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Eating is a really common process that everyone does several times a day. Sometimes we eat in a distraction, for example, when we are watching TV, driving, or scrolling through some social network on the phone. Eating is not only a way to fill our stomachs with “some things” but a way to build our body (and mind), a way to build a new version of who we are.
How do you usually eat? This article contains some useful information about food and how to use it for a healthy mind and body.

This is the secret that some athletes use Unbelievable performance? We are not talking about raising your performance level by 1 or 2% but about completely changing your resistance, strength, strength and calmness of mind and raising it as high as humanly possible.

If you want to know more about it, you have to ask yourself a simple question: Do I really know which food is best for me? It’s not as trivial a question as it might seem. Much is known about proteins, carbohydrates, and macronutrients in general. There was a very old way to increase muscle, for example, on the assumption that the athlete should eat the largest number of proteins including the combined elements and other “magic” juices that promise miracles. If you think that this is the only truth about food, you better stop reading this article because I am going to tell you something that you may not like very much.

How meat destroys your body

Yes exactly. Meat is slowly destroying your body and mind. In the video above, you’ll find the official trailer for The Game Changers, a movie in which a UFC fighter learns everything he learned about protein was a lie. Presented by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic and Chris Paul, the film describes a revolutionary new approach to meat, protein and strength.

collective confusion

In fact, many people think that eating plants instead of animals leads to malnutrition and disease, but this is a terrible lie. For the vast majority of the population, the concepts of nutrition and health are very confusing topics and this confusion sometimes is the result of reading about these topics online (1) where anyone with an opinion, regardless of their qualifications, can reach millions of people.

The majority of scientific evidence indicates that an animal-based diet—which includes meat, eggs, and meat—decreases overall health and increases the risk of many diseases such as heart attack, various types of cancers, osteoporosis, and many others, which dramatically shorten our lifespan.

The conclusion – drawn from many areas of research such as epidemiology (population studies), nutritional biochemistry (how food interacts with our bodies) and biological anthropology (which includes the study of what food we make to eat) – is that you can live better, avoiding disease It’s dangerous and the best version of you is simply by following a vegan diet. You can go deeper into this topic by following this link: Improving Health

• The formula works beautifully for people who sell food. It works beautifully for people who sell medicines to treat illnesses caused by bad food. And it works beautifully for the media, which can give us a new story about the diet every day. ????

Doctor. David Cutts, Founding Director of Yale University-Prevention Research Center at Yale Griffin

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