Eddie Hearn rules out Avanesyan, Vergil Ortiz Jr or Jaron Ennis for Conor Benn

by Charles Brown: Eddie Hearn says he has no interest in matching David Avanisian, Jaron Potts Ines or Virgil Ortiz Jr. against Conor Bean in his next fight in April.

Hearn has stated that he doesn’t want to spoil things for 25-year-old Conor Bean (20-0, 13 KOs), who he says is already a “world star” by setting up with Boots Ennis (28-0, 26 KOs) or Vergil Ortiz Jr. (18-0, 18 KOs).

When the time comes, Hearn says Connor will fight Ennis and Virgil and defeat them both. But for now, Hearn wants a showdown between Maurice Hooker next April and then Adrian Brunner.

Hearn reveals that he sent in an offer for former WBO Lightweight Champion ‘Mighty Mo’ Hooker (27-2-3, 18 KOs) to face Penn in April, and is awaiting his response.

Hooker, 32, has lost two of his last three fights, losing by knockout to Virgil Ortiz Jr. at 2o21 and Jose Ramirez in 2019. Seventh round.

Hearn wants a bigger name for Ben

“I actually said one or two other fights,” Eddie Hearn told iFL TV when reminded of his comments about letting Conor Bean fight Avanciennes in another fight. “David Avanisian could be an option, but I would prefer a bigger name.

“If we can get Broner, if we can get Hawker. I don’t rule out Avanesyan. He refused a world title to fight Liam Taylor. I rate Avanesyan to a higher level.” [Robert] Guerrero and level above Hooker.

Connor Bean is going to fight that fight [with Avanesyan] In a heartbeat, but we have to look at the money, and if [trainer] Tony Sims feels this is the right fight at the right time. Hopefully we can get Avanisian in the ring.

“No,” Hearn said when asked if Ben vs. Avancesian would make big numbers in the UK. “I think it’s a really good fight, but not on the same levels. Is she the size of Adrien Broner globally? Not even close. Is she the size of Maurice Hooker? No.

“His numbers [Conor Benn] As for jerry fighting in America it was huge, and we have to consider that market as well. David Avancesian is a good fighter, but he’s not a huge draw.

“Ah, Connor Ben is afraid of Avanisian.” Conor Bean is not afraid of anyone. “It’s a dangerous, dangerous battle,” Hearn said.

Well, at least Hearn admits Avanisian is a “dangerous” fight for Ben instead of dismissing him by saying he’s not popular enough to allow Connor to fight him.

You could argue that the guys Hearn has been matching up against lately are not very well known in the US among casual boxing fans. These are Connor’s last three opponents:

  • Chris Algerie
  • Adrian Granados
  • Samuel Vargas

The only American boxing fans who will be familiar with these fighters are hardcore fans and people who have been following the sport for years. Algerie, 37, hasn’t participated in a major fight in the United States since 2016, when he lost to Errol Spence Jr.

Eddie rejects Jaron Ines or Virgil Ortiz for Connor

“No,” Hearn said when asked if he would accept a fight for Ben if Virgil Ortiz Jr. or Jaron Ennis offered him on his behalf. “And I don’t see it [Benn] away from these people.

“When you have a global superstar like Conor Bean, you don’t Even by the big ball lawns. Connor will fight between anyone. Give me Ines’ shoes. Give me Virgil Ortiz.

When the time is right, he will fight them, and he will defeat them.” Hearn predicted that Ben would defeat Potts Ines and Virgil Ortiz one of these days. “But it’s all about getting him in a position to do that, and I’m evaluating Avanisian.

“There’s another level above Hooker, Algerie, and Guerrero, and I put Avannisian at that level. Connor wouldn’t fight him with any problem, but if we could have a bigger fight, [against Broner, Hooker, or 38-year-old Robert Guerrero], bigger profile, bigger money, of course, we’ll look at that as well,” Hearn said.

The way Benn looked at recent battles, he won’t defeat Bots Ennis or Virgil Ortiz Jr in the future, Hearn says. Interestingly, these two fighters are smaller in between, but more advanced because their promoters are matched by good fighters.

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