InterMat Wrestling – Pac-12 Weekend Preview (2/3/22)

2021 Pac 12 Finals 165 lbs. with Shane Griffith (left) and Anthony Valencia (Photo courtesy of Tony Rotondo,

With the California State High School Series kicking off the first of four weekends, the Pac-12 double season continues as we head into March. The weekend presents three conference duels, plus Little Rock’s Big XII opponent Oklahoma and CSU Bakersfield facing future Big XII opponent at the California Baptist.

#7 Arizona State aims to complete its convention sweep, with a home two-way game against Stanford and a visit to Little Rock to book a weekend at the Sun Devils. Meanwhile, Oregon hosts Cal Poly, with the winner splitting a tie in the standings—both teams boasting identical records 1-1 Pac-12 interference duo, having beaten Little Rock and lost to Arizona State.

Pac-12 Dual Arrangement (as of 2/1/2022)

the first. #7 Arizona State (3-0)
The second. Stanford (1-0)
T3rd. #24 Oregon (1-1)
T3rd. Cal Poly (1-1)
Fifth. CSU Bakersfield (0-1)
VI. Little Rock (0-3)


Friday 4 February

#7 Arizona State vs Stanford (11am Pacific) * Pac 12 Duo

Some interesting encounters could arise in this double encounter, as Stanford is visiting Tempe to meet a team from Arizona State. Although the Cardinal isn’t in the InterMat Top-25 Dual Team ranking, he’s 17th in the championship team rankings, for good reason. (Arizona State is currently ranked fourth as a championship team.) The Cardinal’s lineup includes five ranked wrestlers, to seven Sun Devils, and we’re expecting three ranked matches featuring five all-American prospects at 133, 149 and 165 lbs.

125: #4 Brandon Courtney (Arizona) vs. Sahas Chundi (Stanford)
133: #4 Michael McGee vs. #29 Jackson Desario
141: Julian Schleboff or Cleveland Belton vs #5 Real Woods
149: #9 Kyle Barco vs #12 Jaden Abbas
157: #3 Jakuri Timmer vs. Charlie Darracut
165: #7 Anthony Valencia vs #3 Shane Griffith
174: Zane Coleman or Ryan Rushford vs #29 Tyler Ishins
184: Josh Nomer vs. Nick Addison
197: #11 Cordell Norfleet vs Nick Stemmet
285: #2 Colton Schultz vs. Peter Ming

Little Rock @ Oklahoma (4 p.m. PT)

125: Jayden Carson vs. #32 Joey Prata
133: Jaylene Carson vs #20 Tony Madrigal
141: Conner Ward vs. Zach Zimmer
149: Joseph Bianchi vs #21 Willie McDougald
157: Austin Keel vs #14 Justin Thomas
165: Tyler Brennan vs. Joe Grillo
174: Testaments of Triston vs. #20 Anthony Mantanona
184: Brayden Dillow vs. #28 Darren Roberts or Keegan Moore
197: Brooks Sacharczyk vs. #14 Jake Woodley
285: Josiah Hill vs. #28 Josh Heinselmann

#24 Oregon vs Cal Poly (7pm PT) * Pac 12 Duo

Similar to the Arizona State and Stanford meeting, discussed above, the #24 Oregon duo and Cal Poly offers intrigue—because while they’re not ranked in duos, the Mustang is the nation’s #12 championship team (Oregon is not ranked in the rankings). tournament). Cal Poly will need its growing persistence from high-production athletes to conquer Oregon’s overall lineup.

125: #16 Brandon Kylor vs. #30 Antonio Lorenzo
133: #12 Devan Turner vs. Abby Heinrichsen
141: #14 Grant Willetts vs. #31 Lawrence Sainz
149: #28 Cory Crooks vs #17 Legend Lamir
157: #15 Hunter Willets vs. Brawley Lammer
165: Mason Reinisch vs. Evan Wake #1
174: #27 Matthew Olmos vs. #8 Adam Kemp
184: #12 Trey Munoz vs #5 Bernie Truex
197: Ryan Reyes vs. Trent Tracy
285: #9 Gary Troup vs. Sam Aguilar

CSU Bakersfield @ California Baptist (7 pm)

125: Eddie Flores vs. Devin Garcia
133: #14 Chance Rich vs Hunter Lake
141: #27 Angelo Martinoni vs. Christian Nunez
149: Josh Brown vs. Chaz Hallmark
157: Brooke Rogers vs. Aaj Raya
165: Augustin Garcia vs. Frank Almagier
174: Albert Jureas vs. Luis Rojas
184: Jacob Hansen vs. Caden Gerlach
197: Josh Lomer vs. Eric Lopez
285: Jacob Cedar vs. Christopher Island

Sunday February 6

Little Rock vs #7 Arizona State (11am Pacific) * Pac 12 Duo

125: Jayden Carson vs #4 Brandon Courtney
133: Jaylene Carson vs #4 Michael McGee
141: Conner Ward vs. Julian Schleboff or Cleveland Bilton
149: Joseph Bianchi vs. #9 Kyle Park
157: Austin Keel vs. Kell. #3 Jakuri Timer
165: Tyler Brennan vs #7 Anthony Valencia
174: Triston Wells vs. Zane Coleman or Ryan Rochford
184: Brayden Delow vs. Josh Nomer
197: Brooks Sacharczyk vs #11 Cordell Norfleet
285: Josiah Hill vs #2 Colton Schultz

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