Kash Out: “There was only one choice he could feasibly make”

Farouk announces retirement after taking advice from doctors after receiving annual medical treatment, Matt Christie writes

Cash Farouk, one of the brightest young talents in British boxing, had no choice but to quit the sport at just 26 years old. The former British bantamweight champion made the decision after his annual medical treatment with the British Boxing Council. Control spotted a change in his brain.

“There was a slight change in screening and then more tests were done after that,” said Ian Wilson, Farooq’s manager. boxing news. “We had a few different opinions and studied them but his safety and health were of the utmost importance. There was no way I would have let him continue. Who knows, he might have been able to go away and sort things out. But it is very risky and dangerous. He is like family to me.”

“We’ve left the decision to Cash and his team,” said board member Robert Smith. BN. “But there was only one choice left that he could practically make. If he had decided to fight, we wouldn’t be able to license him. It’s a shame, he was a great boxer.”

‘Untouchable’ Farooq, 16-1 (6), was grooming himself for a much-anticipated second match with Edinburgh’s Lee McGregor, who arguably outperformed Glaswegian in an impressive 12 rounds in November 2019. Since his only loss, Faruk – after signing with Match Rom – won three in a row.

“Boxing has been my life since I was 14,” Farouk said. “I have studied, devoted, and sacrificed myself to improve the quality of my life and that of my family, enduring many hardships along the way, from boxing at small shows behind closed doors and not being able to sell a ticket in my name, to competing at the height of boxing, fighting on Sky Sports and DAZN with The largest promoter in the world.

“My immediate leave comes due to the fact that my annual medical examinations are not satisfactory to the British Boxing Control Board with stricter regulations. I met a doctor who advised me to quit boxing while maintaining my full health, regardless of whether I wanted to continue fighting and prove that I was the best at [bantamweight] section. It would be selfish to put myself in danger so my coach Craig [Dickson] And the director, Ian Wilson, directed me to heed the advice of medical professionals.”

Farooq turned pro in 2015, defeating Craig Derbyshire in four rounds. By the end of 2017, talk of Farouk’s ability quickly spread in boxing circles. In November of that year he blocked Scott Allen in eight rounds to win the Scottish District bantamweight title. The following September, Farooq – born in Pakistan – was Britain’s champion when he beat Jimmy Wilson to the vacant title in just 73 seconds.

Two months later, he beat Ian Butcher in 12 rounds. Kyle Williams and Dwayne Winters were stopped out for five rounds and one round, making Farooq the first British Pakistani to win the Lonsdale belt, right before that aforementioned showdown with McGregor.

Despite the opposite, which most observers felt was unfair, Farouk was one of them boxing news“The prospects of the year for 2019. The class is running out of every throwing combination. It seemed certain that Faruk, a real joy to watch, would go on to win a big belt. In 2020 and 2021, he overtook world margin contenders Angel Aviles, Alexandre Espinosa and Luis Castillo. Castillo, each over a period of 10. Last year, it was confirmed that his promoter, Eddie Hearn, had won bids to stage a rematch with McGregor in 2022.

“This is still a shock to me as it has been to many others,” he continued. “I am a young athlete who had so much to offer with unspeakable potential and talent.

“I am humbled by the response of the boxing community and want to thank my fellow boxers, promoters and managers, as well as writers, journalists and members of the media for following and documenting my career.

“To all my fans, friends, supporters, family and everyone I met through boxing and shared the ring with, I am happy to cross our paths. The memories created and the opportunities boxing has given me are unforgettable, and I hope to see everyone soon.”

Farouk will remain in the sport. With St Andrew’s Sporting Club he will be the ‘Head of Talent’, providing advice and guidance to new and existing members of the thriving Scottish stable. He has the intention of staying in boxing.

“His attitude is fantastic,” Wilson said. “It wasn’t about whether he became the world champion, it was the time. Everyone in boxing knows that. So if the young boxers can’t learn from him, then something is wrong… as long as I’m boxing, Cash will too.” .

everyone in boxing news He wishes Kash good luck in the future.

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