InterMat Wrestling – 2022 EIWA Championships Day 1 Recap

The 2022 EIWA Championships (photos courtesy of EIWA)

125: (3 AQ’s) The weight class was thrown out of whack because the tournament started! 4th seed Lane of Lehigh was a late scratch. This forced Sheldon Seymour of Lehigh to step in Lane’s place. Due to EIWA rules, he automatically was the last-seeded wrestler (even though he would have been the 4th or 5th seed – based on the formula). Glory ended up winning over Seymour in the round of 16 by an 8-2 decision. Diaz of F&M had a solid win over the 7th seed Leete of American. Manchio (4th seed) had a tight overtime win over Seidman (#5) of Bucknell. Seymour is still making a run on the back side, as he defeated returning NCAA qualifier at 133lb from Navy, and 7th seed, Allen. All seeds held in the winner’s bracket.

Semifinal matches tomorrow morning:
Glory (#1) – Princeton vs. Manchio (#4) – Columbia
Arujau (#2) – Cornell vs. Miller (#3) – Penn

133: (2 AQ’s) Lehigh’s Malyke Hines (3rd seed) took an injury default in both matches. His injury has been lingering, and he’ll be hoping for an at-large bid. Cabanillas of Brown moved onto the quarters as a 14th seed as a result. Maroney of Drexel came out on top of an entertaining barnburner with Sobotker of Binghamton in the first round. The big upset of the first round went to the 11th seed Treanor of Army, knocking off Rini (#6) of Columbia by a 12-10 score. Koderhandt (#1) of Navy used a riding time point to secure to 2-0 win over Maroney (#8) of Drexel. LaJoie of Cornell came in as the 4th seed and earned a last period takedown and rideout for a 2-1 win over 5th seed Phipps of Bicknell. Treanor of Army is the highest seeded wrestler in the semis.
Semifinal matches tomorrow morning:

Koderhandt (#1) – Navy vs. LaJoie (#4) – Cornell
Colaiocco (#2) – Penn vs. Treanoer (#11) – Army

141: (4 AQ’s) No surprises in the round of 16 at this weight. Again, all seeds held after the quarterfinals. Overall, the matches were competitive. We saw Kazimir (#1) of Columbia defeat Hunt (#9) from Navy 6-0. Miller (#4) of Bucknell squeaked out a 4-2 win over McGonagle (#5) of Lehigh. In the bottom half, 3rd seeded Anderson of Binghamton advanced with a 4-2 win over Deck of Army. Composto (#2) of Penn advanced with a three-point victory over Gil (#7) of Franklin & Marshall. Honestly, not much to report here as there were no upsets yet. The semifinalists each need one more win to secure an automatic bid to NCAAs.

Semi-final matchups tomorrow morning:
Kazimir (#1) – Columbia vs. Miller (#4) – Bucknell
Composto (#2) – Penn vs. Anderson (#3) – Binghamton

149: (4 AQ’s) Again, there were no surprises in the round of 16 at this weight. After the quarters, Diakomihalis has a tech fall and a major. Lehigh’s Brignola (#3) overcame a 6-0 deficit to win 11-7 over 6th seed Nichter of Drexel. We will see the top 4 in the semifinals tomorrow. Just like the previous weight, all semi-finalists will need one more win to punch their ticket to Detroit.

Semi-final matchups tomorrow morning:
Diakomihalis (#1) – Cornell vs. (#4) Ogunsanya – Army
Artalona (#2) – Penn vs. Brignola (#3) – Lehigh

157: (5 AQ’s) The round of 16 went pretty much per seed. Tarsi of Harvard looked very impressive over Kropman of Drexel, winning 10-3. Top-seeded Humpheys of Lehigh dominated with a fall then a technical fall. Monday (#2) of Princeton did not struggle much either in his first two boots. The closest quarterfinal matches were won by (#4) Cerniglia of Navy via 4-2 decision over Army’s Hartman (#5). 3rd seed Zapf of Penn won by two-points over Richard (#6) of Cornell. In the wrestlebacks we saw two returning NCAA qualifiers square off. Hartman (#5) of Army defeated Palumbo (#10) of Sacred Heart to advance to tomorrow’s round. This is a deep weight, with many talented wrestlers still alive.

Semifinal matches tomorrow morning:
Humphreys (#1) – Lehigh vs. Cerniglia (#4) – Navy
Monday (#2) – Princeton vs. Zapf (#3) – Penn

165: (7 AQ’s) The deepest weight in the tournament did not disappoint. We had three tight matches in the round of 16. Cassella (8th seed) took down Harkins (9th) by a 3-2 score. Fifth seed Meyer of Lehigh won 5-3 over 12th seed Bergey of Princeton. Drexel’s Barczak (7th seed) win in overtime against Navy’s 10th seed Park. Then, the quarterfinal bots were worth the price of admission. Ramirez (#1) of Cornell snuck by 8th seed Cassella 5-3. 4th seed Ogunsanya earned three takedowns to defeat Meyer (#5) of Lehigh. Conigliaro (#3) of Harvard won 7-4 over Revano (#6) of Penn. Bucknell’s returning All-American Hartman (#2) defeated Barczak (#7) of Drexel. All semifinalists punched their ticket to NCAA’s already. In the bloodround, we saw Park of Navy outplace his 10th seed to make tomorrow’s top 8 action with a win over Meyer of Lehigh.

Semifinal matches tomorrow morning:
Ramirez (#1) – Cornell vs. Ogunsanya (#4) – Columbia
Hartman (#2) – Bucknell vs. Conigliaro (#3) – Harvard

174: (4 AQ’s) There were some close R16 rounds. Logan (5th seed) of Lehigh beat 12th seed of LIU Ryan Ferro by a 5-3 score. Fine of Columbia (#4) snuck by Crawford of F&M by a 3-2 decision. Finally, Dugan of Princeton was the 10th seed, and took out 7th seeded Kim of Harvard. In the quarters, Logan (#5) beat Fine (#4) of Columbia in a marathon match by a 4-2 score. Penn’s Incontrera (#3) had a big fall in overtime over Pasiuk (#6) of Army. Top-seed O’Malley of Drexel won each match by decision while 2nd seed Foca of Cornell came away victorious by major decision in each match.
Semifinal matches tomorrow morning:
O’Malley (#1) – Drexel vs. Logan (#5) – Lehigh
Foca (#2) – Cornell vs. Incontrera (#3) – Penn

184: (3 AQ’s) We saw some good matches in the first round. Bonino won a close 2-1 decision over Day of Binghamton in a classic 8 vs 9 seeded battle, respectively. 4th seeded Key of Navy held off an upset by Araneo of Brown (13th seed). Army’s Laughlin was seeded 6th, earning a tight 3-2 win over Deacetis of Bucknell. One the matches I was looking forward to between Lehigh’s Burkhart (7th) and McLaughlin of Drexel (10th) turned into a literal bloody battle. Burkhart won 9-7 with a takedown late in the third period. In the quarters, Antracsian of Penn (#5) used a third period turn to defeat the fourth-seed Key of Navy. Small (#3) of Hofstra won 2-1 over Laughlin (#6) of Army. In the first round of wrestle backs, we saw returning NCAA qualifier, McLaughlin of Drexel, defeating another returning qualifier in Accousti of Sacred Heart. The next round McLaughlin took on another returning qualifier in Key of Navy. The match was won by 10th seed McLaughlin of Drexel.

Semi-final matchups tomorrow morning:
Loew (#1) – Cornell vs. Antressian (#5) – Penn
Stefanik (#2) – Princeton vs. Small (#3) – Hofstra

197: (5 AQ’s) In the round of 16, we saw Cole Urbas of Penn (8th seed) survive a last minute challenge by Lehigh to hang on and win 3-2 over 9th seeded Davis. McCready of Bucknell was the 10th seed, beating LIU’s 7th seed Crowley. This weight class was another where the top 4 seeds made the semifinals. Koser (#4) of Navy beat his rival from Army, Brown (#5), by a 4-2 score in the quarters. Stout (#3) of Princeton and DePrez (#1) of Binghamton each won handily. Cardenas (#2) of Cornell had a first period fall in the quarters, after a tech in the round of 16.

Semi-final matchups tomorrow morning:
DePrez (#1) – Binghamton vs. Koser (#4) – Navy
Cardenas (#2) – Cornell vs. Stout (#3) – Princeton

285: (4 AQ’s) The biggest R16 upset came from American’s Rigther. The 11th seed was in a tight match with Navy’s 6th seeded Catka, until he earned the pin late in the match. Pelusi of F&M moved on as the 9th seed with a 3-2 win over Cover (#8) of Princeton. In the quarters, the only close match was won by 4th seed Goldin of Penn when he defeated Doyle (#5) of Binghamton, using a last period takedown and ride. Wood earned a fall then major en route to his fifth career semi-final appearance, looking to win his first FIFTH conference title.

Semi-final matchups tomorrow morning:
Wood (#1) – Lehigh vs. Goldin (#4) – Penn
Fernandes (#2) – Cornell vs. Knighton-Ward (#3) – Hofstra

Team Race: After day 1, the team race is tight. Penn will have all ten wrestlers on the podium. Cornell will only place nine wrestlers, but are currently in the lead thanks to bonus points. These two squads have looked incredible, and they en separating themselves from the rest of the field.

1st place – Cornell (94.5 points with 8 in the semi-finals, 1 in the wrestlebacks)
2nd place – Penn (86.5 points with 8 in the semi-finals, 2 in the wrestlebacks)
3rd place – Princeton (69 points with 4 in the semi-finals, 5 in the wrestlebacks)
4th place – Lehigh (62.5 points with 4 in the semi-finals, 4 in the wrestlebacks)

Day 2 action starts at 10AM with a round of semifinals and a consi round. Finals are at 3PM. All of the action is live on FloWrestling.

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