Gervonta Davis ordered to fight Rolando Romero next by WBA

The WBA ordered Gervonta “Tank” Davis (26-0, 24 KOs) on Monday to defend his minor lightweight title against mandatory Rolando “Rully” Romero. Tank Davis vs. Rolando Romero is expected to air on Showtime PPV with an asking price of around $79.

A bid for the portfolio is scheduled for February 24 in the event they fail to seal a deal to fight, which is unlikely given that Rolando (14-0, 12 KOs) and Tank Davis have both been signed with Mayweather Promotions.

Rolly will entertain the fans

If nothing else, Rolando Romero will make watching press conferences with Tank fun. Rolly is a one-man show, who takes over the trash talk, leaving Tank and the rest of the Mayweather Promotions members to step back and watch in awe.

No one can match Rolando with his weird trash talk. He is funny and very real with his thoughts.

Girfonta, 27, and Romero were scheduled to fight December 5th in the main event on SHOWTIME PPV, but Rowley was pulled from the event due to legal issues.

His replacement, Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz, nearly pulled off a major upset at Tank Davis, barely losing 12 rounds by consensus. It will be interesting to see if Rolly Romero will be able to do the same thing that Pitbull Cruz did against Tank Davis.

Romero is a big punch, but his defense is lacking, and he will be hit hard by a tank. If Rulie’s chin held up, he could give Tank a real run for his money with his power.

The 5’8 Rolando is basically a lightweight, still able to melt down to 135 because of his youth. As long as he didn’t drain his weight to fight, he would cause Tank Davis problems.

Tank hasn’t looked so good in his recent fights against Pitbull Cruz, Mario Barrios and Leo Santa Cruz. Those three fights showed that it was important for Mayweather Promotions to continue to match him carefully because they would lose if they made the mistake of placing him with a quality factor like Vasily Lomcchenko.

At some point in the future, the WBA will need to make a move to standardize the titles with their organization at 135. This means ordering a fight between Tank Davis and WBA superhero George Camposos Jr.

By the time the IBF makes the move, Camposos will likely be a distant memory as a world lightweight champion. WBC Champion Devin Haney is expected to fight next, and is sure to lose to the California native.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Mayweather Promotions asked Tank Davis to revoke his WBA title once the sanctioning body orders him to fight the Super Champ.

As pointed out by Gary Russell Jr. Last week, Mayweather Promotions protected Gervonta by matching him against an opponent who could only be beat. They will not put him with anyone they are not sure of his death.

Yes, Tank almost lost to Isaac Cruz last December, but that was a wrong choice. It wasn’t supposed to happen.

The fact that Mayweather Promotions has chosen not to rematch Tank Davis with Pitbull Cruz to clear up the controversy over the outcome of the fight suggests that they do not feel confident that he will win.

For them, letting Tank Davis take on Rolando Romero tells you they think he’s going to beat him.

If Rowley was as talented as Lomachenko, the Mayweather Promotions probably wouldn’t be up for this fight. They’ll have a tank to clear his belt.

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