Jaron Ennis says he’ll have 2 welterweight titles by 2023

by Chris Williams: Ines’ heavyweight competitor, Jaron Potts, predicts that he will win the first division title in 2022 and hold two belts by 2023.

Ennis emerges with a thrilling first-round knockout victory over Thomas Dolorem last October.

The win shocked a lot of boxing fans as they didn’t expect Enes to put up this kind of performance against the great former world title contender Dolorem.

Ennis, 24, is seen as the future star in the 147-pound class, and there are those who believe he is good enough to defeat champion Terrence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr if given the chance.

Potts Ennis (26-0, 24 KOs) who is unbeaten doesn’t say which title he will take this year because he is unlikely to get a title against any of the champions.

Ennis is ranked #3 IBF, #3 WBA, #5 WBO, and #6 WBC. In that order, Bots can’t force any of the champions to fight him in 2022 if they don’t want to face him.

Given how long it took Crawford to finally give Sean Porter a title shot despite his previous No. 1 ranking with the WBO, it’s safe to say Bud wouldn’t give the Boots Ennis a title without the WBO ordering a fight.

Ennis hopes to fight three times in 2022

2022 will be the best year of my career so far,” Jaron Potts Innes told Fighthype. “It’s time to shine and control the welterweight.

“We are waiting for a deal right now, and when that deal is done, and the opponent is locked up, we will continue to show the world that I am the best fighter out there,” Innes said.

“I’m the best fighter in the world, period. “Honestly, two or three fights,” Potts Ines said when asked how many fights he wants in 2022, but if we could fight two big fights, that would be perfect.

“I have to keep busy. I want to stay sharp. I want to keep progressing and getting better in every fight. I want to show my talent and abilities. I always stay in some kind of situation because you never know if you’ll get a call.”

“You never know because someone might get hurt,” Ennis said of why he’s staying in good shape just in case he’s called in to step in as an alternate competitor.

We’ll see what kind of opposition Ennis faces this year, but Chris Williams would be surprised if he faces anyone important.

Promoters wouldn’t want to sacrifice their high-ranking fighters against a talent like Ennis. I know if I were a promoter, I wouldn’t let my fighters anywhere near Boots Ennis because it’s so good.

It’s expected that under a best-case scenario, the Boots will fight one perhaps two of the marginalized contenders, but certainly not the top 10 contenders.

If Enes is ranked number one by one or more of the sanctioning bodies at 147, he will be in a position to contend for a world title in 2023. Currently, FIFA is ranked number one among Kudratilo Abd Khorov, and WBA has Eimantas Staionis in spot number 1.

Interestingly, none of these fighters beat anyone with talent to deserve first place. It makes you wonder what the rationale is for the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Association to give these two contenders the top places.

Potts predicts he will win two titles by 2 to 22

“This time next year, I’ll have at least two belts,” Potts Innes said. “If not, all belts. That is the goal. The goal next year is to take charge, as I said before. I expect to get at least one belt this year and then move on to another, bigger and better belt.

“I’m trying to be the undisputed welterweight champion, and then I go and do the same at 154 and 160. So, it’s the start here.

“I don’t know what’s going on. I’m here and ready to fight anyone,” said Potts Ines when asked if the top players were avoiding him.

“I’m going to beat him,” Ennis said of Errol Spence, Jr. “I’m ready, I’m ready. These guys know, which is why they wouldn’t put up a fight like me.

“They are all great fighters, but they all have to eat. This is the beginning, and they can’t keep putting me aside,” Ennes said.

He would fit in in the welterweight division if Ennis grabs two titles next year because he’s not the type of fighter who just sits and does nothing like we see from the current champions.

Spence hasn’t fought since 2020, and no one will be able to survive training camp without getting injured from his fight with Jordenis Ogas.

As for Crawford, he has been battling a weak opposition for the past two years, defeating over the hill battles Kell Brook, Amir Khan and Egidius Kavaliauskas.

“I’m going to make my statement in this welterweight boxing match, and I’m starting this year,” Innes said.

The only way Ennis would win two titles in 2023 was to face IBF/WBC welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. or whoever held those belts by then.

Regardless of whether it’s Spence, Yordenis Ugas or Crawford, they will likely drag their feet and avoid fighting Ennis next year.

It wouldn’t be surprising if these champs found a way to delay the fight against Ennis until 2024. In fact, Chris Williams predicts that Ennis won’t get a shot at the welterweight belts until 2024, if only if he’s moved by the sanctioning bodies. In spot #1.

Garon fights in March or April

“March or April. I am waiting for an appointment now,” Innes said. “I am waiting for camp to start next week. So, I’ll be locked up. right Now. I just stay sharp. Most likely in July or August,” Ennis said of when he will fight for the second time in 2022.

“I will at least be #1 with one of the belts or have one by October.

This is the goal. I will be the world champion this year. There are no more games. I do not play. “I’m here to take that department,” Innes said.

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