InterMat Wrestling – Missouri Returns with a Win: 2022 Big 12 Final Results and NCAA Qualifiers

2022 Big 12 champion Missouri Tigers (photo courtesy of Mark Lundy;

After a long hiatus away from the Big 12 conference, Missouri has returned with a vengeance to take back their crown that they won the last time they were in the conference.

The early rounds saw Oklahoma State with an edge as they piled up wins in their first-round boots, along with a decent quarterfinal round that pushed six into the semifinals and included two head-to-head wins over Missouri.

Then after the semifinals, where Oklahoma State pushed another four into the finals and won one first round consolation match, they still held the team point lead.
But Missouri and Oklahoma went to work on the consolation side. Missouri won six first round consolation matches and four in the second round while Oklahoma State only won one first round match and didn’t win any in the second round.

Oklahoma quietly stormed back into the conversation as well, keeping all ten guys in the tournament and going 7-0 in both the first and second consolation rounds. This helped them surpass Oklahoma State and get within striking distance of Missouri heading into day two.

To start the second day, Oklahoma needed a little help and had to wrestle nearly perfect on the consolation side to overtake Missouri. They wrestled solid, but so did Missouri and it ultimately just wasn’t enough to get in contention.

The Sooners grabbed one third place finish, a few fourths, a fifth, and sixth, which ultimately couldn’t catch them up with Missouri, who got third place finishes from the Elam brothers and a few other medal match wins that locked in the team title for them going into the finals.

The team race was already decided going into the finals, but there were still champions to be crowned.

At 125 West Virginia got a champion as Killian Cardinale controlled Brody Teske to an 8-3 decision. Oklahoma State got a title at 133 Daton Fix won his third Big 12 championship with a 6-2 decision over Northern Iowa’s Kyle Biscoglia.

Andrew Alirez made history for Northern Colorado by winning the program’s first-ever individual Big 12 title at 141. He beat Allan Hart 6-4.

At 149, it was Bedlam as OSU’s Kaden Gfeller and OU’s Willie McDougald squared off. Gfeller managed to push a few stall calls on McDougald to get a 2-1 decision and his second Big 12 title.

At 157 NCAA Champion David Carr dominated his way to another Big 12 title with an 8-2 win over North Dakota State’s Jared Franek. At 165 Keegan O’Toole was tested a bit more than normal, but picked up a 13-7 decision over West Virginia’s Peyton Hall. Dustin Plott used a late takedown and rideout to pick up his first Big 12 title and Parker Keckeisen had a dominant major decision win over Missouri’s Jeremiah Kent.
Stephen Buchanan won the toughest weight in the Big 12 with a 3-2 decision over South Dakota State’s Tanner Sloan.

Heavyweight got off to a wild start as Luke Surber took #1 seed Wyatt Hendrickson down early and put him on his back. Hendrickson recovered, escaped, took Surber down and put him on his back. It was all Hendrickson from there as he dominated his way to a major decision and the Air Force Academy’s first Big 12 title.

Final team scores

1) Missouri 131.5
2) Oklahoma 113
3) Iowa State 110
4) Oklahoma State 107.5
5) Northern Iowa 100
6) South Dakota State 66
7) North Dakota State 62
7) West Virginia 62
9) Wyoming 57.5
10) Air Force 45
11) Northern Colorado 35.5
12) Utah Valley 34

Championship Finals

125 – Killian Cardinale (West Virginia) dec Brody Teske (Northern Iowa) 8-3
133 – Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) dec Kyle Biscoglia (Northern Iowa) 6-2
141 – Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) dec Allan Hart (Missouri) 6-4
149 – Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma State) dec Willie McDougald (Oklahoma) 2-1
157 – David Carr (Iowa State) dec Jared Franek (North Dakota State) 8-2
165 – Keegan O’Toole (Missouri) dec Peyton Hall (West Virginia) 13-7
174 – Dustin Plott (Oklahoma State) dec Peyton Mocco (Missouri) 4-3
184 – Peyton Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) maj Jeremiah Kent (Missouri) 13-3
197 – Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming) dec Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State) 3-2
285 – Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force) maj Luke Surber (Oklahoma State) 16-6

Third Place Boots

125 – Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Oklahoma State) dec Joey Prata (Oklahoma) 4-1
133 – Ramazan Attasauov (Iowa State) dec Sidney Flores (Air Force) 8-5
141 – Clay Carlson (South Dakota State) dec Dylan Droegemueller (North Dakota State) 7-5
149 – Colin Realbuto (Northern Iowa) dec Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) 8-6
157 – Jacob Wright (Wyoming) dec Justin Thomas (Oklahoma) 6-5TB
165 – Austin Yant (Northern Iowa) dec Luke Weber (North Dakota State) 6-5
174 – Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma) dec Cade DeVos (South Dakota State) 6-3
184 – Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) maj Keegan Moore (Oklahoma) 19-6
197 – Rocky Elam (Missouri) dec Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) 6-1
285 – Zach Elam (Missouri) dec Sam Schuyler (Iowa State) 6-1

Fifth Place Bouts

125 – Taylor LaMont (Utah Valley) maj Jace Koelzer (Northern Colorado) 19-6
133 – Haiden Drury (Utah Valley) dec Tony Madrigal (Oklahoma) 2-1
141 – Ian Parker (Iowa State) dec Jacob Butler (Oklahoma) 8-7
149 – Josh Edmond (Missouri) maj Dylan Martinez (Air Force) 8-17
157 – Jarrett Jacques (Missouri) dec Derek Holschlag (Northern Iowa) 3-1SV
165 – Joe Grello (Oklahoma) dec Isaac Judge (Iowa State) 6-2
174 – Hayden Hastings (Wyoming) MedFFT Lance Runyon (Northern Iowa)
184 – Dakota Geer (Oklahoma State) dec DJ Parker (North Dakota State) 13-10
197 – Younger Bastida (Iowa State) MedFFT Owen Pentz (North Dakota State)
285 – AJ Nevils (South Dakota State) dec Josh Heindselman (Oklahoma) 5-4TB

Seventh Place Bouts

125 – Noah Surtin (Missouri) dec Kysen Terukina (Iowa State) 5-3SV
133 – Connor Brown (Missouri) fall Gabe Tagg (South Dakota State) 5:53
141 – Carter Young (Oklahoma State) dec Ty Smith (Utah Valley) 7-4
149 – Gaven Sax (North Dakota State) dec Jeffrey Boyd (West Virginia) 12-5
157 – Alex Hornfeck (West Virginia) dec Kenny O’Neill (South Dakota State) 8-2
165 – Tanner Cook (South Dakota State) fall Nick Knutson (Northern Colorado) 2:25
174 – Joel Devine (Iowa State) dec Dennis Robin (West Virginia) 6-0
184 – Tate Samuelson (Wyoming) fall Anthony Carman (West Virginia) 1:40
197 – Evan Bockman (Utah Valley) dec Alan Clothier (Northern Colorado) 7-4
285 – Michael Wolfgram (West Virginia) dec Brandon Metz (North Dakota State) 3-1

Automatic Qualifiers by Team

Air Force: (2) Sidney Flores (125); Wyatt Hendrickson (285)

Iowa State: (8) Ramazan Attasaouv (133); Ian Parker (141); Jarrett Degen (149); David Carr (157); Joel Devine (174); Marcus Coleman (184); Younger Bastida (197); Sam Schuyler (285)

Missouri: (7) Allan Hart (141); Jarrett Jacques (157); Keegan O’Toole (165); Peyton Mocco (174); Jeremiah Kent (184); Rocky Elam (197); Zach Elam (285)

North Dakota State: (4) Dylan Droegemueller (141); Jared Franek (157); Luke Weber (165); Owen Pentz (197)

Northern Colorado: (2) Jace Koelzer (125); Andrew Alirez (141)

Northern Iowa: (7) Brody Teske (125); Kyle Biscoglia (133); Colin Realbuto (149); Derek Holschlag (157); Austin Yant (165); Lance Runyon (174); Parker Keckeisen (184)

Oklahoma: (9) Joey Prata (125); Tony Madrigal (133); Jacob Butler (141); Willie McDougald (149); Justin Thomas (157); Anthony Mantanona (174); Keegan Moore (184); Jake Woodley (197); Josh Heindselman (285)

Oklahoma State: (6) Trevor Mastrogiovanni (125); Daton Fix (133); Carter Young (141); Kaden Gfeller (149); Dustin Plott (174); Luke Surber (285)

South Dakota State: (4) Clay Carlson (141); Cade DeVos (174); Tanner Sloan (197); A.J. Nevils (285)

Utah Valley: (3) Taylor LaMont (125); Haiden Drury (133); Evan Bockman (197)

West Virginia: (3) Killian Cardinale (125); Peyton Hall (165); Dennis Robin (174)

Wyoming: (3) Jacob Wright (157); Hayden Hastings (174); Stephen Buchanan (197)

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