Is George Kambosos Jr. the undisputed 135-lb champion? WBC president Suliaman dances around question

by Sean Jones: WBC President Mauricio Suleiman sounded like a politician on Thursday when asked whether or not George Camposos Jr. is the undisputed lightweight champion.

In response to DAZN’s question, Solomon fired a long, complex answer that ultimately made no sense. Unless this was Solomon’s way, he seemed to evade the question wander at length, going in different directions without answering the simple question of whether or not Campossus is the undisputed champion.

It’s an essential question because promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing argues that Kambosos is not the undisputed champion and can only earn that distinction by defeating the WBC belt holder. Devin Haniwho is promoting it.

Haney is a hero in name only after rising to the point without facing anyone. The World Boxing Council installed Haney as the WBC Lightweight Champion in 2019, and he has proudly defended the belt ever since, acting as if he fought for it rather than being promoted to the position.

Solomon does not answer the question

“I think it’s nonsense,” Solomon told the DAZN Boxing Show when asked if Kambosos is the undisputed champion in the lightweight.

“People want to see big battles, and this confusion makes people angry,” Solomon continued, appearing to avoid asking whether Camposos was the undisputed hero.

“I understand that people see and look at things differently. I totally respect that.

“The assignment of the franchise goes to the facts; it resulted in Theofemo vs. Lomchenko and Lomachenko against Camposos. It led to the action of Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney against the great champion Linares, and then Jojo Diaz.

“I am very happy with the activity, and very proud to see a great tournament unfold and there are a lot of great fights that can happen whether it’s Camposos, Hani, Ryan Garcia, Lomachenko, we don’t know about Tiofimo Lopez, there is a lot of talent,” said Solomon.

It is interesting that Barak, the presenter of the DAZN Boxing program, did not keep Solomon and insisted that he answer the question of whether Kambosos is the undisputed champion or not.

It’s likely that Barack gave up because he didn’t want to risk listening to him Solomon goes to another level An answer that would eat up the precious time left on his Thursday night show.

Solomon was wandering in a way unrelated to the question put to him. He may have broken the senator Huey Long exercised for 15 hours in 1935.

During Huey Long’s block against the New Deal legislation, he gave his Fried oyster recipe.

Solomon seemed to be heading in that direction when asked by DAZN if Kambosos was the undisputed lightweight champion.

Solomon already said Camposos is undisputed

Hearn’s argument in favor of why Haney should take a fight with quadruple belt champion Campossos in April rather than Vasily Lomachenko is that boxing fans need a Camposos-Hani fight to determine who is the true undisputed champion at the age of 135.

Unfortunately, Suleiman has already confused boxing fans by saying that Camposos is the undisputed champion after defeating Teofimo Lopez on November 27. Kambosos holds the IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO lightweight titles.

He doesn’t have the regular WBC belt, which Hearn feels Camposos needs to be called the undisputed champ. Meanwhile, the boxing audience is not interested in the argument.

They view Camposos as a hero because of his victory over Tiofemo. Whether he’s the undisputed champion or not, this is a bunch of fluff that’s going over their heads, which is why there’s not much arguing that Hearn should convince Camposus to take on Haney instead of Lomchenko.

In the end, Kambosos and his promoter Lou DiBella will decide who they want based on money and chances of winning.

If the financial offers from Lomachenko’s promoters at Top Rank are close to what Hearn’s Matchroom offers to Kambosos, Haney will get the fight, even if his bid is lower.

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The reason for this is that he is defeatable, and even if Campossus loses to him, he will not be humiliated the way he would likely be if he faced Lomchenko.

Haney can’t punch, and the way he was going to defeat Camposus was to stay outside and punch him all night. Yes, it would be boring, but it is still effective.

In contrast, if Kambosos encounters Lomachenko, he’ll get a boxing lesson and likely get out at some point unless he’s running around the ring all night.

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