I’ve Got A Half-Decent Chin

On Saturday night (January 22) in London, light-heavyweight Jodi Mickley dusted off the rust, came back—in fact, she made her first foray—and fought back in bare-bones boxing. In his BKB debut, the 41-year-old from Scunthorpe, UK, stepped in within 10 days and defeated Dorian Darch to win the BKB Cup.

A big win for Meikle, who has not been in boxing since losing on points to Billy Correto in May 2017, the BKB victory puts Jodi in more big fights.

Here, in kindly taking the time to speak with ESB, Meikle talks about his win and what might lie ahead.

Q: What a great win on Saturday. Historic victory.

Jodi Meckley: “Yeah, she was wild. I wasn’t in the gym or anything. I went from a lightweight to a fat bastard! But I got as fit as I could in ten days and got the win. For this fight, I’m back in the gym Sports and I felt great. The crackers were how good I felt. Honestly, I was a fat bastard and would never fight again. But I saw this late chance, against Dorian—a great guy, nothing against him—and thought, ‘Yeah, I’ll try.’

Q: It’s historical history – you can go back to names like James Feige, Jim Belcher, Tom Cribb – and your name is there now.

JM: “This fight and opportunity escalated. I was sitting on the toilet and it was this opportunity, because of the BKB fight. The wife was dead against it.”

Q: It’s like a real-life “Rocky” story, what you did…

JK: “Oh, yeah, it’s like a cross between a Rocky and Cinderella story. If someone had told me I was going to fight for the world championship, I would have told them, ‘F**k off, you idiot.'”

Q: How is the fight without gloves?

JM: “Tell you what, my friend—it doesn’t hurt so much when he’s there. At least I thought so. But today, I feel like I’ve been in a car accident. Honestly. I tell you, it takes character, it really is. But I have very sharp joints, like him [Dorian Darch] He says, and they can do some damage. It was a bad cut and it was right to stop it (in the fourth round).”

Q: Will your career now be in the BKB and not in the ring?

JM: “Okay, I look at it, and I think, what’s the point of fighting for £800, when I’m going to take the best part of £200 to get in shape? At BKB, they allow you to train properly, so why not do it that way? I’m in the BKB now, as it is – my body in parts now as it is.”

Q: “You looked really good on Saturday. But do you look at the history of the great nude, like James Feige, Jim Belcher, Tom Cribb, and others?”

JM: “It didn’t sink. It’s the crackers. It’s one of those titles. It’s surreal. But all I do is fight.”

Q: You’ve had 71 pro matches in the ring, and you’ve only been suspended three times. People ask this all the time – but which is the hardest sport: glove boxing or a bare knuckle?

JM: “Oh, irrevocably, a hundred percent! Of course it is. I’ve never felt that way (laughs). He (Darsh) bangs his hand on my head. I asked him how his eye was, and he said, ‘Man, my hand hurts more.’ I told him, I’m glad my hand hurts as it fell on my head, it’s killing me!”

Q: It’s a great story. I hope American fans will take notice.

JM: “Look, I wouldn’t be one of those idiots calling everyone. All I do is fight and I love to fight in America. I’m not saying I’m the best in the world for a minute. There are people out there beating me up. But literally, I would have done it well. I have a half chin.” decent.”

Q: And then what for you?

JM: “We have to see. But, yeah, whatever opportunity and opportunity comes along, I will do it. And I will do my best.”

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