Juan Manuel Marquez asks why Canelo won’t fight Benavidez, predicts win over Bivol

By Dan Ambrose: Juan Manuel Marquez asks why Canelo Alvarez is choosing not to defend against his #1 WBC 168-lb contender David Benavidez instead of choosing to take other opponents.

Marquez feels that Canelo (57-1-2, 39 KOs) needs better opposition, but that’s not happening because he’s choosing not to face guys like Benavidez (25-0, 22 KOs).

If Canelo loses to WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol this Saturday, May 7th, it probably won’t matter that he’s not fighting Benavidez.

It would be better if Canelo showed the boxing world that he’s NOT running scared of Benavidez because many people think he’s swerving him.

It’s possible that Canelo will be washed up by the time Benavidez finally gets a chance to fight him. You can argue that Canelo is already starting to show signs of determination with his work rate dropping off, and he’s now becoming a slow plodder.

Benavidez feels that Canelo is swerving him, and he’s frustrated. Instead of Canelo fighting Benavidez, he’s been taking easier fights against Avni Yildirim, Billy Joe Saunders, Caleb Plant, Rocky Fielding, and Callum Smith.

Benavidez is fighting David Lemieux (43-4, 36 KOs) this month in a battle for the interim WBC super-middleweight title on May 21st at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

Why isn’t Canelo fighting Benavidez?

“What happened with Benavidez? He’s the #1 challenger for the WBC [168-lb] world title,” said Juan Manuel Marquez to Fight Hub TV, questioning why Canelo Alvarez hasn’t defended his WBC super-middleweight title against #1 ranked contender David Benavidez.

“Benavidez is a great opponent for Canelo. What happened with this fight? Golovkin is the money fight, but I think it would be a great challenge for Canelo to fight Benavidez,” Marquez continued.

“It’s a great challenge for Canelo. The people want to see the fight. Benavidez is a smart fighter, an aggressive fighter, and uses intelligence in the ring. I think it’s a more difficult fight for Canelo.

“I think people want to see that fight [Canelo vs. Benavidez]. I would love to see that fight. Yes, I want to see that fight, obviously. Beterbiev is a good fighter, but #1 is Bivol, then GGG.

“Makabu, who is that guy?” said Marquez when told that WBC cruiserweight champion Ilunga Makabu is an option for Canelo in the future. “I don’t have words.

“What happened with Rocky Fielding? Was it a great fight? It’s easy fights for Canelo. Right now, the sport of boxing needs great opponents for Canelo.

Marquez predicts Canelo KOs Bivol

“I don’t think so,” said Marquez when asked if Dmitry Bivol will be a good fight for Canelo. “Canelo is a good fighter. What kind of style is easier for Canelo? The easiest style for Canelo is an aggressive style.

“What kind of style does Bivol have? Bivol’s style is an aggressive style. This is a good thing for Canelo because if Bivol has the skills to move around the ring with speed, it’s difficult for Canelo.

“Canelo likes to fight against aggressive fighters because that style is much better for him. I think Canelo knocks him [Bivol] out in eight rounds.

“Many people think different things. Bivol is a strong fighter; he throws combinations and has power. But in the sport of boxing, the styles make the fights. Bivol is ALWAYS aggressive, and being aggressive is a good thing for Canelo. Canelo loves to fight against aggressive fighters.

What kind of style does Bivol need to use? No, he needs to be aggressive [against Canelo]. What happened in the fights that went to decision [involving Canelo].

“Bivol needs to win every round clearly. If the fight goes to decision, what happens? Canelo will win the fight. Canelo will win the fight [because he’s the A-side].

“What happened in my career against Pacquiao? I had to knock him out to win the fight. Eight or nine rounds,” Marquez said in predicting a stoppage win for Canelo over Bivol on Saturday night.

“I told you what kind of style is easier for Canelo, aggressive fighters. Bivol is an aggressive fighter,” said Marquez in reacting to being told that the boxing world sees Bivol as possibly the toughest fight of his career.

“Many people think it’s going to be a difficult fight for Canelo because Bivol has power. But Bivol has never had an opponent with Canelo’s style. Counter punching and combinations.

“Tell me one opponent for Bivol that landed punches on the body. Canelo lands many, many punches on the body. Canelo loves to land punches on the body, and this is good for him. I tell you, Canelo will win the fight by knockout.

Canelo does well against aggressive fighters

“Yes, I saw the fight,” said Marquez when asked if he saw Gennadiy Golovkin’s last fight against Ryota Murata on April 9th. “It was a good, but right now, Golovkin is very slow; he looked tired.

Murata is a great Japanese fighter. I think Golovkin may be going down because of his age. He’s 40-years-old and keeps a good level. But I think in the third fight, Canelo will knock him out. Right now, Golovkin isn’t in his prime.

“I think Golovkin’s style is a good style for Canelo. I told you that an aggressive fighter is an easier style for Canelo because Canelo loves to fight against aggressive fighters. Golovkin is an aggressive fighter.

“He keeps at a distance, or if he keeps at a short distance, then it’s a good thing for Canelo. It would be a great fight. I think another victory for Canelo.

“Maybe the same round in the eighth or ninth,” said Marquez in predicting Canelo knocks out Golovkin around the same round as he does against Bivol.

“You saw the second fight with Golovkin? What did you think about that? Maybe one point for Golovkin for me. If you gave the fight to Golovkin, no problem. If you gave the fight to Canelo, no problem. If you gave it a draw, no problem.

“For the third fight, Canelo knows Golovkin’s style. Maybe it’ll be easier for Canelo to win the fight. Maybe it’s easier for Canelo at this time. We need to look for the best fighters and the best fights. If you’re looking for the best fights, it’s a payday,” said Marquez.

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