InterMat Wrestling – FCW’s Week 10 Fantasy Outlook (1/7-1/9)

2021 MatMen Open champion Josh Hill (Photo courtesy of Sam Janicki,

It’s kind of starting to happen again and I don’t like any part of it.

The past few days have seen several teams cancel and/or postpone the duets scheduled for this weekend. This Outlook will likely be out of date in the next few hours as more and more schools cancel their binaries and we, the fans, will be left having to do home projects this weekend instead.

Whether you’re on one side or the other of the Covid situation, the forces that are likely to continue to scrap regularly scheduled programming and jeopardize yet another National Wrestling Championship. We can take a chance on that and try to continue with the regular season as is, with cancellation after cancellation every few days. Or, the NCAA could stop nationwide.

think about it. What two sports are basically all the rules and regulations in the NCAAs? That’s right, football and basketball. why? Because they are money makers.

The NCAA will do whatever it takes to keep March Madness alive, and for me the best option is to stop athletics across the country. After the college football championship game of course. It would be framed as an “all athletes” precaution, but it’s really to protect one of the NCAA family’s favorite kids (and their wallets, too).

A layoff (two to four weeks) could allow the new wave to pass, allow two weeks of competition to get “back to speed”, and head straight into the post-season. It’s risky, but I think that’s what will happen. More importantly for the NCAA, it still allows March Madness ($$$).

I should point out that I’m not a doctor (just the son of one doctor), and “pause” probably has no medical advantage. Just one shmuk opinion.

It poses an interesting question in the makeup of the season, the future of the bracketed tournaments, and how the sport will really change in the next few seasons. This will be an even better topic for next week…after canceling a few binaries.

Until week 10.

This week is going to be risky, and so are the next few weeks as well. Any school at any time can cancel their scheduled competition, so be sure to keep up to date with news and notifications (set these alerts to @FantasyD1Wrestl) so you can quickly change your squad.

We have one main course coming down this week in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at the F&M Open on Friday, January 7. Almost all entrants at this time are D1 gladiators, so many points can be earned, if you choose wisely.

Got a question? Got a recommendation? Let me know and send me a message @FantasyD1wrestl.

Love this week’s wrestlers

Wrestler (School) – Quiz of the Week [Proj Score]

* Sorted by tournament name first, then school name *


Braxton Brown (MD) – F&M Open

Jacob Allen (Navy) – F&M Open

Copper Flynn (Virginia Tech) – F&M Open

Brody Teske (UNI) vs. South Dakota State, vs. Wyoming (SDSU) [+8]

Drew Hildebrandt (Penn) – @Maryland, opposite Indiana [+7]

Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) – vs. Northwestern, vs. Rutgers [+7]

Anthony Moulton (Campbell) – vs. Bellarmine, vs. Presbyterian (PC) [+6]

Joey Fisher (Clarion) – Vs SIU-Edwardsville [+4]

Joe Mancio (Colombia) – Vs Long Island [+4]

Vito Araugao (Cornell) – @Lehigh [+4]

Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Oklahoma) – @little rock [+4]

Tristan Daughtery (Buffalo) – Vs SIU-Edwardsville [+3]

Jake Ferry (Kent State) vs. Cleveland State [+3]

Malik Henselmann (Ohio State) – @Michigan State [+3]


Jared Van Fleet (Air Force) – F&M Open

Joshua Couderhandt (Navy) – F&M Open

Kurt Phipps (Bucknell) – vs. Hofstra, vs. Long Island (HOF) [+8]

Austin DeSanto (Iowa) vs. Minnesota, vs. Purdue [+8]

Roman Bravo Young (Penn State) – @Maryland, opposite Indiana [+8]

Kai Oren (NC) – @Princeton @Ryder [+6]

Chris Cannon (NW) – @Wisconsin, @Minnesota [+6]

Corbin Myers (Virginia Tech) vs Binghamton, vs West Virginia [+6]

Derek Spahn (Buffalo) – Vs SIU-Edwardsville [+5]

Dutton Fix (Oklahoma) – @Little Rock [+5]

Angelo Reni (Colombia) – Vs Long Island [+4]

Rayvon Foley (Michigan State) – vs Ohio State [+4]


Kayzan Clark (North Carolina) – F&M Open

Lachlan McNeil (North Carolina) – F&M Open

Zack Reading (Iowa) – F&M Open

Jayden Ehrman (Iowa) vs. Minnesota, vs. Purdue [+10]

Shannon Hanna (Campbell) – vs. Bellarmine, vs. Presbyterian (PC) [+8]

Nick Lee (Penn) – @Maryland, opposite Indiana [+8]

Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers) vs Indiana, @Wisconsin [+8]

Darren Miller (Bocknell) – vs. Hofstra, vs. Long Island (HOF) [+7]

Ryan Jack (NC) – @Princeton @Ryder [+7]

Dominic Zcon (Campbell) – vs. Bellarmine, vs. Presbyterian (PC) [+7]

Clay Carlson (South Dakota) – vs. UNI and Vs Wyoming [+6]

Chad Reed (Nebraska) – vs. Bordeaux [+4]

Carter Young (Oklahoma) – @Little Rock [+3]


PJ Ogunsanya (Army) – F&M Open

Cam Robinson (Iowa) – F&M Open

Jarrod Verclairen (Virginia) – F&M Open

Josh Hill (Campbell) – vs. Bellarmine, vs. Presbyterian (PC) [+10]

Tariq Wilson (NC) – @Princeton @Rider [+8]

Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) vs Binghamton vs West Virginia [+8]

Bo Bartlett (Penn) – @Maryland, opposite Indiana [+7]

Ridge Lovett (Nebraska) – opposite Purdue [+5]

Brent Moore (Clarion) – Vs SIU-Edwardsville [+4]

Matt Casimir (Colombia) – Vs Long Island [+4]

Yanni Diacomhalis (Cornell) – @Lehigh [+4]

Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) – @ Michigan State [+4]

Caden Geffler (Oklahoma) – @Little Rock [+4]

John Arceri (Buffalo) – Vs SIU-Edwardsville [+3]


Nathan Lukes (Army) – F&M Open

Andrew Cerneglia (Navy) – F&M Open

Jake Keating (Virginia) – F&M Open

AJ Kovacs (North Carolina) – F&M Open

Matthew Dallara (Campbell) – vs. Bellarmine, vs. Presbyterian (PC) [+8]

Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) – vs Binghamton, vs Cornell [+7]

Ryan Deakin (Northwest) – @Wisconsin, @Mn [+7]

Robert Kennard (Rutgers) – vs. Indiana, @Wisconsin [+7]

Conor Brady (Virginia Tech) vs Binghamton vs West Virginia [+7]

Jacob Wright (Wyoming) – vs. UNI and South Dakota State (SDSU) [+7]

Colby Ho (Clarion) – Vs SIU-Edwardsville [+4]

Chase Saldate (Michigan) – vs. Ohio [+4]

Sheets White (Oklahoma) – @Little Rock [+4]

Michael Pettit (Buffalo) – Vs SIU-Edwardsville [+3]


Dalton Harkins (Army) – F & M Open

Zach Hartmann (Bocknell) – vs. Hofstra, vs. Long Island (HOF) [+9]

Dean Hammetti (Wisconsin) – vs. Northwestern, vs. Rutgers [+9]

Alex Marinelli (Iowa) vs. Minnesota, vs. Purdue [+8]

Tanner Cook (South Dakota) – Vs UNI, Vs Wyoming [+7]

Peyton Hall (West Virginia) – vs. Binghamton, vs. Virginia Tech (VT) [+7]

Troy Nation (Campbell) – vs. Bellarmine, vs. Presbyterian (PC) [+6]

Tommy Pollard (NC) – @Princeton @Ryder [+6]

Joshua Ogonsania (Colombia) vs Long Island [+4]

Carson Karchilla (Ohio State) – @Michigan State [+4]

Travis Whitlake (Oklahoma) – @little rock [+4]

Julian Ramirez (Cornell) – @Lehigh [+3]

Bubba Wilson (Nebraska) – vs. Bordeaux [+3]


Alex Faison (North Carolina) – F&M Open

Justin Phillips (Virginia) – F&M Open

Hayden Headley (NC) – @Princeton @Ryder [+10]

Austin Murphy (Campbell) – vs. Bellarmine, vs. Presbyterian (PC) [+9]

Carter Starucci (Penn) – @Maryland, opposite Indiana [+9]

Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech) – Vs Binghamton vs. West Virginia [+8]

Andrew McNally (Wisconsin) – vs. Northwestern, vs. Rutgers [+7]

Kidd DeVos (South Dakota) – vs. UNI and Vs Wyoming [+6]

Michael Labriola (Nebraska) – Vs Purdue [+4]

Ethan Smith (Ohio State) – @Michigan State [+4]

Dustin Plott (Oklahoma) – @little rock [+4]

Chris Foca (Cornell) – @Lehigh [+3]


Ethan Duka (Edinboro) – F&M Open

Caleb Hopkins (Campbell) – vs. Bellarmine, vs. Presbyterian (PC) [+9]

Trent Headley (NC) – @Princeton @Ryder [+8]

Aaron Brooks (Penn) – @Maryland, opposite Indiana [+8]

Hunter Boleyn (Virginia Tech) vs Binghamton, vs West Virginia [+8]

Parker Cakes (UNI) vs. South Dakota State, vs. Wyoming (SDSU) [+7]

Abi Asaad (Iowa) – vs. Minnesota, vs. Purdue [+6]

John Poznansky (Rutgers) – vs. Indiana, @Wisconsin [+6]

Jonathan Love (Cornell) – @Lehigh [+4]

Charles Small (Hofstra) – Vs Bucknell [+4]

Dakota Gear (Oklahoma) – @Little Rock [+4]

Taylor Finns (Nebraska) – vs. Purdue [+3]

Caleb Romero (Ohio State) – @Michigan State [+3]


Max Shaw (North Carolina) – F&M Open

Lou Depres (Binghamton) – @Lehigh, vs. Virginia Tech, vs. West Virginia (VT) [+11]

Levi Hopkins (Campbell) – vs. Bellarmine, vs. Presbyterian (PC) [+9]

Jacob Warner (Iowa) – vs. Minnesota, vs. Bordeaux [+8]

Greg Polsack (Rutgers) – opposite Indiana, @Wisconsin [+7]

Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming) – vs. UNI and South Dakota State (SDSU) [+7]

Max Dean (Penn) – @Maryland, opposite Indiana [+6]

AJ Ferrari (Oklahoma State) – @Little Rock [+5]

Will Feldkamp (Clarion) – vs SIU-Edwardsville [+4]

Jacob Cardenas (Cornell) – @Lehigh [+3]

Ben Smith (Cleveland) – @Kent State [+3]

Tree Rogers (Hofstra) – vs. Bucknell [+3]


White Hendrickson (Air Force) – F&M Open

Isaac Reed (Lock Haven) – F&M Open

Ryan Katka (Navy) – F&M Open

Quinn Miller (Virginia) – F&M Open

Tay Gadiyali (Campbell) – vs. Bellarmine, vs. Presbyterian (PC) [+9]

Gable Steveson (Minnesota) – @Iowa, opposite Northwestern [+9]

Greg Kirkfleet (Penn) – @Maryland, opposite Indiana [+8]

Terry Houghton (NC) – @Princeton @Ryder [+6]

Colton McKiernan (SIU-Edwardsville) – @Buffalo [+6]

Nathan Traxler (Virginia Tech) vs. Binghamton, vs. West Virginia [+6]

Trent Helger (Wisconsin) – vs. Northwestern, vs. Rutgers [+6]

Zachary Knighton Ward (Hofstra) – opposite Bucknell [+4]

Luke Surber (Oklahoma) – @Little Rock [+4]

Tate Orndorf (Ohio) – @Michigan State [+3]

Christian Lance (Nebraska) – vs. Purdue [+3]

I think I missed someone? Don’t agree with someone on the list or drop them? Want to know our thoughts on the match? Let me know!

Win the week!

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