Ilunga Makabu says he’ll knock out Canelo Alvarez

by Jim Calva: WBC cruiserweight champ Ilunga Makabu (29-2, 25 KOs) warns that he will knock out Canelo Alvarez if he dares to go up in weight to challenge him for his title next May.

Macapu took care of the final hurdle that stumbled his way into a profitable fight against superstar Canelo last Saturday night with a 12-round victory over forced challenger Tapiso Mchono (26-3, 14 KOs) at Packard Music Hall, Warren, Ohio.

The scores were 116-112, 115-113 for Macapo, and 115-113 for Mashuno. While some boxing fans believe the 33-year-old Macunu did enough to deserve the win, a couple of judges felt Makabu did enough to retain his WBC title.

Makabu, 34, says he chose to confine Michono rather than use his strength to try to score a knockout because he wanted to prepare for his fight with Canelo. WBC Champion Makabu feels that his fight with Canelo will involve a lot of boxing, so he wanted to train against Mashuno.

Canelo (57-1-2, 39 KOs) chose not to attend the fight, and made no comments about whether he plans to take on Makabu next. I

Makabu warns Kanello

I will expel him,Makabo said during the press conference held last Saturday night after the fight to talk about Canelo.

“Did you hear what he said? He said he would fire himEchoing what Ilunga had said about his plans for Canelo, Macabo promoter Don King said. “Knockout, that’s what he said.

“It’s a big mistake,” Macabo said of Canelo calling him out at cruiserweight. “He wants to play and make a big joke with boxing. Boxing is a dangerous game.

“If he is [Canelo] Reaches the weight of the cruiser, it will be badly exposed to the exit. That’s what I can tell you. I can box, I can knockout. Canelo, if he thinks he’s a tough boxer, he’s making a big mistake.

“Come to the square [against Mchunu] “Because my next fight is between me and Canelo, it has to be boxing,” Macapu said. “I wanted to show people that I can box Besides strength.

“I didn’t look for the knockout. I came to box because this is boxing. We showed them we can punch, and I hit him. Canelo makes a big mistake if he gets to cruiser weight because he’s not a cruiserweight.

“If he thinks he can fight and hit a cruiser weight at Junior Macapu, he’s making a big mistake. I’m waiting for you and ready for the way you fight. I want Canelo.”

“I am a champion, and my manager will work on something to do. Who would he face if he couldn’t fight against Canelo next, I would fight anyone who got in my way,” Macapu said.

Canelo may have changed his mind about wanting to move to cruiserweight to challenge Macabo for his WBC title. In the past couple of weeks, there has been talk of Canelo facing off with Germal Charlo next.

Saul’s manager/coach Eddie Reynoso also mentioned Charlo as one of the possibilities for Canelo’s upcoming fight in May.

However, Rinoso also said that Gennady Golovkin, Artur Petterbiev, Joe Smith Jr., Dmitri Bevol and David Benavidez are all possibilities.

Reynoso keeps things a secret about who Canelo fights, and it’s possible that they’ve already picked his next opponent. At this point, it doesn’t look very promising for Makabu in terms of getting his fight with Canelo.

Don King says Canelo must keep the promise

“When you’re a fighter like Canelo, he’s a light heavyweight champion, a super middleweight champion, he’s been a middleweight champion, and he’s gone down the ladder all of these multiple world titles,” promoter Don King told Fight Hub TV. .

“Now he has reached the fourth title [correction: fifth title]And Which will make him immortal Especially in Mexico.” “So, he wants to be there and have the opportunity to get that immortality.

“So challenge [Makabu]. Macabo Canelo did not call. He had no desire to fight Canelo. He was just trying to win the cruiserweight championship, and Canelo, Eddie Rinoso, was the manager. gently call him [Makabu] At the WBC conference.

“So, give him the opportunity to do so. So far, he [Canelo] He must keep his promise. If he did, he would fight Macabo Canelo. If he doesn’t, Makabu will continue to fight who. He has no say in who he will fight. I have this to say.

“I will fight for him, and I will find the best whatever will give him the opportunity to do it. Canelo calls him like he did; she added a lot of spice to the show. We want to add that spice to the rest of the world and see if Canelo can capture that cruiserweight title.”

“Reinoso, Canelo, and I, we have to go out there and take it to the world. Whatever you win or lose or draw. We have to be able to demonstrate that kind of integrity, the kind of responsibility, the kind of loyalty and keeping your word. A man only fits like his word.”

People live by their word. I don’t care if you have a trillion dollars. If you are a liar and untrustworthy, you are just a trillion dollar liar fund. We are dealing with what is real. So I look forward to hearing Eddie Reynoso, and we start the show on the road,” King said.

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