George Kambosos Jr. tells Ryan Garcia to “get in line”

By Sean Jones: George Kambosos Jr. gave unbeaten lightweight contender Ryan Garcia the brush off on Saturday, telling him to get in line behind WBC 135-lb belt holder Devin Haney and Vasily Lomachenko. Those are the two that the four-belt champion Kambosos Jr. (20-0, 10 KOs) is considering for his next fight in June in Australia.

Losing to Ryan Garcia would make Kambosos Jr. look REALLY bad in the eyes of fans, particularly with his Aussie followers.

A defeat at the hands of the young contender King Ry would be devastating to Kambosos’ career and would likely finish him for good. In contrast, Kambosos being dethroned by Lomachenko or Haney isn’t nearly as bad a look for him.

How would Kambosos ever come back from a loss to Ryan?

There’s a genuine possibility that Kambosos Jr. would lose to Ryan by a knockout because he gets too much, and he doesn’t possess the greatest chin.

Kambosos, 28, and Ryan have been trading trash talk this week, leading many boxing fans to believe that the two will be fighting next or at least very soon.

However, Kambosos Jr. made it clear on Twitter this weekend that he has no intention of fighting the unbeaten 23-year-old Ryan Garcia. Kambosos says he wants to fight the “BEST challenger” for his next.

Haney = safer choice for Kambosos Jr

If Kambosos Jr. is serious about wanting to fight the “Best,” then he needs to scratch Haney (27-0, 15 KOs) off his list because he’s NOT the best out there. Lomachenko, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, and Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz are better fighters than Haney and far more entertaining.

Haney is the safe choice for Kambosos Jr if he wants to avoid a loss, and that’s the likely guy he’ll choose for his next fight.

Sean Jones is predicting that Kambosos Jr. will choose Haney, but it is evident from the start that he would face him rather than Lomachenko or Gervonta in his first – and likely last – defense of his four lightweight titles.

“Sure you do buddy, sure you do. WAR? Your the kind soldier that would be shivering in their boots, hiding away in a cave until the wars finished. Listen like I said buddy I like you, your a good kid but take a ticket and get in line I got real business to handle first,” said George Kambosos Jr. on Twitter.

I want the best challenger to give the world the best fights possible,” Kambosos Jr. continued. “Haney, Matchroom boxing, Lomachenko Top Rank boxing, it takes two to tango, so let’s get this done ASAP. The stadium in Australia awaits. And still!”

Kambosos Jr. probably doesn’t want to lose “them beautiful belts” In front of his Australian fans in a large stadium fight next June.

If the goals for Kambosos are not to get beaten up and dethroned in his next fight, he needs to put Lomachenko at the back of the line because he’ll wreck the party for George for sure.

Despite the possibility that Kambosos might end up making more money fighting Ryan than he will Haney or Lomachenko, he still has no interest in that fight.

Kambosos’ next fight could be the end of his 15 minutes of fame, seeing that he’s likely to lose. If not for Teofimo Lopez being injured and weight drained last November, Kambosos Jr. would have likely lost the fight.

Before that fight, Kambosos’ best wins were narrow split decision victories over the old shop-worn 37-year-old Mickey Bey and 34-year-old Lee Selby.

Some boxing fans believe Kambosos should have lost both of those fights. Whatever the case, those fights showed Kambosos’ talent level.

Can Kambosos Jr. fill a stadium in Australia?

You can count Sean Jones among the group of fans that are skeptical that Kambosos Jr. will be able to sell out a large stadium in Australia.

Kambosos Jr. keeps blabbering about how there’s a stadium waiting in Australia for his next opponent, but it’s just empty words from the wild-eyed fighter

If you’re the promoter that would be the one in charge of leasing the stadium, you might want to hold off and test Kambosos’ first popularity by putting him in a small stadium in Australia to make sure that fans will turn out to see him .

The last thing you want is to book a massive 80,000 seat stadium in Australia, and then only 2,500 fans show up. That would be a pure disaster of epic proportions.

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