“It’s Mario Barrios then champions”

Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman says he will fight for the world title in his next competition after returning on February 5th against Mario Barrios. Thurman (29-1, 22 KOs) doesn’t say any 147-year-old champion would face a challenge, but he wouldn’t be the IBF/WBC welterweight champion Errol ‘The Truth’ Spence Jr.

Thurman looked stiff, sluggish, and sluggish in his workout posted on YouTube today. The speed Thurman once had is gone, and it’s not likely to come back. His movements are the movements of a person who has been sitting on the sofa for three years, flipping channels and eating.

The 147-pound former WBA/WBC champ Thurman can’t force Spence to fight him anymore, and Errol has already ruled out giving him a championship title opportunity.

Unless Thurman takes a title from WBO welterweight champion Terrence Crawford or WBA minor belt holder Radzab Potayev, he’ll be out of luck in 2022. Crawford’s fight will be tough for Thurman after being eliminated for nearly three years.

It doesn’t matter that he’s going out of his game a bit with his fight with Barrios on February 5th, he’ll still be subpar.

On Tuesday, Thurman told the media and fans that his fight with Barrios would be tantamount to eliminating the 147-pound WBC title, but that’s not the case. Thurman was guessing that his fight with Barrios would be tantamount to eliminating the title.

Had the WBC approved a Thurman-Barrios fight as a eliminator, they would have received tons of punches from fans and from the top ten contenders.

Both Thurman and Barrios lose, making them poor choices to compete in the title elimination. Also, Thurman hasn’t fought in two and a half years since his fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Thurman anticipates the title shot

Thurman told the PBC Podcast, “I’ve had a lot of years, that’s without a doubt. The way I set it up, there’s more intelligence. When I take over, I don’t hesitate.”

It’s Mario Barrios and then the heroes. This isThurman said when asked what’s after Barrios. “I need straps. My shoulders feel light here,” she says.

“There are great fighters out there. You guys may have felt good without seeing Keith Thurman, but I’m going to remind you of what I do on February 5th, and why you should always be excited when there’s Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman back,” Thurman said.

As long as Thurman is open to the idea of ​​fighting Crawford, he will earn his title in 2022, but he will likely be fired.

If Thurman is serious about his comeback and isn’t just coming back for a payday, he needs to move forward the right way by fighting four to six tuning fights before challenging for a world title.

Thuman must dedicate 2022 and most of 2023 to getting back in shape by fighting six times before facing one of the champions in late 2023.

Obviously, Thurman won’t do it once because he’s in such a hurry to fight for a belt, reinforcing the idea that his comeback is only about money and nothing else.

Barrios NOT WBC is fighting for the title scraper

“He has my challenge. We both take losses, so we will demand greatness from ourselves,” Thurman said when asked about the challenges Mario Barrios presents to him.

He’s going to demand more of himself. Thurman said when asked if he had a huge advantage over the Barrios in that he’d come from 140 to fight them on February 5.

“Manny Pacquiao was lightweight, and she was defeated. Styles make fights, we know that in boxing. Floyd Mayweather has never been a middleweight, and he beats tons of welterweights. It’s the style and who gets to get who first.”

“I know he’s coming with her, and I just have to be prepared physically and mentally.

1. Vergil Ortiz Jr
2. Mickey Garcia
3. David Avancesian
4. Keith Thurman
6. Dani Garcia
6. Jaron Innes
7. Connor Ben
8. Kudratilo Abed Khorov
9. Thulani Mebenj
10. Josecito Lopez

You can imagine how angry Ortiz, Mikey, Avanesyan, Danny, and Eonnis would be if Thurman’s fight with unranked Barrios were to be a WBC title remover.

“Once” sparring with amateurs

“I get tricky with these boys, and when I stick around, I’m very explosive and it’s very dangerous,” Thurman said of his altercations with the amateurs he brought to his boot camp.

“The way I fight ring rust is with movement. What is ring rust? Ring rust is not being able to be sharp. So how do you sharpen a pencil? You have to grind it.”

“I do what I do to be witty, which is why I’m here with these hobbyists because they’re young. Their bodies don’t even know how to spell rust-ring,” said Thurman.

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