Hrgovic vs. Yoka – Can Tony beat the boogeyman?

by Jim Calva: 2016 Olympic heavyweight gold medalist Tony Yoka has agreed to face Bogeyman Filip Hergovic in the FIFA World Cup Championship elimination for the mandatory identification of Champion Oleksandr Usyk.

Hopefully the Hrgovic promoters have their feet on the ground and made the right decision about letting their fighter do this fight with Yoka 6’7.

With the uproar of Harjovich’s promoter Kaley Sauerland making 43-year-old Luis Ortiz and Joseph Parker refuse to fight against him, it may have given him the mistaken belief that he’s better than him.

If Hergovic loses this battle against Yucca, It could turn his career around before it has a chance to start. There are more accessible ways to get a title shot for Hergović than by going through Yoka, and his promoter would be wise to think about them before he incurs his first loss.

Hergovic is a good fighter, but he was so She was repeatedly exposed by Yoka During his amateur days he showed himself to be robotic, slow, and one-dimensional.

Yuka to face Boogie Man

“Philip Hergovic has an opponent in this FIFA disqualification against Tony Yoka,” Chris Mannix said of boxing. They are engaged in negotiations. In the past six months, we’ve had the chance for Michael Hunter to fight Filip Hergovic.

“Hergovic at meeting our fighter two weeks ago called Hunter, a coward. He was very strong at that.

Recently, it was Luis Ortiz, who quickly refused to enter into negotiations there [with Hrgovic]It was Joseph Parker who refused [next].

“There were a lot of reasons these guys didn’t fight Hergovic, especially the last two because Ortiz and Parker could probably get something economically viable in the next six months before Hergovic.

“Does this surprise you that we’re shortlisted in the IBF title eliminator, and have stopped by Tony Yoka, who has done nothing to ensure an IBF chance of disqualification?” Mannix said.

“It’s not because Philip Hergovic is some kind of high-risk, low-reward offer, is it?” Keith Edick said. “Luis Ortiz won’t fight Philip Herjovich. That doesn’t make sense, right?

“I mean, he [Ortiz] He could come close to achieving a world title, but Charles Martin beat him twice [on January 1st]. Apparently he came back and took a big shot [in the sixth] to win the battle.

“But he shows signs of what his age is actually. He won’t fight, and I don’t blame Joseph Parker either. [for not agreeing to fight Hrgovic].

“Joseph Parker has had a lot of tough fights and wants to reclaim his position to fight for the title. Now, he has to go through this guy? I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t do that either.”

Hrgovic’s purported reputation for being the bogeyman in the heavyweight division was built on his victories over the fluff competition, which is why fans might be in for a surprise when they see him getting beaten up by Yuka.

Filip Hergovic’s best career victories:

  • Eric Molina – 39 years old
  • Riddell Booker – 40 years old
  • Kevin Johnson – 42 years old
  • Amir Mansour 49 years old
  • Gregory Corbin
  • Mario Heredia
  • Shawn Turner
  • Tom Little
  • Rafael Zumpano

If you know anything about boxing, you’ll realize that Hergovic’s opposition as a professional was terrible from start to finish, making it hard to understand how he developed his reputation as a jerk.

To be a bogeyman in the weight class, you must fight a high-quality opposition, and this writer fails to see a single fighter who fit that description in Hrgovic’s five-year professional bio.

Hergovic and Yuka have a history

“There is some history. I think you have 11 and 14 fights respectively, Hrgovic and Yuka,” Idec said. “So there is history between them. They fought three times in the amateurs. Yuka beat him, and I was ringside in the 2016 Super Heavyweight Championship semifinals in Rio [Olympics].

“There’s a lot of history out there, and it’s an interesting fight. I give a lot of credit to Tony Yucca because I’ve seen a lot more of Hergovic as a professional than I saw in Tony Yuka.

“So, it seems to me that he is more willing to fight. Therefore, Yuka is confidently speaking that he is willing to fight this kind of fight in his twelfth fight.

“So, there’s some intrigue out there. You’d prefer to see this fight a little further, but kudos to both men for being willing to do it. They have to come to terms with it.”

“he [Yoka] It’s only been agreed today so far to enter into negotiations, so they have to get this deal done and everything. But if the money is there, there is no reason why they can’t fight.

“It’s an exciting fight between two young heavyweights. Joseph Parker could be fighting someone else trying to get close to paying the world championship title and the same for Luis Ortiz,” Idec said.

If Hergovic does not improve since the previous three times that Yuka fought in the amateur ranks, he will lose again. Hergovic is an excellent fighter, but he struggles against skilled boxers, and Yuka is talented.

It might be better for Herjovich to go in another direction for a world title than to take on his old opponent Yuka.

If Hergovic loses this fight, he may take many years to come back from defeat, and he is not a young man of twenty-nine years old.

Hrgovic’s promoters have pushed him too slowly, wasting the first five years of his professional career battling less exclusively opposition and a lack of competitors.

Assuming Hrgovic loses to Jukka, it may be another five years before he returns to where he is now, and fights in an elimination. By then, Hergovic will be 34 years old and most likely won’t be the fighter he is today.

Winner Jukka-Hergovic will need to wait

“One thing to remember in the grand scheme of the eliminators. The winner of this battle [Yoka vs. Hrgovic] “You’re not going to get a world title this year, I imagine,” Mannix said.

“The IBF is low on the delegates waiting list and you will probably see a uniting battle between Fury and winner Joshua and Osick before the end of the year.

“So, it’s not like you’re getting that chance, shooting for the heavyweight title this summer. You’ll probably have to wait your turn for a while and fight another fight or two in between,” Mannix said.

Under the best-case scenario, the winner of the Yoka vs. Hrgovic has to wait until 2023 before he gets the IBF belt title. When that time comes, Tyson Fury will likely hold the FIFA title, and he may choose to vacate the belt rather than take on winner Juka-Hergović.

Fury could only heighten him facing Anthony Joshua, Oleksandr Usyk if he doesn’t fight them by 2023. Even if he had, there’s more money for Fury in a rematch against any of these players than facing Yoka or Hrgovic.

“If I were a Parker, he showed he could make some money,” Mannix continued. “If you’re Ortiz, you’re probably trying to pay Andy Ruiz or something. There are a lot of viable options.

“I think it’s a good fight, Hergovic against Yuka. I would probably have preferred Hergovic against someone like Zhilei Zhang because it was probably a bit more of an American fight back then.

“Maybe we can do it in China in that area. Macau, or something. That’s kind of a big event. Eddie Hearn had big fights with Zhang in China at one point.”

“They engaged Anthony Joshua in those conversations, but I’d be kind of curious to see what kind of fan base he has there in a big professional fight,” Mannix said of a fight that has no chance of happening. Because of Zhang’s low ranking [#13] with IBF.

“And Zhilei Zhang is an older fighter [38] And looking for that kind of opportunity,” Idec said. “He’s been stuck in the epidemic and stuck in China a few times.

“He trained here in New Jersey in a couple of towns where I live. I am familiar with him and his story and everything. He [Zhang] can fight. He’s looking for the right dance partner, so to speak.

“It would have been great to have that opportunity, but Eddie seems to have to find him elsewhere. He lives in two towns away from me, and it’s not a town with a lot of Chinese.”

“There are a lot of Italians, and he’s 6’6. A lot of people think he’s a basketball player because he’s so tall.”

Zhilei Zhang would have been a poor choice for Hrjović in the FIFA title elimination as he would be a clear winner of the competition. Zhang is 38 years old and recently had a controversial 10-round draw against striker Jerry Forrest.

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