John Cena Reveals His Reaction When Vince McMahon Pitched Heel Turn –

Veteran WWE Superstar John Cena appeared on The Pat McAfee Show this week and revealed his reaction to WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon wanting to set him back several years.

Cena, who gave the media this week to promote The Peacemaker on HBO Max, gave props to the SmackDown commentator and said he had wanted the interview for a long time, and that he would give McAfee all the time he wanted because it was beyond Cena’s expectations.

McAfee asked Cena at what point he realized acting would be his next step after years of being one of WWE’s top superstars. Cena revealed how in 2012 McMahon thought of turning his heels in the WrestleMania 28 main event against The Rock in Miami, which The Rock won.

“I play a character, like I said, like I said, a virtue character, a character that started as a public wrestler, then turned into this hip-hop character, and then turned into this virtue character,” Cena said. “To play the same character for so long, that’s a challenge. I loved the challenge, I really liked it when I like it, early on, you know… I remember Vince playing with an idea that maybe turn me into a heel in The Rock, The Rock I in Miami, and I said To him, he’s like, “Hey, no problem, I’ll do it 100%, but just remember it’s like…we’re too deep at this point, we can’t do that, and then we jump back in because we’re going to sink in both ends, so if we do that , I must be the opposite of virtue, and I must be pure evil and we must enter everything.

“And from a believability point of view, I’ve always… you know, people always see me in uniform, go make up that. If you didn’t see me in a suit in WWE, you’ve seen me in a long-sleeved top and shirt and shorts and sneakers. You’ve seen me in uniform because I want That people know that what they see is someone they can relate to.”

Cena went on and commented on how Vince decided to reverse heels, and then decided that they would probably never take the role.

“and he [Vince] I decided against him,” Cena continued. “At that point, he was saying, ‘Listen, I don’t think we’ll ever do that.'”

Cena talked more about playing his character in WWE, various characters in movies, and the storytelling aspect of WWE. He recalled his loss in a Firefly Fun House Match to “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36, ​​and his most recent SummerSlam feud with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

“Well, you have the luxury of playing this character, but you’ll always play this character, which was great,” Cena said. “It got me diving into the nuances that were kind of born into creating, like, The Firefly Fun House Match, where he’s like, ‘Yo, what if I went through a descriptive experience through all my flaws, like my schedule. “

“So you can do things like that, but it’s really fun to be able to be like, ‘Hey, do you want to be this weird guy who thinks he’s a superhero and kills people in the name of peace?'” Yeah, yeah, that sounds like a great time, and I’d like to do that too. Or do you want to be that kinky, conflicted friend and have awkward sex with Amy Schumer on camera, and like, yeah, that would be fun, I could make a few jokes during it, that would be fun.

“So, it’s not that I thought I’d be good, it’s when you do something as long as you do… What brings me back to WWE isn’t falling down, it’s not improving physical skills, it’s the anecdote. I’d love to be able to tell a story with Roman Reigns, and neither I think he’s a worthy hero, and people buy that, not because he’s not… Not because of the belt’s value, let’s say. It’s because of who he is as a human being, pointing out what I think are his character flaws, and then going backwards about that. I love the challenge of Literally telling a story and acting is just being able to change characters whenever you want, telling a new story. And I found that intriguing.”

Cena hasn’t worked on a show since losing to Reigns at SummerSlam in late August. He returned on September 10 for a dark main event at Madison Square Garden’s SmackDown, teaming with The Mysterios for a six-man win over The Bloodline, but has stayed away ever since.

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