Eddie Hearn confident Kambosos vs. Haney fight happens

by Sean Jones: Promoter Eddie Hearn is confident he will put together a deal for his WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney to travel to Australia to face quadruple belt champ George Campos Jr. for the undisputed 135-pound championship in April.

Assuming Hearn succeeds in his negotiations with Camposos promoter Le Dibella, this will be the stadium battle in Australia that George has been hammering in for the past two months.

Hearn feels Haney (27-0, 15 KOs) is worth fighting with Kambosos because he will be for the undisputed lightweight championship, and the sport needs to lift that cloud to determine a true four-belt champion.

Devin Haney = easy mark

Haney holds the real WBC title at 135 pounds, while Kambosos (20-0,10KOs) holds the title of franchise with the World Boxing Council, a bounty that sanctions give to the famous fighters they love.

What Hearn does not say is that the file Boxing fans don’t care about this nonsense without a doubt. They’d rather see Kambosos fight someone with an exciting fighting style than Boringwhich will be presented by Hani.

The fighters that fans would prefer Camposos to face are these guys:

  • Ryan Garcia
  • Vasily Lomachenko
  • Gerfonta “Tank” Davis
  • Shakur Stevenson

Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs) would be the perfect opponent for Camposos to fight, but he is not expected to have a chance as it will be a mismatch. Loma is a much better fighter than Kambosos, and he wouldn’t be a contender.

You could argue that the only reason Kambosos holds the titles now is because his last opponent Teofimo Lopez was injured and weight drained due to his fight in November.

Haney doesn’t make the list because of him boring fighting style, which involves a lot of crackling, grabbing, and single-shot shots. Devin brings out the worst elements of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s old fighting style.

For younger fans who had never seen Mayweather fight, he was a man who would throw punches, shoot singles, and hook his opponents. Mayweather was not known for his entertaining fighting style once he hit 147 late in his career.

Despite this, Haney is a lot less entertaining than Mayweather, because he doesn’t have his speed, and he does a lot. Mayweather will at least stand up and fight. Hani does not do that.

Win a negotiation with the Kambosos promoter

“There are a lot of conversations going on between you and me [Kambosos’ promoter] “Lo DiBella right now,” Honey promoter Eddie Hearn said on the DAZN Boxing Show. “Obviously, we are two promoters.

“We are trying to find a way to see how the structure of this deal works in terms of international television, and the money generated in Australia,” Hearn continued with negotiations over the Campusos battle against Haney.

“I think we’re in a decent place. I talked to him [DiBella] This morning it was three o’clock in the morning. He was awake, who was also working in Australia.

“I think everyone involved wants to make the fight happen, from George [Kambosos] for myself, lo [DiBella] To Devin to DAZN. So in that regard, I think we have a great opportunity to do that.

“Now we’re getting to the point where we’re talking about the financial aspects of the deal, which is obviously going to be the right or wrong part,” Hearn said.

Hearn is doing better quickly to hammer out a Kambosos vs.

If Arum comes up with a bigger width than Hearn offers, we could see Kambosos going in Lomachenko’s direction. However, if the money is close, Kambosos will likely take the smaller offer from Hearn as he has a better chance of beating Haney than Lomachenko.

Hani is ready to travel to Australia

“Devin has no problems going to Australia, and he said so in his letter,” Hearn said. He is vaccinated to do so and is halfway to solving this mystery as well.

“he [Haney] Ready, he’s ready to fight that fight for the division to see who is the real undisputed champion of the division. But always, in the end, George Camposos will need a lot of money for that fight.

“Hani wants what feels fair, and we’re getting to that moment now with Lou DiBella and DAZN. I’m confident we can take that fight because I think it’s the fight that both sides want the most. Overall, when that happens, you have a great shot, ‘ said Hearn at the Battle of Campossus against Hani.

“No, I haven’t,” Hearn said when asked if he’s heard the rumor that Golden Boy Promotions wants Kambosos to wait for Ryan Garcia to make an adjustment. “I don’t think George wants to wait for anything.

“I think he wants to hit while the iron is hot. I think he’s a fighter, and I think he wants to do the biggest fights in boxing. He wants to make as much money as possible, and he has to do it.”

“He should take advantage of this great victory [over Teofimo Lopez] As soon as possible, and I think we live in a world now where we’ve seen for the past couple of years where waiting around is very dangerous.

“Hit while you’re there, do big fights while they’re there, make money while they’re there, and that’s what George Campossus is about or what he seems to be about,” Hearn said.

Lomachenko is willing to fly to Australia as well in order to fight the Kambosos, so it doesn’t matter that Haney is willing to fly to that country. Basically, all four kings are ready to take a plane to AustraliaQ overthrew the weak quadruple belt champion Camposus.

Let’s face it, Kambosos is an easy sign, and there are a flood of fighters ready to fly to Australia to snatch his four titles from him.

I would like to pay the undisputed angle

he [Kambosos] It was in the biggest battlesHearn is exaggerating a bit here. Camposos was in only one important fight against a prominent opponent against the injured and weight-strained Teofemo. Other than that, the Kambosos’ biggest fights were against their ex-fighters Mickey Bay and Lee Selby.

“It doesn’t matter if you describe yourself as unchallenged, in the end, there will always be a cloud over this situation until this battle.” [Kambosos vs. Haney] It is happening. The winner of that fight would be the undisputed world lightweight champion, no questions asked, and that counts.

“George knows there’s a cloud, and I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be unchallenged. I’m not saying Teo doesn’t deserve to be unchallenged, but they aren’t and that’s the only way to solve it.”

“It’s one of the best fights in boxing. You have a guy in Devin Haney, he’s going to jump on board and do it, and he’s ready to do it. You’re talking about the WBC title.

Devin Haney wanted to win him in the ring. He wanted to fight Lumchenko, but we’re here in this situation and that’s a way to clean it all up,” Hearn said, in an effort to advance his case for Haney being the one facing Camposos by pushing the unchallenged corner.

Hearn can talk unchallenged jazz until his face turns blue, but the boxing audience isn’t listening. They view Kambosos as the undisputed, but interestingly enough they still don’t view him as the #1 fighter in the lightweight division.

Kambosos is viewed by many fans as 3rd place in 135 Behind these fighters:

1. Vasily Lomachenko
2. Girfonta “Tank” Davis
3. George Camposos

Shawn Jones List of Best Lightweights:

1. Vasily Lomachenko
2. Gervonta Davis
3. Michael Rivera
4. Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz
5. Ryan Garcia
6. Jorge Linares
7. Devin Haney
8. Richard Comey
9. Javier Fortuna
10. George Camposos

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