It’s Devin Haney’s turn. Loma lost, let’s move on!

by Hector Gonzalez – This story did not begin with George Camposos Jr., who defeated Teofimo Lopez, or Vasily Lomachenko losing his belts to Tiofimo Lopez. This story actually began in 2010 when Top Rank took the step of preparing fighters with extensive amateur records in instant fights for the world title. It starts with top tier fighter Guillermo Rigondeuax who got a shot at the WBC provisional belt after just 6 fights. In 2014, another first-class fighter, Zou Shimings was fired to the WBO international flyweight belt in his first fight. In the same year, Vasily Lomachenko jumped over the line and made the WBO featherweight mandatory after only one fight. In the same year, Naoya Inoue, another first-class fighter, took the WBO flyweight title after only 6 fights.

To add to the story, the original fight for the vacant WBO featherweight title in 2014 was supposed to have been between Gary Russel jr vs Orlando Salido, to be clear Vasiliy Lomachenko jumped over Gary Russel Jr for a chance at the vacant WBO featherweight title although Gary Russell Jr. was mandatory. What’s worse is that Lomachenko actually lost the fight for the vacant WBO title and only two months later was allowed another hit against the original mandatory at Gary Russel Jr. As if his jump over Russell was inconsequential, however, this is not the point, Lomachenko was given unfair opportunities that other fighters did not get.

Most of the so-called boxing fans don’t know anything about Francisco El Fundido Vargas. So for those who don’t know, Vargas became a professional years before Lomachenko did. The aging veteran is in his late thirties now, has only 3 losses, twice against ex-boss man Miguel Berchelt, and most recently, at the age of 36, lost by unanimous decision against Little Mike Tyson, Isaac the Pitbull Cruz. The sad part of the story is that El Vandido Vargas was a featherweight competitor years before Lomachenko, and worse still, El Vandido Vargas didn’t get a title until his 24th fight, at the age of 32. Vargas defeated Takashi Miura in what was the 2015 fight of the year. . In 2016, Vargas again had another fight of the year as he fought in a controversial draw against Orlando Salido. This is just one example of how Lomachenko managed to jump the line, having an unfair advantage with a shot on the belts.

Lomachenko once again gets an instant title shot for the WBO Superweight belt. I say this disrespectfully to Rocky Martinez, but he was the weakest lightweight belt carrier at the time, and I say this to say this…. There is science that explains why Lomachenko lost to Tiofemo Lopez and Orlando Salido, both powerful body hitters, who were able to put Lomachenko in the back.. all to say that at that time, in 2016, there were fighters who would have faced Lo Machenko But he did, Miguel Berchelt and El Vendido Vargas, in fact after Lumchenko’s loss to Orlando Salido, did not fight another Mexican boxer.

Once again, Lomachenko got instant title shots in the 135 by simply going, his first fight in the 135 was against Jorge Linares for the WBA title, and again his first fight in the 135. His second fight in the 135 is for the WBO lightweight belt.. And again, another vacant WBC title shot against Luke Campbell is automatically given.

This is where the interest begins. Devin Haney was mandatory in WBC in 2018, that’s more than three years ago, yet he hasn’t had a single fight for the belt yet. Let’s give this context, over 3 years ago Haney is mandatory and has yet to fight a single championship fight, however, Lomachenko automatically gets into championship fights, fight after fight. To make matters worse, Devin Haney actually had to petition the WBC to be mandatory, in fact, he was denied and told to wait in line after Luke Campbell, something Lomachenko didn’t have to do. There’s more, when Devin Haney finally becomes mandatory, Lomachenko petitions for an automatic WBC franchise belt denying him a shot at the belts even though he was waiting in line, even though it was mandatory.

For one reason or another, there is a narrative that Vasiliy Lomachenko is automatically entitled to these title shots. Some fans seem to believe that although Vasily Lomachenko chose not to take part in the rematch clause against Teofimo Lopez, he is somehow entitled to a rematch, and the same narrative is being played out now, some fans seem to believe that Lomachenko, despite his loss all of which. Lopez’s belts, automatically now deserve another shot when there are other fighters in line.

You see, in the eyes of Top Rank, losing Lomachenko to Lopez wasn’t a big deal because Teofimo Lopez, another top-tier fighter, wasn’t supposed to lose to George Kambosos Jr. Once again to Lumachenko. The problem is that Camposos Jr. spoiled the plan. Moreover, it also stops Lomachenko’s gathering pattern of belts from weak opposition. There’s no disrespect for Rocky Martinez, Jose Pedraza or Jorge Linares, but none of them have ever been some of the best fighters in their weight classes. They were all stopped before Lomachenko’s fight and Luke Campbell had just lost to Jorge Linares just a year earlier. In fact, Teofimo Lopez was the first undefeated fighter Lo Machenko had faced since Nicholas Walters, Walters had just fought for a tie against Jason Sosa only in combat before, a fighter Berchelt had brutally KO’d in 4 rounds.

Devin Haney has been waiting in line for over three years now, he deserves a chance at the belts. Also, let’s give George Campos Jr. his respect. He is an undefeated champion, who, unlike Lomachenko, has already defeated the previous undefeated champion.

Lomachenko has lost the belts, that simple. Now it’s Kambosos and Haney’s time.

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