Jermall Charlo “EARNED” Canelo Alvarez fight says Oscar De La Hoya

by Jack Ternan: Oscar De La Hoya says WBC Middleweight Champion Jermal Charlo “won” a fight against Canelo Alvarez after all these years.

ESPN recently reported that Canelo is in talks with Charlo to fight on May 7. Charlo would be a more attractive opponent for Canelo to fight after WBC cruiserweight champ Ilunga Makabu.

Canelo’s coach, Eddie Reynoso, said he’s not talking to anyone, but we don’t know if he’s up to date.

The 32-year-old Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) has held the WBC title for three years since winning in 2019; While he defeated fodder-level opposition during his time as champion, being an undefeated belt carrier makes him an attractive target for Canelo.

There is no clear way for Canelo to return to the middleweight class to fight Charlo, but his unbeaten record makes him Appeals to the opponent.

Compared to the opposition Canelo has faced (57-1-2, 39 KOs) since late 2018, Jermal has been significantly ahead of them.

De La Hoya says that Jermall won the Battle of Canelo

“I want to see Charlo. I think Jermol made his way to Canelo, Like now. Oscar De La Hoya told KO Artists Sports of his belief that Charlo had won the Canelo fight after fourteen years as a professional and three years as the WBC middleweight champion.

Caleb Blunt, could you have a Plan B for Charlo?

As rumors spread about the possibility of seeing Germal Charlo against Canelo Alvarez in May, Caleb Blunt threw his name into the mix,Chris Mannix told DAZN Boxing Show.

“Blant took to social media to challenge Germal Charlo to a 168-pound fight, referring to Charlo as ‘easy feat.’ I’m going to ask you this. Do you like the idea of ​​Blunt vs. Charlo?”

“Yeah, I think everyone in boxing loves that idea because Caleb Plant came out of his fight with Canelo Alvarez, and that was a huge promotional boost, so his name is there,” Sergio Mora said.

The main problem with Charlo using a fight against former IBF middleweight champion Caleb ‘Sweethands’ Factory (21-1, 12 KOs) to make a statement to win a fight with Canelo is the possibility that he may need to wait until the end before he gets the bout .

While Blunt has said he is interested in fighting Charlo, he wants the match to happen at the end of the year, not now.

Then, Jermall will need to wait until December to fight Plant to make his statement or face someone else. It doesn’t work out for Charlo if he wants a fight with Canelo in 2022 because the Mexican star will be fighting in May, September and possibly December.

If Blunt were to make Charlo wait until December to fight him, he would be useless in helping him fight the Battle of Canelo in 2022. It’s unclear why Plant needs so much time before he fights again, but perhaps he wants to recover from the aftermath of the knockout. Canelo’s loss.

“So, he’s going to get that name now, and he put in a good show against Canelo,” Mora said of Blunt.

“He wasn’t winning the fight, but he was holding his own. The plant that gives Canelo problems during the first six rounds,” Mora said of the plant that gives Canelo problems during the first six rounds, “Anytime you can hold yourself against the #1 fighter in the world.

“You can take that credit for the next fight because the only thing Blunt was missing was experience,” Mora said. “He has it now. The only thing missing from Charlo’s side is the name.

“I don’t think Caleb Plant is the big name he needs, but he does have a well-known name. So, I like [Charlo vs. Plant] Fighting promotion, and I like to fight stylistically because it makes sense,” Mora said.

Betting Plant would definitely help Jermall, but he’s useless now as an opponent because he doesn’t want to fight until December.

You have to wonder if Blunt would be willing to wait until the end of the year to fight if he hadn’t just earned a $10M+ payday against Canelo?

Jermall can keep busy

“I love fighting too. If Canelo decides to go in the direction of cruiser weight [Ilunga Makabu]Caleb Plant and Jermall Charlo will both need a big fight in 2022,” Mannix said.

“I have no confidence that Charlo would put up a fight like that. Jermall Charlo is clearly a talented guy, and he has a very good CV at 154 lbs, but he has done nothing at 160 lbs.

“Over the past five years, this belt has put on [WBC middleweight title] in the witness protection programme.

“Look at his credit, it could make him pay seven to ten million dollars a day with a fight with Canelo Alvarez, but that doesn’t make you think Charlo wants to take on the big competition.

“Whether it’s Demetrius Andrade, whether it’s Caleb Plant unless it’s Canelo Alvarez’s fight, I don’t think Germal Charlo is interested in getting involved in a big fight,” Mannix said.

It would be uncommon for Charlo to have a risky fight with Blunt as he appears to be milking his WBC middleweight title against an exclusively weak opposition.

I don’t think Charlo is facing weak opposition as he is waiting for Canelo to fight him. It’s more than a case of Jermall wanting to keep the dough rolling as a WBC middleweight belt carrier.

I don’t think Charlo is worried about meeting good opposition. He seems to want the easy money, and the best way to do that is to defend against a weak sub-level opponent that he can’t beat.

Charlo needs to make a statement

“Yes, but you wouldn’t get over that fight of Canelo Alvarez unless he made a statement,” Mora said of Germal Charlo. When was Charlo’s last statement?

“He’s in the mix. He’s probably one of the top three men at the moment to face Canelo in May,” said Charlo’s Mannix. It’s sad for me because I agree with you. You must win the battle to fight a battle like this.

“It should be merit principle, but it’s not in boxing. Caleb Plant, who I don’t think did much at all against Canelo in that fight, but Caleb Plant won his title and then fought a group of knights while waiting for Canelo to call his name.”

“Germal Charlo was kind of doing something. He had that title at 160 pounds, he was a pretty decent name in the States and he stuck with it by not fighting Demetrius Andrade, not fighting Gennady Golovkin, and not fighting any of the guys who are his 160 peers on the Hope from Canelo calls his name.

“I don’t think there is any motivation for players to fight when they know they can protect their record and keep that belt,” Mannix said of Charlo.

“Protect the record and keep the belt, you’ll make tens of millions of dollars, and I think that’s what Charlo is waiting for because he still has that zero,” Mora said.

“He hasn’t made a statement since 2016 when he ousted JR Rock Williams in a dramatic fashion. Since then, he’s had some ups and downs in terms of performances. Yes, he needs to make a statement, but he needs to make a statement.

“He has this belt [WBC 160-lb title], he has this zero, he’s a famous fighter in Houston, he’s a famous fighter, because he brings that bad boy image and it’s easy to promote, and he has that power.

“Caleb Blunt has a little bit of everything. A bit of a bad boy, a little bit of hygiene. He can box, and he’s proven that he can be a tough guy too. He’s carrying on that big promotional boost from fighting Canelo.”

“So, I think it really makes sense [for Charlo to fight Plant] next one. Both are internal PBC. Mora said.

Charlo could make a statement against Plant in December, but in the meantime, he should keep busy by battling the best opponent possible for now.

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