InterMat Wrestling – Pac-12 Conference Updates (1/15/22)

2x NCAA Qualifier Jackson Desario (Image via Tony Rotondo,

The weekend’s action began on Friday, when the convention leader, #6 Arizona, #25 Pittsburgh, 24-19, stunned into enemy territory. The Sun Devils won six matches out of ten, but ceded very few bonus points in the evening. On the West Coast, #23 Oregon spoiled their Little Rock conference season opener with a 34-0, ten-game sweep. (More on these binaries in the next feed!)


Saturday 15 January

Little Rock at Stanford – Live via Pac-12 Insider (TV) / Pac-12 Plus Stanford (web) @ 5pm PST – *Pac-12 Dual-Meet

The Trojans have little time to pity themselves as they face another talented opponent at the conference at Stanford on the second and final leg of their wild ride on the West Coast.

Predicted lineups: Little Rock vs Stanford

125: Jayden Carson vs. Logan Ashton
133: Jaylene Carson vs #29 Jackson Desario
141: Conner Ward vs #6 Real Woods
149: Joseph Bianchi vs. #13 Jaden Abbas
157: Chase Tibbets vs. Charlie Darracott
165: Tyler Brennan vs #4 Shane Griffith
174: Triston Wells vs #29 Tyler Ishins
184: Tanner Mendoza vs. Colby Harlan or Judah Dom
197: Brooks Sacharczyk vs. Nick Steemit
285: Josiah Hill vs. Peter Meng or Seamus O’Malley

Sunday January 16

CSU Bakersfield at the Chippewa Challenge – Live via ESPN + (TV/Web) @ 8am PST

Cal State Bakersfield is looking to rebound in the Chippewa Challenge double event after a modest, 44-0 defeat to the No. 8 Iowa Hurricanes earlier in the week. They will have three chances for a first double victory of the year, as they face the host Central Michigan (8 a.m. PST), Campbell (10 a.m.), and the American (12 p.m.), respectively.

Predicted lineups: CSU Bakersfield vs Central Michigan vs Campbell vs America

125: Eddie Flores vs. Brock Berglin, Sean Spadel vs. Corbin Mink, Zurich Storm or Anthony Moulton vs. Max Litt
133: #16 Chance Rich vs. Jay Kerrone Merritt or Vince Perez vs. Dominic Zakon vs. Andy Fallon or Jack Maeda
141: #27 Angelo Martinoni or Louie Ramos vs. #13 Desden Simon or Drew Martin vs. Shannon Hanna or Chris Rivera vs. Ethan Zarinsets
149: Josh Brown vs. #27 Corbin Monson or Mason Press vs. #9 Josh Hill vs. Patrick Ryan or Ryan Zimmerman
157: Brock Rogers vs. #18 Jonny Lovett vs. Matthew Dallara or Jake Chisholm vs. Elijah White or Antonio Segura
165: Augustin Garcia vs. Tracy Hubbard or Alex Jacobs vs. Troy Nation vs. Bryon Pfeiffer
174: Albert Urreas vs. Brett Vidio vs #18 Austin Murphy vs. Tim Fitzpatrick or Ben Root
184: Jacob Hansen vs. Ben Cushman vs. #25 Caleb Hopkins or Cameron Andrews vs. Colin Shannon
197: Josh Lomer or Matthew Morales vs. Aaron Polo or Kid Dallowitz vs. Chris Cooper or Levi Hopkins vs. Karsten Rawls or Conor Bourne
285: Jake Andrews or Jacob Sider vs. #9 Matt Stencil vs. #25 Ty Gadeley vs. Isaac Reiter

#6 Arizona State vs Princeton – Live via ESPN+ (TV/Web) @9am PST

The Sun Devils are looking to end their East Coast tours with a victory before they begin their dual convention at Cal Poly and at CSU Bakersfield, next weekend. The morning marquee shifts will probably be at 125lbs and 157lbs, when Sun Devil and All-American Tigers collide.

Project Listings: #6 Arizona vs. Princeton
125: #4 Brandon Courtney vs. #2 Patrick Glory
133: #4 Michael McGee vs. Nick Masters
141: Julian Shlebov vs Danny Coles
149: #11 Kyle Barco vs. Marshall Keeler
157: #3 Jakuri Timmer vs #11 Quincy Monday
165: #6 Anthony Valencia vs. Jake Marsh
174: Zayn Coleman vs. Nate Duggan
184: Josh Nomer vs #22 Travis Stefanik
197: #9 Cordell Norfleet vs Luke Stout #16
285: #3 Colton Schultz vs. Matt Cover

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