InterMat Wrestling – #5 NC State at Duke Preview

Tariq Wilson (left) and Josh Vinsilver (Photo courtesy of Sam Janicki,

Duke’s North Carolina

#5 Wolfpack will travel through town to Durham to start the double ACC season. The Blue Devils will face a difficult task on the way to losing to North Carolina. Highlights will once again see the Finesilvers, with Josh facing third place Tariq Wilson in the 149th minute and Matt facing No. 4 Hayden Headlay at 174.

125: #15 Jacob Camacho vs. Logan Agen

Camacho comes with a 9-2 loss to Noah Surten and Spencer Lee. He claimed a win last week against Campbell, defeating #23 Corbin Minkee 3-1. Agin has had flashes of greatness this year with six pins, but he’s starting to lose back-to-back key decisions.

133: #17 Kai Oren vs. Drake Doolittle

Oren has been impressive this season – he battled Garrett Trombley for a starting point, but has been nearly flawless since getting the nod. His only loss was a 16-7 major decision loss to Austin DeSanto at Collegiate Duals. Oren is a name you’ll hear more often in the coming years. Doolittle lost last week by pin to North Carolina’s Joe Hellman.

141: #24 Ryan Jack vs. Parker Decker / Patrick Rowland

Jack was another great young player for Wolfpack. It came in with a record of 11-5 and showed some amazing growth throughout the year. Parker Decker gave seventh-ranked Kayzan Clark a bit of a scare last week as he attempted an upper-body display against the undefeated Tar Heel – in the end, he flopped and lost by decision, but it was impressive.

149: #3 Tariq Wilson vs #13 Josh Vensilver

Finesilver will be waiting for a surprise win over Zach Sherman #20 in a big fight last weekend. Wilson was held up by Campbell’s Chris Rivera last weekend and was only able to pull off a 4-0 decision – we certainly haven’t seen the offensive display we normally expect from Wilson. Finesilver can be a tough match for him because he can be a very stingy defensive wrestler. This could be a great match and there will be a lot of strategy on both sides – I look forward to seeing them try to figure out each other. They faced each other twice when they were at 133 – and Wilson has a 2-0 advantage with a pin and a win by decision.

157: #10 Ed Scott vs. Wade Unger

Ed Scott appears to be the latest generation of gunslingers willing to take a risk to score points for the Wolfpack. It comes at 15-0 with a 78% bonus rate and 7 pins per year. He “never misses” the entertainment when he steps on the carpet. Unger comes in at 9-12 and dropped the 6-2 decision to #6 Austin O’Connor last weekend.

165: #22 Thomas Pollard vs. Gabe Dennett

Pollard comes in 11-4 and technically lost 16-0 last weekend against Campbell. Dennett has struggled with hits and misses all season, but seemed to gain strength before falling to Sonny Santiago last weekend. Pollard has shown his ability to win games with a high attacking pace as well as by slowing down games and being very defensive – so it will be interesting to see what product we see this weekend.

174: #4 Hayden Headley vs #15 Matt Finsilver

Another great match, click here. Finesilver started the season 20-0 and comes in at 22-3 after falling into a very close fight with #14 Clay Lautt last weekend. Hidlay comes in 7-0 and hasn’t really been tested this season. We know he’s one of the best players in the country and a threat to the national title – it would be good to see him face tough competition at the conference that begins this weekend.

184: #3 Trent Headley vs. Vincent Baker

Hidlay comes at 8-0 with an 88% bonus rate. He’s been so great all year and he’s constantly striving to score – he’s unrelenting. Becker had some good wins and wrestled well against #24 Gavin Keane last week which led him to lose by decision 5-4. Baker hasn’t faced anyone on Hidlay level this year.

197: #20 Isaac Trumbull vs. Caden Russell

This could be a wild match. Both guys aren’t afraid to go upper body and both love letting it fly from neutrals. Tramble comes in at 13-3 and scored a 1-0 win last weekend over Campbell. Russell has been on a rollercoaster this year – he’s had some great wins and some not-so-great losses. But watching a man is very interesting and dangerous. Russell installed Trumbull last year in 44 seconds, so don’t think Trumble forgot…

285: #25 Owen Trevan/Terry Hutton vs. Jonah Nissenbaum

Trephan and Houghton earned the NC State Invitational in a dual competition. Houghton took the call against Campbell and gave his #26 push to Tay Gadali before dropping 9-6. Trephan and Houghton met in a fifth-place match at Southern Scuffle and Houghton was victorious in the tiebreak. Nissenbaum is having a year off at 14-6 after winning four games combined in his first two years at Durham. He closed the Blue Devils duo with UNC by toppling Brandon Whitman in a surprise victory.

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