John Cena Shares Thoughts On Recent WWE Releases

in appearance on Iron-rich displayAnd the star of WWE and peace maker Actor John Cena was asked about the amount of recent cuts WWE has made over the past two years. Cena, who noted that it came during a time when WWE was making biannual cuts, suggested that WWE’s lack of cuts for years, as well as hiring as much talent as possible (a move Cena admitted might have been a bit defensive) led to this being a shocker.

“There’s a lot to unpack out there,” Cena said. “I will say this. When I started in WWE, WWE had just absorbed WCW and ECW, and also had two development zones. Abundant rosters were probably a good word. When I started in WWE there were twice a year releases. And creating bets for developmental talent and creating bets for talents to try to make a name for themselves. Because we just knew. We knew that in the calendar year, shortly after WrestleMania, and either before or after the holidays, there would be cutbacks. There had always been. And that seemed to come to a halt when we really started to redefine ourselves with our new school. , Cruel Aggression Era Style for My Characters, Brooke, Randy, Dave.

“As these guys started solidifying and developing programs over the next decade or so, and we started expanding our reach, we started getting more shows. Talent rosters started growing. And I think a lot of that, WWE’s hiring strategy, I think a lot Of them it might be, and again I’m not thinking about WWE. That’s just me taking a different perspective. I think a lot of it might have been a bit defensive hiring. Because there was and is a giant boom in sports entertainment right now. People are absorbing this. Content, they share. People are making a name for themselves outside of WWE, it’s no longer a one-stop shop. So I think with this influx of passionate people who love sports entertainment, people are getting a name for themselves outside of WWE. If WWE feels they can fit in in this world, they will try to give this person a chance. They are also really optimistic about continuing to recruit new talent.”

Continuing his view that WWE, especially the NXT brand, might be overcrowded, John Cena also shared a story about being on the show where Steve Austin was fired, realizing that if Austin could be fired, anyone could. At the end of the day, Cena realizes it’s work and decisions will be made with this in mind.

“The NXT Performance Center, I don’t want to say he’s confused, but they’re at their maximum,” Cena said. “So you have all these performers, and a lot of them don’t get the chance to perform. And I think that’s the real frustrating thing, both for WWE and the attitude of the performers. And unfortunately, at the end of the day, it’s a business. And I remember when I started in WWE, I wanted to use Luck word. I was lucky enough to be on the show in Atlanta where Stone Cold Steve Austin was fired. And that moment there, it fired through me like a cannon. Because I got the impression ‘If they can fire Stone Cold Steve Austin, unless your name is Vince McMahon.’ All are interchangeable.

“I think a lot of the frustration with the audience out there is that they watch sports entertainment like me. I love watching matches, I love seeing potential in humans, and I love seeing potential in performance. I see potential in everyone, especially when people start challenging what they call a stunt or character. I love Being able to try to run with it in conversations and see how far we can take it. But there are a lot of sites, and there is a lot of programming. And I understand, from a business point of view, the amount of releases that had to happen, if the company justified it, “Hey, that’s the step we’re taking. We want to carry less talent,’ it has nothing to do with profit and loss.”

In the end, while realizing that every journey has an end, John Cena admitted that he feels bad for all the people who have been abandoned from WWE, especially since it means they are unable to use their “gift” as he called it. He reiterated that WWE’s sudden switch from hiring to firing people will affect how people see things in this regard.

“Obviously I know this is a sensitive topic and it will extract perspective from everyone, and everyone has a right to their point of view,” Sina said. “I think the sad thing here is that the people who have this gift are not allowed to use it and the people are out of work. And that is the saddest thing ever, that people can no longer work for a company they called home for a while. I feel for all who it was To go in that direction. But we all, including myself, our journey will eventually come to an end. And when you’re in it sometimes, you don’t always have that perspective.

“Personally, from my early days in WWE, I’ve always had the perspective that it could end tomorrow for any or all of us. Because if they can fire Steve Austin, there’s no way I’m even close to his ability. That means they can fire me.” But that’s just the culture I grew up in. I grew up on semi-annual intervals and this was happening all the time. I think WWE went through this long period of no releasing anyone and now they’re back in that rhythm again. And it’s a really surprising transformation into an unfamiliar person. And my heart goes out to everyone who has that sad news, because this is a tough conversation.”

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