. Michael Hunter
8. Ajit Kabyle
9. Philip Hergovic
10- Arslanbek Makhmudov

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