Is Demetrius Andrade making right choice moving to 168?

by Sean Jones: Demetrius Andrade makes a bold move in relinquishing his WBO middleweight title to quickly go up to 168 to chase down WBO champ Canelo Alvarez to force the famous undisputed champ to face him or vacate him.

To catch up with Canelo’s runaway, Andrade would need to defeat WBO Zach Parker #1 (22-0, 16 KOs) in the super middleweight title contender to become mandatory for that title.

Andrade is ready to pluck the golden goose

At this point, it’s the right move for 33-year-old Andrade (31-0, 19 KOs) to move to 168 in pursuit of Canelo so he can pluck the golden goose from his feathers.

If Andrade stays at 160, he’ll need to defend his WBO middleweight against mandatory Zanibek Alimkhanoli next, and it won’t be a walk in the park.

Besides, there wouldn’t be a lot of money to be made for Demetrius, a fight that could prove to be the toughest of his career. The 2016 Olympian Zanibek is a strong player, and he’s going to make it tough for Andrade.

Andrade relinquishes the WBO title

It’s no big deal for Andrade to clear his 160-pound WBO title because it was frozen by these top fighters:

  • Gennady Golovkin
  • Jermal Charlotte
  • Jaime Mongoya

Staying at 160 means Andrade will falter defending the belt against unknown fighters the US boxing fans have never heard of and don’t care to see.

“Demetrius Andrade’s three-year reign is over. I have been told that Andrade intends to give up his 160-pound WBO title and move to 168 pounds,” Chris Mannix said on JABs on the DAZN Boxing Show.

The plan is for Andrade to fight Zack Parker in a elimination fight, making the winner mandatory for one of the belts. [WBO] Held by Canelo Alvarez.

“Andrade has had a hard time fighting fights in the 160. Is it the right move for Andrade to go up to 168?”

“It’s not just the right move to get the number up to 168, but not to fight the mandatory,” said Sergio Mora. “I will tell you, man, that this Zhanibek Alimkhanuly will not be a joke to fight.

“The former Olympian, a Sothebow’s version of Gennady Golovkin, would have been all a headache. Too much risk and no reward, and Demetrius Andrade knows what other champs Charlo and Canelo think of Andrade.

“It’s a lot of risk and not enough reward, so he’s hit a very middleweight. Who knows who’s going to fight there, but it’s the right move and keep chasing the big money and the big names, even if it’s at 168,” said Mora.

At least with Andrade transitioning to super middleweight, he can make Canelo look bad if he chooses a fight swerve against him. At 168, Andrade could have fights against Caleb Plant, David Benavidez and David Morrell Jr, if not against Canelo.

The important thing is to win the third division title

Andrade’s popularity will help him win the WBO 168lb title in 2022, as the boxing audience will be aware that he’s picking up the belt in the same weight class as Canelo.

Where Andrade was previously at 160, it wouldn’t help his career because the weight division was dead.

With Canelo moving to level 168 and rarely battling Gennadiy Golovkin, the 160-pound division is dead and devoid of talent and convincing fights.

Andrade would have done himself a huge favor if he gave up the 160-pound WBO title in 2021 and rose to 168 because he could have already put Canelo into boxing, forcing him to take on him.

“Comparing Andrade to your side is absurd,” Mannix said. “Zhanibek has no address. Zhanibek has no money. For the past three years, Andrade has had a belt and a boat full of cash behind him.

“So there’s really no comparison on that front,” Mannix continued. All that said, I put on the record that I was hoping to see Andrade stay at 160 and run again in [Jaime] Munguia or Golovkin or [Jermall] Charlo.

“But I understand reading the scene, it was hard to do one of those fights for the next six months. Munguia D’Mitrius Ballard is scheduled to fight in February and then aim for a fight against Gennadiy Golovkin after that.”

“You have you fight Golovkin in March or April and then you fight Canelo or maybe Munguia after that. Then, of course, Canelo is no longer in the Andrade weight class.

“Jermal Charlo may fight in his next fight, which will take another middleweight title from the table. By moving to level 168, Andrade will position himself as the 33-year-old to win a world title in the third weight class.

“So it’s not perfect, and it’s not the fight Andrade was looking for, but winning a title in the third weight class is a good achievement, and so is the money that comes with it,” Mannix said.

Zach Parker wasn’t the fight Andrade was looking for, but if he defeats him, he’ll be mandatory for Canelo’s 168-pound belt with the WBO.

There’s a good chance Canelo will throw the WBO title overboard to lighten his ship’s cargo to escape the stalking Demetrius.

Canelo has to get rid of the ballast to keep his ship afloat as he is being chased by the lions Andrade, David Benavides and David Morrell Jr. at the age of 168.

The golden-haired Canillo couldn’t be burdened with titles that would allow these pirates to grab him and strip him of his loot.

Demetrius can keep making millions

There is a good chance Canelo will quickly relinquish the 168-pound WBO title if Andrade defeats No. 1 Zach Parker in the title remover.

Canelo would stay true to his formation and ditch his WBO middleweight title like Hot Potato. In fact, Shawn Jones is now anticipating it.

Canelo won’t get rid of his WBO 168lb title fast enough if Andrade beats Parker because he doesn’t want any part of Providence, Rhode Island.

On the other hand, if 27-year-old Parker (22-0, 16KOs) somehow manages to create a disruption of the ages against Andrade, Shawn Jones expects Canelo to retain his WBO title and defend it against the British fighter. It is all completely predictable.

“I keep saying it, and I will say it again. Andrade will continue to make millions By beating him up, even if they’re at 168 now,” Mora said. “Comparing Zhanibek and Andrade, there are some comparisons out there.

“They’re both high IQs, Southpaws, Olympian, but putting it aside, it’s the right move for Andrade because he’s not going to get Canelos or Charlos or anyone else.

“But if he can keep making a lot of money defending his titles, staying undefeated, and staying on the radar, he might hit gold by being patient and continuing to make a lot of money,” Mora said.

“What is a fighter with a high IQ? What is it?” Mannix said.

“High fighting IQ, that’s what I said,” said Maura.

Well, Andrade would still need Canelo’s WBO title at 168 to keep making millions, and that would require the WBO to order a fight.

If WBO delays after Andrade beat POoarker in the title remover, Canelo will likely retain the title until a fight is called in.

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