InterMat Wrestling – FCW’s Week 11 Fantasy Outlook (1/20-1/24)

(Photo courtesy of Clarion Athletics/Photo by Kirkland)

Last week it was about 0.500 for me in all my tournaments. You win some, you lose some, and life goes on.

In our #MatScoutsDynasty league, I suffered a second straight loss of the season dropping my double total record to 8-2 (week eight was BYE week for all teams). The week came to see if 125 Joey Fisher (Clarion) would win his game against Logan Hill (Cleveland State). If Fisher wins, you lose. I was praying not to show up.

Unfortunately, Fisher weighed, lined up, and won the decision. I lost the week to Nene (Earl Smith) publicist 67-65. But it’s okay, my team (Cael Chips) will be fine. Every championship team has a week or two, right?

To sound like a broken record, that’s what I love about this aspect of Fantasy College Wrestling. No offense to Clarion and Cleveland State, but I’ve been following the match where if Fantasy College Wrestling wasn’t around, I probably wouldn’t be.

Think fantasy football. How many players are on your team this year from a rival organization? (The Eagles and Cowboys, the Steelers and Ravens, the Washington soccer team and just about everyone else.) Watching the Browns play The Jets is all the more important because of that backslide she got from last minute concessions. Every point is important.

Fantasy sports are credited as one of the reasons for the increase in popularity of football and the creation of the RedZone (one of the coolest inventions of the century). Fantasy sports assist all participants by creating interest not only in major teams such as Penn State, Iowa, NC State and Oklahoma State, but also in smaller programs such as Gardner-Webb, Bucknell and Utah Valley. It helps to watch those programs. It creates the need for more information that can benefit media outlets such as InterMat, TOM, FloWrestling, etc. from articles and videos.

For me, it’s the soil for planting the seeds of the new crop of wrestling fans. More to come later.

Until week 12.

Another action packed weekend awaits us, as 68 of the 77 teams compete in D1 and 18 of the top 20 teams from last season.

There’s no real D1 action in tournaments this week, but if something pops up, you’ll be the first to know (if those notifications are “played”).

Got a question? Got a recommendation? Let me know and send me a message @FantasyD1wrestl.

Love this week’s wrestlers

Wrestler (School) – Quiz of the Week [Proj Score]

* Sorted by tournament name first, then school name *


Caleb Smith (Appalachian State) – vs. Little Rock, vs. VMI [+8]

Brandon Kaylor (Oregon) – @Northern Colorado, @Wyoming [+8]

Mika Ross (Binghamton) – @Hofstra, @Long Island [+7]

Anthony Noto (Lock Haven) – vs. George Mason, vs. Luke Haven [+7]

Nick Soriano (Michigan) – @Penn State, @Rutgers [+7]

Brandon Seidman (Bicknell) – Against the Sacred Heart, @Drexel [+6]

Greg Diacomhalis (Cornell) – vs. Harvard, vs. Brown [+6]

Noah Surtin (Missouri) – @ Oklahoma, opposite South Dakota [+6]

Brandon Courtney (Arizona) – @CSU Bakersfield [+4]

Michael D’Agostino (NW) vs Nebraska [+4]

Pat Glory (Princeton) vs Colombia [+4]

Brody Teske (UNI) – North Dakota State game [+3]

Gage Carey (Pittsburgh) vs Virginia [+3]


Cody Russell (Appalachian State) – vs. Little Rock, vs. My Mouth [+9]

Anthony Sopotker (Binghamton) – @Hofstra, @Long Island [+9]

Joe Hillman (North Carolina) vs. Duke, vs. Little Rock [+8]

Kurt Phipps (Bicknell) – vs. Sacred Heart, @Drexel [+7]

Devan Turner (Oregon) – @Northern Colorado, @Wyoming [+7]

Joshua Couderhandt (Navy) – @Ohio, Cleveland [+6]

Tony Madrigal (Oklahoma) – Vs Missouri, @Northern Illinois [+6]

Roman Bravo Young (Penn) – @Michigan, @Michigan State [+6]

Michael McGee (Arizona) – @CSU Bakersfield [+4]

Derek Spahn (Buffalo) – @Kent State [+4]

Chris Cannon (NW) vs Nebraska [+4]

Dutton Fix (Oklahoma) – opposite Lehigh [+4]

Lucas Bird (Illinois) – @bordeaux [+3]

Mickey Philippi (Pittsburgh) – vs Virginia [+3]

Corbin Myers (Virginia Tech) – @NC State) [+3]


Ryan Anderson (Binghamton) – @Hofstra, @Long Island [+8]

Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers) – @ Michigan State, @ Michigan [+8]

Caden Cassidy (George Mason) – @Lock Haven, @Bloomsburg [+7]

Kezan Clark (North Carolina) – vs. Duke, vs. Little Rock [+7]

Chad Reed (Nebraska) – @Wisconsin, @Northwestern [+7]

Matt Casimir (Colombia) – @Princeton, @U Penn [+6]

Gabe Willowshell (Edinboro) vs Cleveland State, Ryder (CSU) [+6]

Kieran Hagen (Ohio) – vs. Navy, vs. Davidson [+6]

Shannon Hanna (Campbell) – opposite the castle [+4]

Dresden Simon (Central Michigan) – @Northern Illinois, @SIU-Edwardsville, Vs South Dakota State [+3]

Ian Parker (Iowa) vs. North Dakota [+3]

Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) – vs Virginia [+3]


Yanni Diacomhalis (Cornell) – vs. Brown, vs. Harvard [+10]

PJ Ogunsanya (Army) – vs. American, vs. Franklin and Marshall [+8]

Sammy Sasso (Ohio) – vs. Iowa, vs. Maryland [+8]

Kolby DePron (Bucknell) – Vs Sacred Heart, @Drexel [+8]

John Milner (Appalachian State) – vs. Little Rock, vs. VMI [+7]

Alex Madrigal (George Mason) – @Lock Haven, @Bloomsburg [+7]

Josh Edmund (Missouri) – @ Oklahoma, vs. South Dakota [+6]

Alec Hagen (Ohio) – vs. Navy, vs. Davidson [+6]

Bo Bartlett (Penn) – @Michigan, @Michigan State [+6]

Mike Van Brill (Rutgers) – @ Michigan State, @ Michigan [+6]

Josh Hill (Campbell) – opposite the castle [+5]

Kyle Park (Arizona) – @CSU Bakersfield [+4]

Garrett Deggin (Iowa) vs. North Dakota [+4]

Anthony Artaluna (U Pennsylvania) vs Colombia [+3]

Jarrod Verclairen (Virginia) – @Pittsburgh [+3]


Johnny Lovett (Central Michigan) – @Northern Illinois, @SIU-Edwardsville, Vs South Dakota State [+10]

Austin O’Connor (North Carolina) vs. Duke, vs. Little Rock [+9]

Marcus Hartmann (Army) – vs. American, vs. Franklin and Marshall [+8]

Kendall Coleman (Purdue) – vs. Illinois vs. Wisconsin [+7]

Hunter Richard (Cornell) – vs. Brown, vs. Harvard [+6]

Will Liwan (Michigan) – @Penn State, @Rutgers [+6]

Andrew Cerneglia (Navy) – @Ohio, Cleveland [+6]

Jakuri Timmer (Arizona) – @CSU Bakersfield [+4]

David Carr (Iowa) – vs. North Dakota [+4]

Quincy Monday (Princeton) vs Colombia [+4]

Dazgun Kasto (The Castle) – @Campbell [+3]

Parker Cropman (Drexel) – vs. Bucknell [+3]

Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) – @ Oklahoma State [+3]

Caleb Young (Iowa) – @ Ohio State [+3]

Doug Zapf (U Pennsylvania) vs Colombia [+3]

Elijah Cleary (Pittsburgh) vs Virginia [+3]

Ed Scott (North Carolina) – Vs Virginia Tech [+3]


Dalton Harkins (Army) – vs. American, vs. Franklin and Marshall [+8]

Zach Hartmann (Bicknell) – vs. Sacred Heart, @Drexel [+8]

Keegan O’Toole (Missouri) – @ Oklahoma, opposite South Dakota [+8]

Dean Hammetti (Wisconsin) – Vs Nebraska, @Purdue [+8]

Will Formato (Appalachian State) – vs. Little Rock, vs. VMI [+7]

Joshua Ogonsanya (Colombia) – Princeton, U Penn [+6]

Luke Weber (North Dakota) – @Iowa, @UNI [+6]

Isaac Olignik (Northern Illinois) – vs. Central Michigan, vs. Oklahoma [+6]

Brady Berg (Penn) – @Michigan, @Michigan State [+6]

Travis Whitlik (Oklahoma) – Vs Lehigh [+3]


Michael Labriola (Nebraska) – @Wisconsin, @Northwestern [+8]

Chris Foca (Cornell) – vs. Brown, vs. Harvard [+7]

Logan Messer (George Mason) – @Lock Haven, @Bloomsburg [+6]

Austin Murphy (Campbell) – The Castle [+4]

Eric Beck (Bellarmine) vs. Davidson [+3]

Michael O’Malley (Drexel) vs. Bucknell [+3]

Matt Vinsilver (Duke) – @North Carolina [+3]

Dustin Plott (Oklahoma) – Vs Lehigh [+3]

Kidd DeVos (South Dakota) – @Missouri, Vs Central Michigan, Vs SIU-Edwardsville [+9]

Justin Phillips (Virginia) – @pittsburgh [+3]


Gavin Keane (North Carolina) – vs. Duke, vs. Little Rock [+9]

Jonathan Love (Cornell) – vs. Brown, vs. Harvard [+8]

Tree Munoz (Oregon) – @Northern Colorado, @Wyoming [+7]

Jeremiah Kent (Missouri) – @Oklahoma, vs. South Dakota [+7]

Brett Wilson (Northern Illinois) vs. Central Michigan, vs. Oklahoma [+7]

Caleb Romero (Ohio) vs. Iowa vs. Maryland [+6]

Caleb Hopkins (Campbell) – opposite the castle [+5]

Charles Small (Hofstra) – opposite Binghamton [+4]

Marcus Coleman (Iowa) – vs. North Dakota [+4]

Parker Cakes (UNI) – North Dakota State Match [+4]

Dakota Gear (Oklahoma) – Vs Lehigh [+4]


Tyler Musso (VMI) – Vs Appalachian State, Vs Bellarmine, Vs Gardner-Webb [+12]

Matt Stencil (Central Michigan) – @Northern Illinois, @SIU-Edwardsville, Vs South Dakota State [+11]

Jack Brown (Army) – vs. American, vs. Franklin and Marshall [+8]

Lou DePrez (Binghamton) – @Hofstra, @Long Island [+8]

Jacob Cardenas (Cornell) – vs. Brown, vs. Harvard [+7]

Max Shaw (North Carolina) – vs. Duke, vs. Little Rock [+7]

Rocky Elam (Missouri) – @ Oklahoma, vs. South Dakota [+6]

Eric Schultz (Nebraska) – @Wisconsin, @Northwestern [+6]

Levi Hopkins (Campbell) – opposite the castle [+5]

AJ Ferrari (Oklahoma State) – Vs Lehigh [+5]

Tanner Sloan (South Dakota) – @Missouri, Vs Central Michigan, Vs SIU-Edwardsville [+5]

Jacob Warner (Iowa) – @ Ohio State [+3]

Isaac Trumbull (NC) – Vs Virginia Tech [+3]

Cole Urbas (U Pennsylvania) vs Colombia [+3]

Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming) vs Oregon [+3]


Luis Fernandez (Cornell) vs. Brown vs. Harvard [+10]

Mason Paris (Michigan) – @Penn State, @Rutgers [+8]

Brandon Metz (North Dakota) – @Iowa, @UNI [+6]

Anthony Cassiope (Iowa) _ @ Ohio State [+4]

Jordan Wood (Lehigh) – @ Oklahoma State [+3]

Ben Golden (U Pennsylvania) vs Colombia [+3]

Nathan Traxler (Virginia Tech) – @ NC State [+3]

I think I missed someone? Don’t agree with someone on the list or drop them? Want to know our thoughts on the match? Let me know!

Win the week!

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