Joe Smith Jr handed Steve Geffrard a steady pasting

Steve Jeffer beats Joe Smith Jr. and more on the Eric Armitt International Tour

January 14

monterey mexico

Filipino JADE BORNEA, 17-0 (11), took his biggest win to date as he beat Mohamed Ebadi, 22-2 (13), in three rounds in the super flyweight competition. Obbadi used smooth footwork and quick punches to beat the first round. Bornea turned southpaw in a second and started going through some right body hooks and shook Obbadi with a straight right. In the third, Burnie dug into a sinister hook left of Upbuddy’s body, and Upbuddy fell to his hands and knees and was counted. In other bouts, local champion Francesco Rodriguez, 35-5-1 (25), was very experienced and had punches too hard for Arnulfo Salvador, 15-2-1 (9). Rodriguez crushed Salvador Pimen in the third game and went on to deliver a heavy penalty before the referee halted their fight in the seventh weight. The lightweight flyweight bout saw Daniel Valadares, 26-3-1 (15), and late substitute Gabriel Loranca, 4-6-1 (2), over eight rounds on scores 80-71, 79-72 and 79-73.

Beautiful view, Panama

In both main events on this card, the eventual winner had to climb off the ground twice to win. An ultra-lightweight fight saw Argentine Hugo Roldan, 21-0-1 (7), remain unbeaten as German Colombian Del Castillo won, 10-2-2 (7). Roldan was down in both the second and fourth rounds, but the knockouts were in great doubt as the first came from a forearm knockout and the second was a push. Roldan’s nimble pace and movement was enough to see him win the other rounds and he took the majority rule by a score of 96-92 twice and 94-94. There was no doubt about the two knockouts to light weight JAIME ARBOLEDA, 18-2 (14), but he reverted to Dominican NICOLAS POLANCO’s decision, 20-2-1 (11). Arboleda just topped the opening round but in the second walked on a left hook and landed. He beat the count but when they exchanged wild punches, he backed out again from the right and only escaped until the bell. Arboleda recovered to dominate the fight, beat a strong end from Polanco and make the decision with the judges turning over the 95-93 cards twice and 94-94. In flyweight Floridian southpaw, GABRIELA FUNDORA, 5-0,1NC (2), is ground and outperforms NATALY DELGADO’s local, 8-5-1 (3), 80-71 on the three judges’ cards. She is the sister of Sebastian Fundora, an excellent superweight.

Lagos, Nigeria

A comical mismatch saw Ulan Dorodola win at cruiserweight, 37-9 (34), in a first-round retirement against IDOWU OKUSOTE, 2-5 (2). Durodola had height, reach, weight and experience above Okusote and was rolling around the ring while Okusote skated around trying to stay out of trouble. Durodola managed to land a few lightning strikes and Okusote was not out for the second round.

January 15

Verona, USA

In a disappointing fight, JOE SMITH JNR 28-3 (22) retained his ABC lightweight title with a ninth-round win over Steve Jefffard, 18-3 (12). Smith opened the first round with a fierce attack, shooting hooks and overhead hooks with Jeffard hiding behind a high guard and throwing an occasional punch. This is a one-sided fighting style mode. Smith controlled the movement but alternated between bombing Jeffrard defensive and then just backing up and letting Jeffrard fire a few low-powered counters. Smith handed out some brutal punishment in the fourth and fifth rounds, making one judge fifth in round 10-8, but in each case Smith did not continue his attacks and Jeffrard managed to recover and throw some punches and straight rights before falling back behind his defense.

Smith got the pressure back on in the sixth and seventh, only fighting in bursts before coming back to life again in the eighth. After boxing on his back foot early in the round, Smith suddenly launched a ferocious attack that made Jeffrard stagger along the ropes under a series of punches until Bell rescued Jeffrard. It all ended very quickly on the ninth. Smith resumed his attack and cornered Geffrard on the ropes with Geffrard not hitting him back and he fell to one knee and was counted. It’s all too easy for Smith who at times seemed content to let Jeffrard off the hook for a few rounds in his first fight of nine months. Jeffrard came on just eight days’ notice after Callum Johnson was disqualified for testing positive for COVID-19.

In an entertaining featherweight bout Abraham Nova, 21-0 (15), he was impressed when he stopped William Encarnacion, 19-2 (15), in the eighth round. The weight of the Ukrainian cruiser LYUBOMYR PINCHUK, 14-2-1 (8), made a unanimous decision on JOSE FLORES, 8-2-2 (4), with a score of 79-73 twice and 80-72. Tokyo Olympics Troy Asley, 4-0 (2), clinched Harry Cruz, 6-3 (2), in the middleweight six with a score of 59-54 twice, 59-53 and Puerto Rico’s lightweight welterweight Omar Rosario, 6-0 ( 2), the decision was made on RAEKWON BUTLER, 4-1 (2), with two battle judges scoring 59-54 and the third 58-55.

Silver Sea, Argentina

Yamila Peralta, 13-0 (6), retained the national cruiserweight title by wide unanimous decision over Mariano Godino, 14-5 (9). Double Olympian Peralta scored two knockouts in the second, sixth and tenth rounds on his way to winning 99-88 twice and 98-89.

Tijuana, Mexico

The poor match saw some early finishes on this show. Superweight Carlos Ocampo, 32-1 (20), scored two knockouts stopping Panamanian rookie Omar Rodriguez, 11-4-1 (5), in the first round and super lightweight Carlos Sanchez, 22-0 (18), took It only takes 60 seconds to take out poor JORGE PACHECO, 9-2-1 (5), back down. In the superweight competition, David Picasso, 20-0-1 (9), stopped Cesar Paredes, 15-4-1 (5), in the seventh round.

Chiswick, USA

Stopped AVERY SPARROW, 11-3, 1NC (4), MATT CONWAY, 20-3, 1NC (9), in the 10th round to win the Penn State super featherweight belt.

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