InterMat Wrestling – Jagger’s Friday Mailbag

Jaden Ehrman, first four-time American (Photo courtesy of Tony Rotondo,

Well we’ve been in the mail bag over three months and I have to be honest, I didn’t know if I could make it through the last three weeks. I feel like we’re settling into a groove here and apparently, there are prizes that will feed my ego more, so my drive to get better is high. So get ready because it’s time to earn some hardware and annoy the real writers out there. Seth Duckworth! I come to you! But seriously, congratulations to Seth on winning the NWMA Journalist of the Year award. I am honored to use your parking spot when you are on one of your other 15 jobs. For your questions, there were a lot of them.

What makes the Jags this year’s Jaydin Eierman starter? The bonus rate is below 50% for the first time since 2017. Worried? Tweet embed

So, undefeated Jayden Ehrman won a few matches with a score that, apparently, was not up to the wrestling fan. Well, let me put this to you. Who said his opponents didn’t improve? Riddler has been in the school for a long time now and is close to completing a full four-year course at two schools. I’m assuming he’s peaked in folk and won’t get any better at this point. Meanwhile, his competition is still improving and you know he’s making the best match for every player, so
No hiking here. His main concern now is March and that title is out of reach. Are there some bumps in the road along the way? Sure, it’s a tough season and his first full season since 2019. Maybe he’s trying some new ways to prepare. He may not show his full hand on the rug. Either way, I still expect him to reach the semi-finals on Friday night, most likely against an opponent he knows well, and has to get the job done. Jaydin is a pro pro. knows this. I’m not worried.

With the continued success of #JaggerNight at the Jersey Mike’s Arena, do you see a partnership emerging between you and RUWrestling? It’s clear that she’s been a huge hit with fans. Many celebrities have asked me when my next date is. @UWW_Creative

Jagger’s night at Rutgers was huge! On Twitter, that is. With masks and less indoor smoking, I was able to navigate the square unnoticed. But my kids showed up to kick some ass and we all had a great time watching it. I hope to be back soon to see my buddies Brian and Dan and maybe then they’ll get some skulls broken when the paparazzi attack me at the gates.

Long time listener, first time speaker. How long does it take to verify @keithgavin84 on Twitter? Will it be before or after turning the Bet program into a permanent program from the top ten? @babygravy3rdtry

No real coach cares about being verified. (But I do, make it happen, Willie!) He or she knows the best way for this blue check is to pass. Two finalists last year and another guy who beat Micic leads me to believe he’s doing something there. What they need is one great recruit to put them over the top and open the door for those top talents in the Western PA. If he makes it, I think about the top ten every year.

How do you feel when you’re the hottest guy on Twitter wrestling? Tweet embed

So hot it’s been on fire for a while. I appreciate the compliment and I think I was fine for my age level, but now I’m ugly.

Not much of a question but… Discuss @MTorriero and his Twitter blast. MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen

Sheesh.. did anyone break into the scene just like Mike? Ever wanted a running count of followers? Mike’s got you. Have you ever wanted to be publicly ashamed for not liking your tweets? Mike’s got you. I don’t know what Mike’s endgame is here, but I’m tied up and ready to see how you get there. That’s all I can really say.

Who the hell is Mike Toreiro? Trustworthy

You are dead, man. You are very dead.

What Portillo would you take and who would win GVWrestling or superwrestling? Tweet embed

Family drama on the Great Plains! In the rarest of circumstances, twin brothers Justin and Joshua Portillo will meet this Saturday as the NAIA juggernaut Grand View travels to powerful D2 Nebraska-Kearney for a translation duo encounter. We haven’t expected since Brett and Owen Hart to walk out at WrestleMania X that blood is being shed by men who share the same blood. Well, we might want to see Paul attack each other, but that’s beside the point. I have no idea how many sibling matches we had in college. I’m not sure Jason Bryant knows that. This one should be fun as neither of them seem interested in getting in the way of anything.

I spoke to the brothers to see how their nerves were running in and they didn’t seem to be shaken in the least. Big Brother Justin had to say, “The last time we got into a fight, he called our mom. Those seven long minutes of pain, he’ll have nowhere to hide.” interesting. Not to be outdone by Joshua on the carpet or by nonsense talk, he said, “The second twin is always the best and that’s a well-known statistical fact.” he is right. I searched for it on google. With any luck, he’ll end up with proud Papa Regino Portillo pulling them off the rug by the ears like the good old days.

You need to go for your order in the bread shop. I’ll hang up and listen. Tweet embed

Always a dozen, without a doubt. You never know what might happen. All bagels, of course, but I’ll mix in a few simple things in case I host the communists that day.

He has a fake mailbag (face emoji) @Tork76

It’s more like an extended Twitter response, but my code still works in HQ.

Well, that’s about it for this week. I wanted to keep going, but you’d stop caring eventually, so I don’t want to tire you out. An action packed weekend with the first round of the NFL Playoffs and tons of great duos that seem to be buzzing before pressure time. Blend in a freezing northeast and most of you have no excuse to do anything else, so turn on these screens. Take it sleazy, everyone.

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